• Yes, schools are still safe.

    Yes, schools are still safe. Although the safety of schools tends to decrease in more economically disadvantaged areas, for the most part schools are still safe places for children to learn and socialize. It is still a good idea, however, to stay vigilant and enforce safety rules where they exist.

  • Yes, they are safe.

    There has been a security challenges in our institutions of learning in the recent days where by we have experience gruesome shooting that has left many dead and many more both emotional and physical injuries. Despite all these, I choose to remain optimistic on the security status of those institution, the cases have subsided and that a good sign.

  • Safer than they have ever been

    Schools are actually safer now than they have ever been. It doesn't mean that they are 100% safe zones for children, but they are certainly trying. A good example of this is the presence of security staff and in some larger schools, metal detectors and police dogs. There are smaller safety measures in place as well, such as keeping all exterior doors locked and not allowing anyone in the school without permission and also keeping classroom doors locked throughout the day. Each time a tragedy happens on a school campus, the schools look for more and more ways to keep the kids safe.

  • There is no way to keep them safe.

    Students continue to come to school even when they might be dangerous, because they threaten to sue the school if they are expelled. The school has to wait until the student actually does something to hurt someone else before they can kick the student out of school. It's unsafe to the rest of the students, who are helpless.

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