Are school uniforms a financial burden for poor families?

  • Maybe some people are rich.

    The average uniform cost for middle school is $283 for girls, and $315 for boys a year. Let's say some parent had two kids, 1 girl and 1 boy. That would be almost $600 a year and for 3 years, it would be close to $2000. That's not a small amount of money to spend on one kind of clothes.

  • Agree totally .

    Uniforms are expensive uniforms are expensive uniforms are expensive . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • They can cost up to 700 dollars

    I did some research and I figured out that some uniforms can cost up to 700 dollars at the most, especially if you have a lot of kids. They can be cheap, but not too cheap, the average cost a parent has to pay is 249 dollars, and money doesn't grow on trees.

  • They can cost up to 700 dollars

    I did some research and I figured out that some uniforms can cost up to 700 dollars at the most, especially if you have a lot of kids. They can be cheap, but not too cheap, the average cost a parent has to pay is 249 dollars, and money doesn't grow on trees.

  • Uniforms should not be required.

    Uniforms cost a lot of money, and apart from that parents still have to buy regular clothes for other days, which becomes a burden. Also, uniforms technically break the law of free speech and expression. And some people say they stop bullying, false they make it unclear about your income, false and dress codes allow students to wear what they want, as long as it is aproppiate.

  • Yes they are to expensive

    At some schools you have to pay $60 for 4 pears of socks only 8 socks and over $100 for a shirt or pants which is unbelievable and unacceptable for poorer families they mite no be able to pay for there kids cloths its sad to see that happen to people.

  • 5 kids new uniforms is very stresfull and causes me financial problems

    I have 5 children 3 in primary school and 2 in secondary school and there uniforms are a nightmare as its £50 each school blazer and all rest of things they need it causes me stress and worry as I need at least 400 pound to buy all my 5 kids new uniforms and the council think sending me a cheque for £25 pound is help towards uniform I think its a joke that only buys one skirt I think its a lot of poressure on parents

  • Can be if you have more than two kids in school.

    I have four in school my two eldest and my twins. I spend $288 and change on just uniforms on each child a year. This is costly and I make very good money. You want your child to have an adequate amount to start off with but by the mid year towards the end they grow or mess up the uniforms or if you move where it's different colors your purchasing more... Bullying happens regards less of uniforms or regular clothing. Also the young ladies try harder to show off their shapes due to uniforms; tighter bottoms/shirts or wear the white ones and bright colored bras so they could be seen. To me it doesn't matter, but it would be better without for vast reasons.

  • Uniforms Cost Too Much

    Families with a lower income have to pay 40% of what they make and Americans spend $1 billion on school uniforms and there is evidence that school uniforms increase attacks on school plus 1,968 students in 3 out of 6 regions said they do not like school uniforms and on more fact families spend $137.96 on a uniform that your student will grow out of.

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  • No. Not at all.

    School uniforms pose no financial burden to those who are financially challenged. The beauty of school uniforms lies in the support from the school that requires them. Oftentimes, the school will lend financial aid in purchasing uniforms. Finally, uniforms aren't even a problem for poor people, cuz screw poor people.

  • Uniforms more expensive than normal clothes? Haha- nice try!

    People are saying that school uniforms are more expensive than normal clothes. This statement is wrong. The average family spends $131 on back to school clothes for each child. This is not including clothing costs throughout the year when there are less sales. But, the average schools uniform costs $100-$150. I bet you're thinking, so uniforms ARE more expensive! Well, listen to this; school uniforms last you the whole year, that cost includes your summer, winter, spring, and fall uniform costs! With your own choice of clothing though, you have to buy another $131 worth of clothes for the winter season! Not to mention the other seasons. At school, there is also always the conversation about "whose clothes are cooler" Kids think that the more expensive the cooler their clothes are. This is what a conversation is like, "Ummm........ You could really do better with that shirt, maybe give it to a rat for christmas, but even then the rat would hate it!!!!, See my clothes are form abercrombie, this shirt was $30! I bet that was 5. Am I right girls!!! *giggles*" Then the person would complain to their parents about their clothes, forcing them to let them go to the "cool" stores. Isn't that what you would do?

  • School Uniforms are Almost a Necessity

    In these times where there are children killing themselves because of bullying, children having babies as young as fourteen and parents who are unable to be home to monitor what's going on because they have to work, uniforms are somewhat of a godsend. Young girls attend school in clothing that is often too tight, too short and too revealing. Young boys are coming to school with pants where the waists are almost to their knees often paired with t-shirts with offensive or suggestive messaging on them. A lot of boys cut out the sleeves of the t-shirts exposing their chests. The line between decency and indecency has become extremely blurred. When the child enters the classroom with outrageous or provocative clothing it is distracting for the students. When the teacher has to take away from instructional time to address the dress code violation then all the kids suffer. As for cost. I don't know how it could cost that much more for your child to have a uniform. If you have multiple children, the clothes can be passed down or shared and of course uniform exchanges once a year are a fantastic way to save money. It makes getting ready in the morning that much more of a breeze, too. There are also ways if a family is in dire straits that the school can also help out financially.

  • Poor families need to save up to get where they need!!

    I think it is a financial burden for poor families because as everyone knows that poor families would want to rank up from being poor to middle class or to being rich. I think that poor families should save any money they can get so they can be provided a very decent ranking in life and be able to provide the right care for their families.

  • They are a burden to the less fortunate families

    The coat of uniforms is really expensive. Personal experience has made me realize that because when I was in school I had to wear a Polo everyday they are extremely expensive and they are hard to find cheap. Parents want their kids to have durable clothes but buying Polo's are expensive so personal get rid of uniforms.

  • Uniforms are a financial burden to poor families.

    Uniforms are a financial burden to poor families, but there are many solutions. The PTA or the school can pay for them or do fundraisers and give clothes to those who get reduced or free lunches. Students can wear plain t shirts of the school colors with khaki, navy blue or black pants/ skirts( which are 2 inches above knee or lower).

  • I'm 16 I know!

    I am a teenager in a public high school I have to continually buy new clothes to protect my neck from wardrobe bullies. When I looked at the difference in price for what I'm paying now in comparison to the yearly cost to wear a uniform, the uniform comes out plenty cheaper (almost $300 cheaper). Sadly since I'm so far into high school I would be deeply inconveniencing my parents and counselor by transferring to a uniform school in the middle of the year.

  • Not a big expense!

    School uniforms are not a big cost or a bank breaker. In fact they can be cheaper. Furthermore, they cut down on violence and discipline. I think as a parent that school uniforms are cheaper and are more professional to the school and as a community. I think that they are better!!!!

  • Coming from a poor home.

    You cant really agree or disagree until you went to school in this century. I just recently graduated from high school two years and the amount of bullying that goes on over the clothes your children wear is ridiculous. I would rather spend a little bit of money on my child a school uniform than walk in and find out mu child committed suicide because he got bullied on the clothes he wore the day before. I also know that you can find uniforms for pretty cheap. You can spend a 150$ on a weeks worth of clothing and wash them every sunday and you wouldn't have to spend money buying everyday of the month a new uniform. People that are against it aren't looking at the positive. Or at the simplest things they could do to make it work.

  • Really Easy :D

    Instead of having to wear t-shirts from walmart and having to look like you can't afford anything, the uniforms make it were people can't judge you initially on how much you own or how much your clothes cost. Instead, they have to see what kind of a person you are.

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RinnKimmichi says2016-04-29T18:26:55.190
My check is only $400 dollars, and my bills are more than I can handle already, if I already have appropriate clothing, what's the problem with wearing that instead of having to spend money that I DON'T HAVE on something that I sure as hell DON'T FUCKING WANT.