Are sharks really harmful like people say they are?

  • Yes they are

    Like duh! Is that even a question? A shark can detect human blood from miles away. And once it detects, why make late? It races to gobble you up. For eg: The Tiger Shark.
    I mean, sharks don't have razor-like teeth for nothing! One doesn't simply return safely after greeting a shark in the Pacific Ocean. If there are exceptions, kindly notify. Honestly, people do kill sharks. But even if they don't, deaths by sharks would still soar up.

  • LIke duhhhh sharks are like, SOOOO dangerous

    OMG who even thought of ths topic like, sharks r like SOOOO dangerous. One time i was like, swimming in my pool and a sharks came up!! And i was like OMG that fin style i SO last year. But the shark like didnt even care!! Ugh whatever be a fashion disastor then, and then the shark got all mad at me and bit off my LEG AND THEN RIPPED ME IN HALF And i died but its ok bc i recoverd. So ya but like sharrks r SOOOOO dangerous!!!! And like dont even go swimming in ur pool anymore bc thats were sharks live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But maybe i was drunk at the time... Or maybe not

  • They are being killed for there fin

    And 10000 million sharks are killed every hour and they are scared of us more than we are scared of them so who ever thinks they are dangerous you are wrong and you are the master by not helping them stop dying by fisherman so just be kind and help sharks

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  • Shark not mean shark friend

    I am a mermaid I have a best friend named Lauren who is a shark!! Lauren is so nice!!!!! We met in daycare when we were both 2! Lauren said " hai I like your tail" and I said " cool" and then we played babies together!! So us don't call sharks mean you jerks!!! Bye

  • No they aren't

    Did you know that so many animals are way more dangrous then sharks, Mosqitoes kill over six thousand and fifty five people killed each year. Dogs kill about thirty to thirty five people each year And even ANTS kill about twenty to fifty people. And the Big friendly giant shark only kills <1 people per year. Sharks do not hunt humans they hunt seals and fish. Being bitten by a shark is so rare . Most ocean lovers and researchers say people are afraid of sharks because they don't know anything about them. Sharks attack people, but the odds of getting bitten is 1 in 11.5 million. That is a lot. A huge majority of sharks are not even dangerous, just because they have got big pointy teeth does mean they will attack us… People say that the shark attack numbers are up but the sharks aren’t to blame

    The US averages just 19 shark attacks each year and one shark-attack fatality every two years. Meanwhile, in the coastal U.S. states alone, lightning strikes kills more than 37 people each year. LIGHTNING STRIKES.
    What would you do if the tables are turned. You are the shark. And We, the humans are wanting you just for Your FIN. Do you know what we do to the sharks. We cut of all the sharks fins then throw the shark back into the water. And just leaves it to drown. You may not think sharks can drown but a shark need to move to keep alive. But the sharks still don’t kill as many human as we kill them. Every year we kill approximately 100 million sharks whereas the sharks only kill about on an average 4.2 humans a year. ONE HUNDRED MILLION COMPARED TO FOUR HUMANS!!! Now think about it how unfair is that.

  • No shit sherlock

    Sharks are proven to cause an average of 8 deaths per yer while humans kill about 1 million sharks per year. This proves that people cause alot more damage to sharks than sharks do to humans. The ned of the debate. BY someone random bluh bluh bluh bluh. Sharks rule.

  • They are not how people said

    Sharks dont have the costume to attack people, when they smell human blood and they get to the place of the thing that is bleeding they just think that is a hurt seal, so they start to make the plans to eat it.
    And if we see the reality we are killing more sharks than they to them, every day humans kill 110 sharks but every YEAR a shark kill 1 person, and that person was a jerk who wanted to 'explore'.

  • They aren't harmful

    Sharks don't really mean to attack us, they're just looking for food or they are hungry. They are wild animals and we can't expect them to not attack humans. Just like every living thing on the planet, they need energy. Where does they energy come from? Food! They bite us because they think we are a yummy dinner, and when they found out that we are not, they spit us back out. Also, not even all the people that got bit by a shark died! So sharks aren't harmful, in fact, we are more harmful.

  • No They Are Not Dangerous

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  • Being killed by fisher man

    110 million sharks are killed each hour because long line fishing and shark fin soup so what people should do is stop being scared cause they don't kill you they are more scared of you more than you are scared of them so stop being afraid and help them live cause if they are gone so are we

  • Sharks are not dangerous but they are in danger

    Sharks are now really rare to find because of shark fin soup and other stuff and we have been testing these creatures by making humans as a bate but then none of them attacked even the tiger sharks, the ones that could really get agressive but they got attacked because the shark does not feel comfortable near that person/

  • Like Duh Is That Even A Question

    Sharks r like so dangerous! They go around and like kill peeple and ya. One time I was like walking and then i like turned around and a sharks was like right behind me and I was like " u cant bite me" and he was like " yes i can" and he like bit me and now I have like only 12 finhers instad of of 15 like ugh ir like totally h8 sharks ugh

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