Are social networking sites generally beneficial to our way of life?

  • Social networking sites increase social interaction and connections.

    Social networking sites have a beneficial effect on our way of life. They increase our social interaction and give us more ways to make social connections. As long as the individual remembers and accepts that a decrease in privacy comes with that increased social interaction, then it is a benefit. It stops being a benefit when people forget about the decrease in privacy and do things through social networking sites that they may not want everyone to see.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Absolutely

    Social Networking sites just allow us to communicate with others and express ourselves easier. These sites help you find people you have not seen in a while, chat without actually going places and learn things that are happening today. We actually express our feelings when we respond on these types of networking sites and interact in every way.

  • Helpful to us many ways

    Although we waste our time in chatting, we are totally updated with the present news which were happening around us. So, don't see social networking as threats but just as the opportunities where we can interact with the people globally. But we should be cautious when we are going to share our personal information. That would affect our career if something go public.

  • Useful for freshers and other unemployee

    The availability of the social networking platforms information about individuals is freely available to all. One can easily be in touch with thousand of individuals across different phases. Many company and consultancy have also interested to find their suitable candidate from social sites. So students and freshers have to honest with their details and other prospective data.

  • “Social groups are fundamental building blocks of human societies.”

    “Social groups are fundamental building blocks of human societies.”
    While our social interactions have historically been constrained geographically, the Internet has quickly turned communication into a global phenomenon. Social media has greatly impacted diverse industries throughout the world and will continue to dominate in the social aspect of conducting business. Using social media in developing friendships and professional alliances, seeking employment and enhancing business to business marketing, financial services professionals will nurture long-term relationships with clients by gathering and sharing first-hand information and experiences quickly and efficiently. As online social networking becomes a more prevalent and habitually used method of business communication, professionals will be able to foster close relationships while remaining compliant with SEC and FINRA regulations.

  • If you are not networking, you are not working!

    With the advent of technologies like internet, broadband and live streaming, has made tremendous strides influencing the lives of every single individual. Recent ones such as the launch of 3G services in our country has revolutionised the way people connect with one another. It is a much smarter and faster means to communicate among professionals from varied dialects. It has led to an era of modernisation among masses!. Connectivity offers a wide range of possibilities. With the help of these social networks, one can share views, ideas, debate and arrive at conclusions. To sum up i would like to say that life would be beyond imagination without these soccial networks!

  • Social Networking Sites are very useful for communication

    Helpful for communication and contact

    Social Networking Sites are very useful for communication and to be remain in contact with your friends, relatives; even though they are very far from you. Also it helps to share feelings of each other which is very difficult to do with face to face.
    Also people can get job because of social networking sites. Also they can be useful for getting life partners. Etc.

  • Helpful in adverse situations

    One of the major cons of social networking is the distraction it causes in everyday lives. Many of us can’t go an hour without checking for updates and this can cause us to get distracted from what’s really important in life. Instead of focusing on work, school and family, we spend majority of our time online looking for the next juicy status update, headline or photograph. Social networking is supposed to help individuals learn and grow. Instead, every time we are on a social site, we feel unproductive and distracted. It is fast changing from a platform where we communicate with others into a platform where we advertise oneself to others.

  • Helpful for communication and contact

    Social Networking Sites are very useful for communication and to be remain in contact with your friends, relatives; even though they are very far from you. Also it helps to share feelings of each other which is very difficult to do with face to face.
    Also people can get job because of social networking sites. Also they can be useful for getting life partners. Etc.

  • For Easy communication

    Social networking sites for me are very helpful especially that i'm far away from my parents, sisters, and other loved ones. With Facebook i can just communicate with them, see them in video chat in just how many clicks. You can send them messages as much as you can anytime, anywhere.

  • Social networking sites are disasters.

    Social networking sites are nothing more than tools for narcissists. Social networking sites are increasing in popularity but are really destroying natural and healthy interpersonal relationships and foster ignorance of the human condition. Take this example, recently two girls fell into a sewer and though they had their cells phones with them, didn't have the common sense to call for help, instead they just updated their Facebook pages until someone figured out they were in trouble and called help for them.

  • Serves as an lazy attempt too see and talk to friends and family.

    Why do we need a mediator for relationships we currently have and why do we always use the excuse for these sites: It helps me stay more connected to people. How? By not seeing these people and getting a poor excuse of contact getting a single poke or like makes them feel close to you. And i am not talking about people that are far away i am talking about the friends and family you have right here in town. And guess what you don't ned Facebook for those people either there is phones you know and if your too busy then they probably don't matter all that much now do they.

  • Nope, contributes to a degraded, narcissistic haven for a big brother state society. However CAN at times be used in a positive manner.

    As a young man of the 'younger generation', I am looking around and seeing that people are becoming so damn 'zombified' when out and about. People, as a general rule of thumb, now find it rather hard to communicate with one another - far too many people seem to prefer having their heads stuck into their phones 'tweeting'. And furthermore I also feel that the introduction of social networking sites has created a massive shift in the defining of the term 'socialite'. I personally pride myself on being a massively social person, whilst I see and hear FB/Twitter users saying that it is because they're the socialites of today that they use these social media mediums. I just don't understand the logic behind the 'oh, well by sitting at my pc's screen/phone and 'chatting' to my 'acquaintance' from 3,000 miles across the globe in Kazakhstan, who is most probably trying to stalk me because I have a few pics revealing my babylons I am being more sociable than perhaps using FB as a medium for arranging a night out clubbing or a trip to the cinema with my ACTUAL friends and family.' Of course this is a rather exaggerated (worryingly - not so at times!) example, but the point to my argument is there and also that there are people who do know how to use networking sites in a more responsible and truly 'social' way. Last but not least, all of the near (I believe) 1 billion people actively using FB and other sites, appear to all be BLISSFULLY ignorant of the fact that in the grand scheme of things, they are merely signing their rights away to the state. Networking sites are being used as mediums by the STATE (regardless of what country you're from) to actively pursue the 'Big Brother State' endeavour - a conglomeration of pig-greedy bankers, war criminal leaders and a merry band of other un-holy alliances that simply wish to soak up as much assets from 'the people' as they can. I will not go into any more detail on this subject, feel free to cast me out as a conspiracy theorist, the proof will be in the pudding as they say!

  • Shouldn't be banned, but would you still take the risk?

    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Skype! It is the generation of the Internet and this site are ruling over it, but does that mean that they are good? Social media sites are very popular in this generation and almost every child; teen and even adult has them but being on a social networking site isnt always good. First off, what is a social networking site? Well a social networking site is a website where you can socialize with other people all around the world or even people in your hometown it is organized by a group of people who specialize in the area of technology, but sometimes any group of people whether they are specialized or not could make one. An example of this would be, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and MySpace. Even some companies/businesses use these sites to stay in contact with each other. Social Networking sites are said to make things easier because you are able to talk to people from different areas. As soon as you add your family and friends it will be easy to share videos and pictures. Many people think of social media sites as all fun and games but these sites actually cause very serious problems. Social media sites cause more harm than good because it causes lack of activity, it gives people access to your personal information and many people get cyberbullyed on social media sites.

  • No not at all..

    Social networking like Facebook, Twitter, playing games and chatting etc. can be harmful because:
    1} it destroys natural and healthy interpersonal relationships and is harmful to human beings.
    2} it is a harmful, destructive and negative distraction in education.
    3} nearly 60% of students have failed to achieve good grades in their examinations.

  • Infiltration of security

    Ones security is not protected on a certain website and can be hacked into & pictures can be downloaded and put up on sites without the owners concern. Many murders have been committed online, it is natural for kids of age 12 to pretend they are 20 on a social network or to accept friend requests from strangers.

  • No, because we never needed them before, so why now?

    We have functioned as a society for hundreds of years with nothing more to communicate with others but a pencil and paper. Is it easier and more convenient? Yes. Beneficial? Not really. Not when you take into consideration that people could be doing so many more things in their spare time, instead of looking at a computer screen, watching what other people are doing. Which is also staring at a computer screen.

  • Not at all

    Human beings have survived centuries without social media. Youngsters take it too seriously, they become completely infatuated with how many friends they have or how many likes they can receive for a picture of someone born with a disability. It also teaches people that they can receive a false sense of quick gratitude for "unaccomplishments" when in real life you need to work hard for years to receive a few 'likes', and then work some more.

  • "Yes" is crazy

    Social networking sites are beneficial? What about all the missing children that go away with their older "lovers" that disguise themselves as young prince charmings? What about bullying that leads to young children committing suicide? Yea, sure that's wonderful! If you want to stay in contact with distant friends, how about writing a letter or making a phone call? It was good enough for your parents and grandparents, what makes you so much better?

  • Social networking damages the ethic fabric of socuety

    Social networking degrades social interaction, changes the behavior in society, changes perspectives of tradition and culture, are a platform of discrimination and catalyst for violence.
    Cyber-bullying has its varying effects on children, including everything between depression to suicide. Produces harm for the users as well as the society. Negative influence of networking sites.

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Anonymous says2013-03-08T04:17:05.413
The debate should be on - is the design & application of social networking sites appropriate or not? Social networking is important. Social networking tools/ platforms are required - sites or gathering. Question is whether these sites offer right and genuine platform. My opinion is - NO.
Anonymous says2013-06-13T04:12:57.483
There are many social networking sites like face book, Orkut, twitter, hi5….One can’t say whether they are beneficial or not. It depends on the nature person using them. The advantage of these networks is people can build social relations among themselves. They can form groups to share their common interests and they can hold discussions on the incidents that are going around. The disadvantage of these sites if we mainly consider the youth is they are more worried about what is happening online. Oh I’ve posted my status… what would be the comments.. How many likes I’ll get. They are spending hours in front of computer instead of building face-to-face relationships. Finally social networking has become a compulsive and automatic behavior in their life. There is possibility of posting controversial comments with intension to cause anger and arguments. So there is both positive and negative impact on youth