• Equality and inclusion

    School uniforms are not there to strip children of their identities on their creativities or personal passions. Uniforms have been enforced to create a sense of equality, so everyone feels the same. We live in a very materialistic society, where we are judged on what we wear and what products we own. Children, especially, are very judgemental on the what their peers wear and you are only popular if you have a Michael Kors watch or a Hollister hoodie. Uniforms prevent children feeling inadequate and inferior to others by wearing the same clothes as one another. In addition, uniforms create a sense of community as by wearing a unique uniform to other schools, you feel as if you are part of a group of people and feel needed and wanted; devising confidence from pupils in school.

  • I think they are but i need your guys opiopoin

    Without uniforms children can wear whatever they require, which is all lovely & well, but there is a lot of judgement. Lots of children will pick on others BECAUSE of what they are wearing. Like for girls whose shirts are cut lower, or if a boy wears those checkered shorts that they appear to love a lot. But with uniforms all of that is taken away because everyone will be wearing the same thing. I do know your first questions will be: "But where is the individuality?" But it can still be there. Children who roll their sleeves up or fold their collars differently

  • Uniforms protect children from nothing

    Sure, noone will know if you have designer clothes or ones from a charity shop. But then there's the backpack/bag, shoes, hair, make-up, accessories, attitude and even gender or race (unfortunately). Children will pick up on those differences and a uniform isn't going to save anyone from being bullied. A major update in the educational system would. (+ many other things that would take to long to list)

    Another argument against uniforms, is the fact that from the moment children are institutionalised, they're made to look, act and achieve the same way as everyone else. They grow up to become confused robots with consciousness. This manifests itself in many ways; from miscommunicating with others, through doubting their values, to loosing their sense of self and lacking direction in life. Uniforms are in complete conflict with the wide-spread idea of individuality which we get from the media, children don't know who to listen to.

  • Freedom of expression.

    You should be able to express your self and wear appropriate clothes that are not too reveling or offensive. It is good for people to be different and to be exposed to different styles in stead of the same one over and over and over. For the most part school uniforms are bad.

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