Are school uniform good or bad? Please give the reason and example

Asked by: Ayumenno
  • I think they are practical and stop arguments and some bullying.

    Whilst school uniforms can make us feel all the same and grouped together, and no matter how much it would be lovely to wear our own clothes, I have to say I am not against them.
    The thing is, if people wore their own clothes and could not 'keep up with the trends', or maybe they couldn't afford nice clothes, some people might find it a spot to bully them on. I know it sounds unfair, but some people are like that. Also, people could get into an argument over it.
    Finally, when schools go on trips, they will find it much easier to spot their pupils and not lose them if they all stand out with the same uniform.

  • School Uniforms Hurt Low-Income Families

    School Uniforms are a ridiculous idea that only has been in practice for wealthy higher class Americans in Expensive Private Schools. There is good reason for this. If public schools or less expensive schools open to more students adopted school uniforms they would have two options:
    1. Provide School Uniforms - With this option you help lower income families but hurt the entire spectrum. Everyone would have to pay more for their education (or public schools will simply get less funding until taxes are raised) for a system that helps in very few situations.
    2. Make Families Pay - This option significantly hurts lower income families by taking more money away from them for again, a system that isn't required or helping in the slightest. Also, public schools would be very reluctant to charge families extra, and this option is very unlikely to be executed for public schools.
    My conclusion is this: The main downside of School Uniforms is economics, as public schools would be forced to take money out of their budgets, and private schools would be forced to raise prices, making it harder for some students to get private educations.

  • No for uniforms not only in school, but in work places as well.

    I have had very personal dealings with the school uniform issue. I remember back in second grade we were assigned to write a paper of whether I was for or against it. Being the little wild kid I was, I certainly didn't want people controllling what I wear. On top of that I remember the article we read interviewed somebody who was all for uniforms and me in my paper trying to use a childish version of cursing her out. I got points off for that and I'm a bit more mature now. Enough to where I won't curse about it, but point out the problems. Other instances I remember at the time is the school distict deciding what to do about it. Many kids mentioned their parents frustration at having not much to do with the new clothes just bought and having to spend MORE money on uniform applicable clothing. The school district did in fact end up with a dress code with slight changes over time like whether a white collar shirt was only allowed or a navy shirt was ok too. All until high school, it likely got on every teachers nerve at some point as they had to take time to check that everyone was ok. And then there was the favoritism problem of who got away with certain things. I feel people going to school nude may not exactly work, but a few standards on what to wear is more than enough. We don't go to school to be judged by what we wear. We go to learn. Any clothing can be a distraction. There's always ways to figure it out even with a uniform. There's always going to be somebody looking at somebody's looks and judging whether in uniform or not. That problem is the thing that needs to be looked at. And the honest truth is that most colleges and universities don't care what people wear. So all that trouble is usually wasted. As people mature, they figure out that workplaces need a bit more of a formal dress but even workplace dresscodes are becoming more relaxed. So bottom line is leave these kids alone on what they wear and focus on how to educate them the best.

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