• Yes, they help people concentrate.

    Yes, single-sex classes are better than coed classes, because they help children focus on their studies, rather than have additional distractions. Some children can concentrate with coed classes, but some cannot, so it is helpful to the students to have one distraction removed. If it benefits test scores, it is helpful to give students the best environment possible.

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  • I strongly disagree against single gender classes.

    How is separating boys and girls any different than separating blacks and whites? Single gender classrooms doesn't prepare kids for the real world. Some people think single sex classrooms break down gender stereo types, but it actually reinforces them. Boys become more aggressive when around boys, and girls become more Stereo Typical.

  • I prefer coed classes over single sex classes.

    I have always preferred coed classes over single sex classes because I think it is important that you are able to intermingle with people who are of the opposite gender. When you are limited to conversation with only your gender it is very limited and you do not get the full classroom experience.

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