• It would be ridiculous to try

    First I'd like to begin by saying a God/creator CAN exist within the confines of scientific knowledge, however, religion cannot. Religion at its very core states that there is an absolute truth, whereas, science makes the opposing claim that absolute truth does not exist. The words of an illiterate 1300 year old camel merchant cannot and should not be reconciled with those of Einstein, Hawking, and Tyson.

  • Yes They Are

    While science can not answer many questions that religion claims to provide insight on, there is much overlap between the two. Science cannot tell you your purpose in life but this is not all religion is about. It talks about things happening in the real world, things that scientists work on - the creation of the earth, the universe and life, the human consciousness and death.

    A primary feature of most religions is miracles. Many religions rely on miracles to help prove that their faith is correct or defend against claims that God doesn't exist. Events such as the virgin birth and Muhammad splitting the moon make promises that real things in the physical world happened. Science can have input on this and science can provide evidence that they did not happen, or that there is an extremely small chance (to the point where it is negligible) that it happened.

    Therefore if scientists kept purely researching the physical world, and religion talked only of spiritual things then they could easily coexist but there is overlap where science and religion clearly disagree so there cannot be a situation where there is no conflict between the two.

  • No, science and religion can coexist.

    Science is factual and seeks to find out more about physical reality. We need to understand that religion works in a different dimension and uses symbolism to give a context to the facts as we know them. It is meant to give meaning rather than answers and presupposes more than the physical world exists.

  • No it is not.

    Science and religion is able to work together. People who have a strong understanding in both areas would be able to unite the two as one thing rather than see them as two different things. People need to understand it does not have to be one or the other with this.

  • No, religion follows science.

    No, science and religion are not irreconcilable, because religion backs up science. There are logical reasons that the Israelites used the military force that they did. There is a scientific explanation for Sodom and Gamorrah. Even creation is not in conflict with scientific theories about the origins of the universe. The two fields agree with each other.

  • Buddhism Is Making Strides

    I do not believe science and religion are irreconcilable. I believe Buddhism is trying very hard to mingle the two subjects. I enjoyed reading, "The Universe in a Single Atom," by the Dalai Lama in which he tries desperately to wrap his mind around some scientific concepts and then tries to align them with Buddhism. If anything, that book is proof that they are reconcilable, if people are willing to believe.

  • Science and Religion Can make Nice

    Without a doubt, science and religion are reconcilable in various ways. A person can be religious and believe firmly in science at the same time, and vice versa. There's no reason religious individuals should spurn science or denounce it as an affront to God. The same applies to scientists, too.

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