• If They're Misused

    I believe social networking sites can be harmful if people aren't careful about what they post on-line. I think people have a hard time realizing that anyone can look at their profiles and when that is the case, social networking profiles can make a lot of differences. Employers are using Facebook heavily to get more information about potential employees and many times this is done without any knowledge to the applicant.

  • Yes they are.

    I only use social networking sites for games nowadays because of the harm I have seen them cause. People who don't even know each other off line will have huge fights. Bullying is rampant and people usually side with the bully online. Friendships and families are wrecked. Social media is the devil!

  • Social networking websites are harmful.

    Social networking sites are harmful. They encourage people to spend time alone on the Internet rather than having real relationships with people in the real world. Social networks are also a way for sexual predators to find their victims. A lot of people use the Internet as a way to scam people out of their money.

  • Yes they are.

    Social networking websites are harmful. They make it so people spend more time on the social networking sites then actually interacting with people face to face. This is very harmful as the newer generations will not have good people skills which will hurt them a lot in the near future.

  • Social networking websites are not harmful.

    Social networking websites are not harmful. They put us in touch instantly to the people and friends that we care about without having to wait to talk to them. I think social networking sites were a good invention and everyone can now communicate with anyone they choose at anytime that they want.

  • As long as you talk to the right people

    In my opinion, social networking websites should not cause anyone any type of harm, as long as they are talking to all of the right people. I think as long as someone keeps their pages private, only allowing manually added friends to be able to communicate with them, there should not be any issues.

  • No, social networking websites are not harmful.

    In my opinion, social networking websites are not harmful and are in fact helpful in creating a greater global network and community for people to interact. Social networking websites are open and public forums and as such are not harmful. Also the reason that social networking sites are not harmful but are helpful is because they are monitored by the National Security Agency among other groups.

  • Social networking sites aren't harmful.

    It's how people use them that can be potentially harmful. Are the middle aged women in my family swapping recipes and posting pictures of their grandchildren to each other hurting anyone? I don't think so. Making effective use of social networking is the responsibility of the individual. Maybe the use of a little common sense is needed for people who think otherwise.

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