• School uniforms are beneficial for students.

    Schools uniforms benefit students in several ways. First of all, in the morning rush, there is no question of what the student should wear to school. It has already been chosen for them. Second of all, the student does not have to worry about what peers will think about his or her clothes. Third of all, there is no competition at school regarding clothes and who has the most expensive jeans or the best brand of clothing because it is all the same.

  • School uniforms help kids learn

    School uniforms take a lot of stress out of students. They don't have to worry so much about how they look or will fit in with others. It also prevents gang problems in some schools and clique problems in a lot of others. This just means that students are more mentally open to learning.

  • Yes, uniforms mask financial difficulty.

    Yes, school uniforms are beneficial for students because uniforms eliminate peer pressure to wear name-brand clothing. Students who come from financially unstable homes are at a disadvantage when they attend a school that does not have a uniform policy, because it is apparent that those students do not have the same financial resources. Uniforms level the social playing field for all students.

  • Yes, school uniforms benefit students.

    Many students do not relish the idea of wearing a uniform, yet uniforms help students by decreasing the amount of sartorial competition in the classroom. Since every student is wearing roughly the same outfit, there is little room for mockery or judgment of others' clothes which allows more time for attention to classroom subjects. Of course, people will always find small differences, but school uniforms vastly decrease this tendency.

  • School Uniforms Don't Let Them Feel Free

    Without letting kids feel free to express what they want, they can never feel they can express what they think is right and truthfully learn in a way where they know they can prove or be proven wrong. Students need to feel free so they can learn they can be wrong and if they are wrong they know what is right.

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