• Yes, Foxes do have incredible hearing

    Foxes, like most animals, have enhanced senses that us as humans cannot comprehend. It is not uncommon to see a dog or a cat raise their ears and react to a sound we do not know is there. In a similar way to how some people are colorblind and just do not know how some colors look, animals have a wider sound spectrum. It would be only logical to assume that foxes, with their developed ear, can truly hear magnetically directed sounds.

  • Snow Fox Points NE to East Most Often

    Amazingly through studies of dozens of Snow Foxes, researchers have learned they are most successful when the live meal is located NE of them. Some two cars lengths away at times the foxes listen for the dinner sounds and pounce on it to claim the meal. Apparently the NE direction is a strong enough magnetic signal guidance system to make the foxes successful at catching prey.

  • Yes they are.

    The evidence is pretty clear. Snow Foxes have special hearing and can hear sounds that are changed by magnets. This is a very unique thing, and something that could be studied by people who want to know how magnets change sound. There are many implications for this research and its findings.

  • Yes, I believe snow foxes are hearing these sounds.

    Yes, animals having fine-tuned hearing and senses that we humans do not. It is very possible that snow foxes are hearing magnetically directed sounds. Our planet has a strong magnetic field. It's very likely many animals tune into this field to guide their patterns. I wouldn't doubt that snow foxes are among these animals.

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