• School was designed for Girls

    The teaching now revolves around sitting down and listening. Girls have an easier time with that than boys do. Boys like to be active more, so they have the harder time sitting still in class. School also holds a lot of distractions, and, with all due respect, I feel that girls are better at tuning them out.

  • Was school made for girls?

    It seems that school is geared more towards girls. Most girls get better grades than boys. Boys have a hard time sitting still. Boys basically have the attention span of a goldfish. Do you see now how school could be more for girls.

    A lot of girls are doing better than boys in school. A study shows that many teachers grade good behavior. The study's authors analyzed the grades of more than 5,000 students from kindergarten through fifth grade and found that boys had lower grades than their test scores showed. I'm not saying that boys are stupid or that all boys get low grades its just the majority gets lower grades than they should.

  • This is why girls are excelling.

    The current school system is designed for the way girls learn. Girls are better able to sit still in a classroom than boys. Girls tend to learn better by discussing things while boys need to łearn by doing things hands on. Often a girl will learn by studying the theory of something and then applying it, while a boy often needs to experiment and then ask why it went wrong.

  • No, historically it was the opposite

    Historically, schools were designed for boys, and girls rarely had the opportunity to go to school (as opposed to marry and take care of the home and children). In present-day times, schools are usually designed for both genders (with the exception of single-sex schools), and any difference in performance is probably accidental.

    Posted by: bb94
  • I am a boy

    Your thesis is bias. To assume that all boys would rather learn by failing first then inquiring why things went wrong is rather naive and very premature. Little studies are done on men, and boys to begin with. I personally do not believe that we should standardize learning methods according to gender. School is deigned to educate. There is really no value in learning to the child if the child doesn't understand the value of education, or why he or she needs to know what they are being taught. That is up to the teacher, Perhaps you should inquire about how teachers are mostly women. Then take your thesis may have some merit to it.

  • No, they are not.

    The only time I would think a school would be designed for girls would be in an all girls school. Other than that, I believe it would be safe to say that schools are just designed to give the students, regardless of gender, the best education they can afford to give.

  • Schools are designed for teaching

    While various schools center around pushing forward one agenda or another in the process of molding young minds, the facilities themselves are not geared towards either gender. This is, of course, with the notable exception of All-Girl or All-Boy schools. However, even these institutions are less geared towards the gender itself so much as the minimizing of distractions caused by romantic interactions.

  • No, they are not.

    Schools are not designed specifically for girls, or for boys, unless of course you have enrolled your child into a single gender specific school. In general though, the average public school, would not design it so boys can not get the same benefits out of the school as girls do.

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