• Yes it does.

    I went to an single sex high school. It was the best time of my life.
    - It decreases the unwelcome distraction from opposite gender, which help you concentrate on studies.
    - More tailored curriculum. Teacher can design curriculum that are more of interest to one gender.
    - It provides relaxed environment. You don't have to be judged by the opposite sex. For example, swim lessons. My friend who studied in co-ed school says they felt uncomfortable when boys looked at their body and judged them.
    - Once in a lifetime experience. You will probably not get much chance to stay all days with the same gender in the real world.

  • Yes it does

    The question clearly states education and not future life, thus it is logical to say that single sex schools do help in education. Students who are in Single Sex schools are more likely to have more self esteem and confidence as there is an absence of judgements from the opposite sex. Moreover, these students are not exposed to relationships and thus can target their focus on their academics instead of wasting their time on relationships that may not even prolong.

  • Never a good idea

    I understand the YES argument but here is the thing: There are a lot of kids that are transgender or a different sexual orientation. It makes it better for them to feel safe in such in an environment. Plus, with boys and girls in school, people are able to know better social skills to deal the opposite sex.

  • Very halal indeed

    I am writing random stuff idk what i am doing i am really hyper so yhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im in school and im doing this aswell im supposed to be doing my work but clearly doing the opposite and i just want an excuse to get out of doing work so here i am

  • Very halal indeed

    I am writing random stuff idk what i am doing i am really hyper so yhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im in school and im doing this aswell im supposed to be doing my work but clearly doing the opposite and i just want an excuse to get out of doing work so here i am

  • For Education, yes.

    Girls do not get distracted by boys who may be less motivated to learn. Boys and Girls find it easier to work in different environments so if you mix them, most of the time, one sex will work better. It also makes girls able to concentrate and work in classes such as maths and science which are more dominated by boys and they will not have the worry of being judged as much by boys. However, it is not the same case for when they are getting introduced to the world of work when they do have to work with men.

  • They are good

    Single sex schools are good for education because if they get their period or start puberty boys won't be attracted to the girls/ if boys go through that then girls won't be attracted either. They would probably become more collaborative with other same sex genders and they would probably feel more comfortable and safe in a same sex school.

  • I very agree

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  • Students and puberty

    When you have your puberty and a boy finds out that it happened your most likely to be made fun of. But if your in a single sex school you could be made fun of but all of the girls have gone through it or are going to go through it so you probs wont be made fun of

  • We will be smarter

    There is a Middle school named Riverview Middle school in Huntington, Indiana. The test scores in language arts between the genders were much different. The girls had about 84% regularly passed their tests. The boys only had a 65% of them passing. The principal then worked with his language arts teachers to separate the girls and the boys. The strategy paid off and the gap became smaller on the scores of the state's standardized tests

  • It does no good

    Women are just bad at science and math and good at literature and men are just ops at science and math and okay at literature. Separating them isn't going to change biology. There's nothing it'll do other then make it harder for them to work with the opposite gender. It's only harmful and doesn't prepare the child for the real world like it's suppose to do but instead diminish their view of it and how to interact with the opposite gender.

  • We are all friends

    All I have to say is that, we all need to learn from each other, make us better than before, we make a better productive economy. We all like each other, how will we reproduce, get kids make our lives worth living can any person say yes answer me! Can You!!!!

  • No, their not.

    If people aren't exposed to a world with people of different gender and opinions then they wont be able to cope when they go to uni/ or leave school and it may cause stress and they may not be able to have proper relationships because of it. So I think that same sex schools are worse then mixed.

  • Gender based schools do not benefit students.

    By sorting classes by gender, children and teens are opened to a world where everyone is the same and has the same points of view. But in reality, there are a variety of people with different ideas. These students may not be prepared to deal with people with so many differences. Mixed gender schools open children and teens to people unlike them, thus making them more prepared for the future

  • Competition is a must for students that is why co ed should be there

    I think so as being in a co-ed school makes a huge difference on the child, which usually allows them to adjust with the people around them .Let me take the example of a girl's school. The girls there are not exposed to much activity. This might not allow them to adjust properly with boys, and might also hinder their performance.......(I am a student so I know!!!)

  • Relationships... No, it isn't.

    Single-Sex schools are not better for education in any shape or form. Kids need a mix of male and female classmates, if you are in a single-sex school, then all you are surrounded by is your own gender--... How are they going to have relationships when they are older? Affirmative team, this is pathetic.

  • Absolutely not, We should be trying to break down barriers of gender and not promote them.

    Balance. The world tries to base itself on it, so why not schools? Why on earth would we want to put up an educational barrier between the youth of today. Such barriers existed in the past and helped no one. If anything they made those separated miserable. Interaction is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and if interaction occurs with the wrong sort of people, Killers, drug dealers, then you do a little thing called learning from a mistake and why? As a result of interaction.

  • Single Sex Schools Are a NO

    When you separate classes by gender, you are teaching young children that you will not be working with the other gender when you are older. This is a lie, in the near future they will be working side by side, but not being as productive as they normally would because they were not ready for the situation at hand of working with the opposite gender. When children are separated they become more stereo typical of the other gender. Why would we teach children to be like this? It has been proven that when you have a mixed class, the grades and test results are higher for both boy and girls than they would be if they were separated.
    Researchers have found that there is very little difference in the way that boys and girls learn. So there is no reason for separating the two genders. The journal “Science” has concluded that segregating boys and girls by gender does not improve education, and hinders social development. If segregating the two genders does not improve their learning development why would we feel the need to separate them?
    Studies have proven that boys that attend all boys school become more aggressive because they have been around the same gender most of their lives. Interacting with the other gender when you are young will help you out more than you think it will. Otherwise there will be times you will not know what to do when you have to work in a mixed environment. I am sure that would be hard being the only person there that has not worked with the other gender. You may think that by separating the two genders would prevent distractions, but really it will only make kids want the mix of both genders therefore reflecting on their test results.

  • Nope

    -Heighten the disparity in maths/sciences because top-achieving girls are removed from co-ed environment
    -The real world is co-ed, so girls need to develop cooperation skills with the opposite gender. Girls need to be able to communicate efficiently with boys. If girls attend a single sex middle school, they will most likely become very prudent and shy towards boys
    -The same the thing will happen because girls are boy crazy, once they leave school that they will meet up with them after or before schools
    -Girls need a sufficient amount of social interaction and single sex schools will prevent that essential development in a girl’s life
    -Current education system disadvantages boys anyhow this makes it even worse

  • No I don't think single sex schools are better for education

    Kids need a mix of male and female classmates I think for a proper education to be formed. They will be distracted or wanting that mix I think without it, and also may conflict more with their peers without the opposite sex to balance them, especially in the case of all girls schools as girls can be catty in general. Without any guys, that behavior would go higher and does go higher. So no I don't think single sex schools are better for education, but rather a mix is best.

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