• Well written stories produced by talented filmmakers don't need nude or sex scenes.

    The best professionally written and produced films do not need nude scenes or pornography (sex scenes). The world of filmed entertainment has absolutely gone down the sewer, and let's not forget foul language. Sex sells, but only for a product that isn't worth buying. Nudity and sex are a part of life, but so is defecating. Do the perverts line up to lust over someone on the can emptying their bowels then wiping their ass clean? It wouldn't surprise me.

  • Sex Scenes in Movies are Unnecessary

    For the most part I find the sex scenes derail the pace of movies. Even if an important part of the film is to display how much two people love each other, blatant sex acts do not help show that. Since most sex today is transactional and has no real basis in love, the graphic sex scene reinforces that notion. As an example the Netflix show Narcos has a scene with the DEA agent happy to have his wife with him and then there is a graphic sex scene. That scene in no way expressed how much the two loved each other and were happy to be together. It was two animals rutting. A simple scene of a long embrace would convey the connection better.

  • Most American film and TV are brainless trash lacking any real story, and will eventually go bankrupt.

    The vast majority of American films present one dimensional characters and use unnecessary pornographic scenes, nudity and foul language. So-called actors and actresses have little emotional scope underscoring their lack of personality. Hollywood as a wonderful entertainment industry is long gone. Its creativity has died and is now morally bankrupt.

  • Sex scenes are too gratuitous

    Ah, cinema. Film is such a great storytelling medium that it's no wonder that people flock to the movies in droves. However, one aspect of this storytelling needs an overhaul. Too many movies include sex scenes that simply aren't necessary to the plot, which leads me to believe that they shouldn't be included at all.

  • Sex scenes in movies are unnecessary

    Sex scenes in movies are unnecessary and really only added as a ratings booster and for gratuitous purposes. While some movies may need it to put the picture into context, by and large it is not needed at all. However, sex sells. So, as long as people continue to watch this kind of thing it will remain.

  • Sex sells in the movie industry

    Yes, sex scenes in movies are probably unnecessary. If the movie contains well-known, popular actors, people will flock to see the movie just because their favorite actors are in it. People are fascinated by celebrities to begin with. The sex scenes in a movie such as Fifty Shades of Grey are probably necessary due to the subject of the film being about dominance and submission, However, there is a tendency for a film to be labelled pornographic if there is too much skin revealed. It means Hollywood has to come up with more clever story lines and hire the best writers. The films get seen by impressionable young people, and these movies set bad examples for youth. If a movie relies mostly on sex to carry it through, it's probably a crummy movie to begin with. It'll get bad reviews, and smart moviegoers will avoid these movies. The movie must be either rated R or X in compliance with censorship guidelines. There's little to be done for stopping people from streaming the movies online -- often illegally.

  • Natural part of human life

    Though I will relent that many sex scenes in movies are playing on the human attraction to seeing that sort of thing, just look at how big the pornography industry is to see this, I still believe that sex is a natural part of being a human and there is no need for censure. Are you to be that catholic family (excuse my polar example) that shields their childrens' eyes from realities they deem unfit? Sex is nature to us, and if movies are supposed to relay life then it would make sense to show this in them.

  • No, sex in films are not unnecessary, depending on the story being told.

    Sex scenes in films can provide a powerful means of conveying emotions, visually demonstrating intimacy (or, based on the contest, the lack thereof), setting a tone for an overall scene, and otherwise enhancing a film. Not all sex scenes fall into this category, of course. Films that rely on sex as a way to fill screen time, generate controversy, or otherwise fail to integrate them into the story are examples of how to misuse such scenes. However, films as diverse as Last Tango in Paris (1972), Risky Business (1983), Crash (1996), and Secretary (2002) show how sex and erotica can be used tastefully, improving a movie and the story it is telling.

  • Not all are

    It really depends on the movie. I think sex scenes are very poorly done in most cases but if it helps bring a powerful message to the movie then why not have it in. Or in the case of Team America if it's just to be funny than I don't mind them. It's when it's a teen or horror movie that over does it and tries to sell the movie with the sex parts that I find annoying, buts that's just a matter of opinion.

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