• Drop in quality.

    I didn't know this was a thing. Tried to check out the first copy of Secret Empire (the captain america fascist thing seemed like it could be interesting). The book was paneled in a way that made reading it confusing. Also, there were a bunch of grammar errors that made it hard to read. Looked into it, and found they hired a bunch of editors for "diversity" rather than merit. Saw some dialogue from some other comics who talked like the crazy left wing activists from back when I was in college (except it was the main characters of the books). Normal people do not talk like that, how am I supposed to sympathise with that (they were the only people I experienced racism from in my life as a minority).

  • Yes they are.

    Comics should be escapist, and escapism should be enjoyable. Many longtime readers now feel preached at, there's more than enough of that in daily life. Being preached at, being told you are wrong for liking established characters is not enjoyable. I do not know if the medium can survive this level of undermining.

  • Screw political correctness

    Politics have nothing to do in a comic, trying to use media in a ny form, to force your delusional dream on others, is just pathetic. I predict that these social joke warriors, will anything and I mean ANYTHING, to make all previous heroes either black, transgender, or any of their weird mental illness genders.
    Like Spiderman, he's a white straight male, so by sjw logic, he should be turned into a gay black male, and instead of shooting web he shoots magical rainbows. (Did that happen yet?)
    Multiculturalism is never going to work, so long as there is politics, ideologies and religion, so sjw's are stupid for forcing it.

  • SJWs = Extreme Religious Zealotry.

    Social Justice Warriors by definition have given up on thought, discourse or the ability to learn or get along in the world. They have committed themselves to a never ending battle/war of what they perceive as their righteous cause. People of this mindset have NEVER and will NEVER embrace freedom of thought or art. Oh they believe that is their cause,.. But simply put they strive to BE the oppressors, not to stand up to oppressors. The sjw message is all that drives them. Not love, art, thought, or humanity... And definitely not the evolution or survival of the comic tradition and art form. If anyone has ever run across Religeous comics, then you know exactly how bad this is. One core topic, one message, one point of view etc. etc. SJW ARE Religeous zealots. It’s just not Xtianity or Izlam, etc. but the thoughts, rationalization, propaganda tactics and methodology is exactly the same.

    In truth comics have always been on the cutting edge of progressive, liberal, and inclusive ideologies. The fact that modern comics are pushing soooooo and alienating everyone who even hints at any thought beyond the “core propaganda tenets” is proof that the pendulum has gon so far that it is now clearly the SJWs and Femenists and inclusionists that have become the toxic oppressors of free speech and thought. The anti-fascists have actually become fascists and those who once fought for equality are now striving for outright subjugation.

    Just like Religeous terrorists (from any faith) the first goals are to tear down the relics , idols, temples and works of art that are not made for their religion. Destroy and erase from history all that is not of their faith...Regardless of its significance, heritage, history, or cultural relevance. “Tear down the false idols, and burn their shrines”.
    This has always been the cornerstone of cultures and religions that cannot stand on their own or convince/sway by logic or even coexist. It is the cultural proof of inferior thinking and unsustainable value; it must destroy and hide and push down other thoughts out of fear of being proven irrational and lacking.
    -with over 40 years as a progressive liberal free thinker with open mind and heart, and a comic lover, and I am personally disgusted with the overwhelming sjw agenda that seems to be required in every book, series, etc. and not buying new comics. Not in boycott. If they were good i’d Buy them. But they are poor and quite literally HATE anyone who doesn’t share their zealotry . It has become ugly, shameful, and ironically for the first time in my life, embarrassing to collect comics.

  • They sure aren't selling.

    There's nothing inherrently wrong about having diversity in comics, and having gay/lesbian/transexual heroes etc. But here's the thing...Marvel's completely messed up their approach to it.
    Rather than introducing new heroes, and focusing on on making good stories, and well thought out, compelling characters and backgrounds, they instead elected to try and change existing heroes, or replace them with alternative versions of the same "mould". Add to that bad writing, crappy stories, and divisive politicising in the comics, and you have a recipie for a business disaster.
    Marvel might not be ruining comics in general, but they are certainly screwing over Marvel comics. You can argue over reasons all you want, but the undeniable fact is that sales are WAY low, and multiple series are in the region where the correct business decision would likely be to kill the series, or make some radical changes to the product.
    There's nothing wrong with modifications and modernizations of a product, nor trying to capture a new audience. But if you change your product so much that you start alienating your core customer base, you are doing it wrong. And that's what Marvel's done.

  • If you want to spread agenda via comic, you send your best, you put out the best plot best character to achieve that. Marvel failed.

    It is so apparent via the twitter account of many of the writer that they collectively has a social agenda, this is fine. But they are not sending their best.
    The original STAR WARS, ALIEN, STAR TREK, etc... They also had an agenda, but they use quality writer to produce quality character, quality plot, quality environment.

    These current SJW Marvel is a insult to their own ideology. The gay iceman is insult to gay people. The Ms Marvel and many other female lesbian-sh character are insult to women. Those low quality writers did not respect gay people, they did not respect women, they did not respect people of different sexual orientation.

    These Marvel comic could just be written by ALT RIGHT to mock minority, they just need minor adjustment, the character design themselves is a mockery.

  • Its plain stupid

    All of the characters that the SJWs make are so bad that they are always looking to change the greats. They insert their gritty world views into the greats and if all else fails they destroy the character so no one can get it back. This is why why comic fans are leaving marvel and moving to things like manga such as My Hero academia. They don't have listen to all the crap and all the political jabs are Japanese so they don't know them. They also have relatable characters and have tendency to make the characters work for a change.

  • It's hard to admit... But yes.

    I'm not really fond of the all "Kill and replace" stick... There's some good things, like the designs (even if some of them are just gender benders), but the destruction of almost all my favorite characters is... Sad.
    Champions is kinda good... The "New spiderman" (i hope) will just be a phase and what they've done to Captain America is dreadful.
    I just hope... That... SOME of their decisions will be resolved.
    (I don't about Thor though... The cancer thing i think was kinda clever, as "how it works" not the idea itself)

  • Sales don't lie!!!!

    It's really this simple: If the SJW's weren't ruining Marvel Comics then sales would be at the same level they were at post recession. If SJW's were a good thing for Marvel then sales would possibly have increased. They have not. I've gathered from articles that I've read that even the online content is hurting. It's not just paper print. I'm 43 years old and have read comics from age 4 when I first picked up Warner Brothers Roadrunner and other titles. I've enjoyed Power Man and Iron Fist. I like She Hulk. Pairing Boom Boom and the Beyonder up after Secret Wars was entertaining. As long as the story is well written and the art is good you've got me as a reader. Guess what? The stories in current Marvel comics suck. Period. You can't be entertained when the pages shout "Boo! Down with White Privilege!" or "Your favorite character is now gay! If you don't like it's because you're a homophobe!"

    Marvel was already diverse. Monica Rambeau, Northstar, Luke Cage, Shang Chi, Bishop, Storm, She Hulk, War Machine, and others have been well utilized and well received by comic fans. No need to give us Lady Thor, Miss Iron Man, Gay Iceman, or Hispanic Spider Man. That's just lazy writing. If you don't have the writing chops to create a new hero or villain as interesting as the Mandarin or Luke Cage don't bother making existing characters black, gay, homosexual, etc. You obviously lack talent and the character will suck and fail.

    If you want to write comics with a political agenda that's fine. Don't expect to be successful unless you can get your point across in a manner that doesn't insult or alienate the biggest demographic of buyers; White Males. Imagine Ruth's Chris Steak House going Vegan because they hired hipster Vegan staff. Their customers would stop frequenting the establishment. That's the equivalent of what Marvel has done in allowing SJW hacks liberty to change the product.

  • Absolutely they are!

    Don't ruin my superheroes. Comic book characters are some of the most beloved characters ever created and have been for decades. When you change an established and well-loved hero you will never make your point but rather stir up anger. If you change a hero's race or gender I'm not going to consider what a triumph this is for equality. I'm just going to be upset that you changed my hero. The comic storylines for that changed hero might be really great but I will never read because it destroyed the image of a beloved character. If you want a bigger presence of diverse heroes that's good but develop the ones you have or make new ones. Don't change the established white male heroes because all that will accomplish is making people hate each other. Comics shouldn't be political so let's stop making them political. Can we not have just a fun form of entertainment without pissing anyone off?

  • No. Comics have to evolve.

    What you refer as 'SJWs' is simply Marvel comics changing their characters to better match the actual makeup of our society. These days, in our country, there are more people of ethnic minorities and more people who aren't cis or straight. The number of women who are becoming scientists/engineers is increasing massively, and I don't think that there's anything inherently wrong with 'Legacy Heroes.'

    When you say that Marvel should make new characters who are more diverse, that is what they are doing. Steve Rogers hasn't had a skin transplant to become African-American, and Tony Stark hasn't undergone gender reassignment surgery.

    The problem comes when these new characters harm the stories Marvel wants to tell. Case in point: I think Kamala Khan is a brilliant character, but Amadeus Cho simply doesn't work as the Hulk. That's my opinion.

    Is the quality of Marvel Comics decreasing? Quite possibly. But is it because these characters are more diverse? Absolutely not. To say that Riri Williams has ruined Iron Man is a valid opinion (though one I disagree with.) To say that Riri Williams has ruined Iron Man because she is black is, simply put, racist.

    As for whether Legacy Heroes can coexist with their classic counterparts, that's a whole new question entirely.

  • I actually had a debate on this
    My reasoning is explained there and I feel no obligation to elaborate further. DDO requires more words so I'll just list a bunch of random words: ostrich, potato, dinosaur, blue, grenade, electricity, poop, foot, rock, wolf, sniper, nostril, pirate, coat, bag, olive, chair, song, yellow, esquivalience. That was fun.

  • They aren't RUINING the comics

    Sure there are some people who are unfair and want "equality" by making everything their way but that's definitely not everyone. They aren't ruining the comics. It would be cool to make some characters different but they aren't trying to change every, single, character. They haven't even done it yet! But the reason why they want to make NEW characters like that is because they want people who aren't already exposed to this kind of stuff accustomed to it because we don't like what we don't understand so we need to let people know that it's normal.

  • I dont care im just voting

    I dont care im just voting i dont care im just voting i dont care im just voting i dont care im just voting i dont care im just voting i dont care im just voting i dont care im just voting i dont care im just voting i dont care im just voting

  • Being progressive isn't bad

    People use buzzwords like "feminism" and "SJW" as if they are bad things. People act like being progressive and wanting change is bad. Can someone explain to me actually why being an SJW is a bad thing. Like what's bad about being progressive. I really don't understand why it's bad.

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