• School Too Easy, Learning is slow

    I am in 5th grade,which is middle school here , and my previous 4th grade teacher was my type of teacher, he was giving me 8th grade words and Middle school mathematics. Previously this year, we had a school wide spelling bee and I got 2nd place out of mostly 8th graders. My report card said I had 3 A+ out of four grades, I got an A in the other. Our teacher said A's are very rare, than how come almost a third our grade its on the honor roll? ( I am high honors) These schools should let the "Gifted" (AKA smart) kids a chance to skip grades, and move faster. Writing is one of the strangest subjects in school due to the way people tend to write, and how we comprehend the lesson. Writing is easy for me, difficult for others. Teachers should teach kids writing very young, and teach them how to love to write. Teachers should set high expectations for all kids.Not just Gifted ones.

  • Smart kid here

    Taking 8 college level classes freshman year. It's looking like this is going to be 4 more years of boredom. School is ridiculously easy; everything after 6th grade is just review. I sleep in classes, don't study, and ace everything. Homework isn't worth doing; why would you "practice" anything you've already mastered? Makes no sense. Schools are broken.

  • Way too easy

    7th grade, but all of my class is learning what is basically 5th grade math. This forces me to study more at home so I don't fall behind in the future. I believe that schools should be more strict and teach students, instead of being so easy and "fun".

    Killer memestar

  • School is WAY too easy

    I am in fifth grade, and I have found school easy since my first year. I'm still 'learning' long division now, and I think we need a better system. Students should be given more control in their learning. I had one teacher, in year 3, who challenged me properly, and I learned LOADS. Not only maths and writing techniques, but emotional resilience. While my current teacher is good, I am not getting that push to achieve things like I was with my year 3 teacher, and if he is reading this, THANK YOU.

  • Way too easy

    I am in 7th grade, and we are still learning how to tile shapes and and make simple transformations in math class. In history we repeat basically the same curriculum every year, eg. First nations, explorers, settlers, first nations, explorers, settlers... etc. I think that we should be well past this point in grade 7

  • School is way too easy!

    From grades 1-5, all we do is learn more. In 6-8th grade, all we do is REVIEW the things we learned in elementary, especially the things from English. Every year of school I have earned a spot on the 4.00 GPA Honor Roll. In my opinion, school needs to be challenging, not just review from past grades.

  • Boring, easy, school is not helping me

    The grade system and discrimination with A and F grade is not the answer. They say having straight As is what you should be getting, but that is wrong. Most people getting straight As are bored in school and are only learning things that they all ready know. That is bad because they are not learning and school should not be encouraging the majority of students a" non learning system" People with F grades are being discouraged from teachers and are feeling down. TTHAT IS THE WRONG MENTALITY SO SCHOOLS SHOULD STOP THIS( A-YOU SHOULD BE GETTING AND F-REALLY BAD)MESSED UP SYSTEM

  • As a Considered GT myself

    I personally think that school is too easy. I'm GT math, and I still learn basic crap I learned in the first to third grade. I'm in fifth grade, too, which is what makes this ten times worse. And I feel like also, in the grand scheme of things, when I am properly taught they make it really fast. What gives? I seriously have no words to describe how boring it makes school. Especially tests. PARCC testing took a while, sure, but that's because I was staring at a wall instead of selecting answers. If you ask me, school is way to easy and should be, in some parts, re-evaluated. And also, I'm not gt in Language Arts, and even that's easy. (Also, as examples. They "taught" us number lines, basic algebraic expressions, and percentages. All of the above have been taught 1st through 4th grade, yet we still have to re learn it.)

  • School's Too Easy

    I think that schools are too easy, because of the mental capacity of children. Children can learn more than adults, easier, one to ten. This should be taken advantage of, and children should be taught advanced concepts such as matrices, physics equations, advanced history, precalculus, integral calculus, differential calculus, and other similar concepts. That being said, there should not be a "One Size Fits All" attitude and challenged students with low grades should have to do average mathematics and science.

  • From a Academically Gifted Kid

    I just wanted to let you know my current public school is way to easy. I would have loved to do this stuff in 4th grade and I am in 8th grade now. In order for me to be challenged I have to apply for tons of financial aid in order to go to programs that cost 1,000s of dollars!!

  • No, schools are not too easy.

    No, I do not believe that schools are too easy and instead are challenging students to new levels. I think that schools are setting standards high for each student, and therefore are preparing students for either a career after graduation or some type of military or place in the workforce. I think that students are coming out well-educated.

  • School is not too easy.

    I don't feel as if schools are too easy. It hasn't been that long since I was in K-12, and I don't remember school being easy. I remember having really hard assignments even as early as third grade. I always felt challenged and when I did well on assignments, I felt as though I had worked hard.

  • No, I don't believe that our schools are too easy.

    I would think the general argument being made for our schools being too easy, would be that so many students do poorly, and some even go on to drop out entirely. But, perhaps the real problem is the lack of change in how our school educate our children. There have been numerous stories of innovative teachers finding new ways to present the idea of learning to our youth with very good results.

    If children are having problems following their teachings, maybe it isn't their fault at all, and we should simply change the delivery of education instead of making it all easier. After all, children get bored very easily -- I know I did -- and so, if something isn't working, wouldn't it be foolish to keep trying in the exact same manner?

  • No, not necessarily.

    There are many factors to consider for this question. Some students are naturally more intelligent than others and may require courses that challenge them. Sometimes school teachers think there is something wrong with a student because they act up in class or do not focus on the lessons. Many times this is due to the fact that the student is bored. The school lessons are not challenging enough to stimulate the child's brain. In these cases, school can be considered easy but for the majority of students, the school lessons are just right for where they are. In high school, students can better determine what challenges them appropriately and choose their coursework accordingly.

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