Are Spanish with Visigothic surnames ending with -ez more arrogant than say Riveras or Delgados?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • As a Rivera, I gotta say, they're the most racist "bro"-hating, "Friends"-watching people in Latin America

    Those types are the most arrogant of the Spanish people I've known. They're the ones who, in Latin America, whenever there's a racial hate crime against Mestizos, are always doing those crimes. Riveras, Delgados, Santiagos, are "bro"-sayers and love "Seinfeld" on the other hand. My dad's adoptive family, Visigothic family by the name of Pedroza, most arrogant people in my families.

    Visigotos are the ones who give Latins the reputation of being arrogant and racist. Delgados and Santiagos are awesome cool folks, and the Puerto Rican ones love reggaeton. :D One reason I'm proud to be a Rivera.

  • Are you crazy ????

    What is your facts behind your idiotic statement ? Peoples personalities are not like purebreed dogs. They are uniwue and infividuals of the same genetic gene pool , might share physical similarities, and maybe even express similar temperments, but to say people sharing a surname with a constant at the end, are all the same, is absurd.

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