• Sports (is) not a waste of time......Lol

    How about sports (are) not a waste of time. Maybe your grammer would improve if you put more time into reading a book rather than watching some glorified halfwit run back and forth across a field over and over and over. Scolarships and endless amounts of money are wasted on this mind rotting garbage while hard working intelligent individuals are past over for some waste of flesh whos only life skill is putting a ball through a hoop. Instead of the intellectual be respected and being put forth as our most cherished resource kids are taught to look up to thoughtless morons that dont do anything to advance the human race or further medical and scientific research. Im not saying that everyone should do these things but human social evolution is definetly headed in the wrong direction if sports are even considered to be a career choice.

  • Takes you away from reality

    Since the dawn of age human life was completly different from what it is now, ages ago our ancestors had to be hard workers in order to survive their primary focus was to keep alert from pradators & to have one meal a day, all their leisure time wil be spent learning & envolving. Now in day humans are very passive creatures we sit on the couch watch & talk sport. Now am not saying doing sports is bad because essentially your being active but to be in a passive mode or concern about things that aren't helping you out with the daily struggles of life it's no good "think about it"

  • More money to feel poor and solve problems of society

    It seems that we as a society have, similar to Rome during the time of it's fall, spent an ENORMOUS amount of time, money, resources, etc. on sports. I am not saying that sports is fruitless, but that there is far too much emphasis on such activities. That is why I say the we much re-think how much.

  • I love sports but must agree they are a waste of time

    I enjoy playing sports and cheering for my teams at sporting events, but I feel like in our culture today, too much time is spent watching TV, following one's favorite team, playing fantasy football, and debating over players' merits. I am not arguing against playing sports, which are a great means of team building and exercise that help develop people physically and socially. But I am arguing against watching ESPN or spending countless hours debating team rankings. As a sports fan myself, I can attest to the time I have wasted that I could have otherwise spent towards learning an instrument, reading a book, meeting new people, or engaging in some other intellectual activity. I constitute these activities as "not wasting time" because they help develop you as a person. In comparison, I feel like sports are a cop-out. Many people spend their lives in front of a TV screen applying strong rhetorical debate and analytical skills to a "pointless" conversation (see online sports comments) instead of more useful areas ( technology, politics, etc. ). Why spend hours debating which team will win the championship when it comes down more to chance then anything? (See New York Giants, Ray Allen's 3, etc) I completely agree that it is enjoyable, and I enjoy doing it myself, but just like many forms of entertainment, it is a waste of time that does not make you a better person the next day.

  • If you are watching on TV then YES!

    Are sports a waste of time? Certainly not when you are the one performing them! If you are the one participating, there can't really be any wasting time as it usually brings you physical and mental benefits from playing it, which watching it on TV does not, hence it is a total waste of time if you sit on your butt everyday and switch channels, total distraction to life, unless you have nothing more important in your life than watching sports on TV and you can live forever from being entertained.

  • From a personal viewpoint, yes.

    This is an opinions site, so I'm going with personal opinion here. For me, sports are dull to watch and unpleasant to participate in. If I want exercise, I'll go run around in the woods for a bit, do some gardening, something like that - productive, relaxing, or both. I have no need of artificially flat fields, balls, and teams. However, some people enjoy such things, and for them, I suppose sports would not be a waste.

  • Sports are a complete waste of time!

    Sports don't do you any good in life and isn't a very intelligent sport! There are way more better things to do to make life better! Why waste your time on something that doesn't help people in life? I mean you want to invent things and create amazing things that will help life!

  • Sport persons are neglected in India

    All due to corruption and bad politics . The people who are really good at sports are neglected and don't get an opportunity to make India proud. All the sport persons mainly belong to rich families and get into nationals by bribing the sports association and don't win any match. Hockey our national sport is now neglected because cricket has taken over the whole of India.

  • Dumb and Barbaric

    I have no use for sports. They are stupid and have no purpose in our society. They are Barbaric. Football causes CTE, Concussions, Broken bones and could paralyze you. Get hit by a baseball and it could kill you. Basketball going up and down a court and throwing a ball in a net. Stupid. Take a walk, Swim or Bowl. At least these things make sense. Sports are a waste of time indeed!

  • Sports is nothing but a waste of time AND money.

    Even if you play sports professionally, what do you contribute to the society? I mean apart from health and mindless entertainment, does playing sports makes the world a better place? And those professional athletes are paid big time, their salaries in the $100000s per GAME! What causes these grown men behaving like a kid to be paid soooo much, yet people doing important professions - doctors, teachers, firefighters, military - are paid sooo little? Unfortunately because of US!!! Ridiculously many sports fans who pay their hard-earned money to these elite corporations through tickets, journey to stadiums, food sales and merchandise sales. Again, what sports can provide to people? Sports are just ENTERTAINMENT!!!!! Millions of people watch it live on stadiums, plus hundreds of millions more watching it on TV, all remain sedentary while watching grown men play childish things. And worse, when there's no live games, people talking endlessly about sports like they have much knowledge about sports. Yet these same people talk little to none about society's pressing issues that have impact on the lives of billions of people. Sports should be played, not watched. And sports should be pursued only as a recreation, NOT as a CAREER or a PROFESSION - you're wasting your precious time on Earth doing something that doesn't benefit the society. Sports are for kids. Grown men work REAL JOBS that have an impact to the world. According to Japanese philosophy of life, a life of purpose must contain all four of the elements - You're good at it, You loved it, It pays you and it makes the world/society better. You can view this as a Venn diagram with four circles. The life of purpose is in the dead centre where all four circles overlap.

    No wonder America is falling further behind India and China, because people are obsessed with sports; wherea their peers in India and China are busy pursuing professions in key and critical industries.

    One man had quoted: "The United States have become a place where entertainers and professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance".

    Remove the professional sports from the world, the world will remain the same if not better. Remove the professions of importance such as teachers, doctors, engineers, police, firefighters, surgeons and military, and the world will crumble before our very eyes.

  • Sports are good for your health

    Sports are not only good for your health but it is something that can bond you will other people and make you a better person over time. You also can make new friends while playing sports. Sports is very good for your social life. It also makes you more healthy and can make you more in shape.

  • Sports are not a waste of time.

    With some people, sports are their job. It is entertaining to watch, especially at super bowl time. More children should play outside sports, rather than stay at home and play video games or computer games. Sports don't rot their brains, and they make them healthy. Our children are obese because they don't want to get out and play sports.

  • No They Are Not

    Sports are not a waste of time. They bring entertainment to millions of people across the world. They also keep kids active and in shape. Sports mean a lot in society and they are not a waste of time. Many people actually make a living both playing or following sports.

  • Not at all.

    I don't think that anyone can seriously come here and suggest that sports or the playing of them is a waste of time. There is nothing wrong with exercise and sports are a great way to do that. They teach teamwork and give kids a sense of pride in themselves.

  • Sports is a skill to earn, improves discipline, creates bonding, etc.

    Sports is great for you. You have to maintain your physical skills, mental skills and social skills along with doing your chores or job or whatever. It creates a bonding (like many said ), improves your cognitive skills, keeps you healthy n fit, gives friends, improves coordination of the body parts, etc. Your life would be better with sports as a part of your life. Most of them see it as an entertainment. But, if you practice football, join some tournament and play, it'd have a bit of an impact on your life. It'd be better to check documentaries and films of sportspersons in India, you'll see that it is possible to be a better person with sports. So, just f**k the shitty fake thinking and take the better and right choice.

  • Sports benefit an overall humans health

    Many of the opponents' arguments relate to pro sports players but fail to mention those that play at the high school level or even younger. Although pro-sports player receives millions of dollars to play for our entertainment, high school players get nothing but a break from the stress of school and to bond with other people. Playing sports also has a profound effect on the human body, sports players are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who do not play. Sports also let a child bond with others and can create cooperation, teamwork, etc. There are many benefits to playing sports, and I have only listed a few. An opponent says that the United States is falling behind compared to India and China because of Americans are obsessed with sports. I respectfully disagree, the population of the United States is not as large as India and China. This means that there is a higher stock to select the most academically sound child. If one removes sports from this world, a dramatic increase of health problems will occur and an increase of suicide and stress will occur for many individuals.

  • Sports creates bonding between people

    As it said that sports creates bonding it make people closer.Due to sports we remain healthy
    and fit.With help of sports we make new friends.There are many children who make their dreams by taking inspiration from someone. Take the story of Dhoni he was from a poor family,today he is a world famous cricketer if you want to know his story see indian movie M S DHONI

  • Sports are not a waste of time

    If a person play sports then she/he remains physically​ and mentally fit and live a long and happy life, without any physical and mental problems. Enjoy their each and every moment of their life. They get the knowledge of sportsmanship , teamwork ,self respect,and many more things. This people know the important values like giving respect to others,etc. As much as we participate in sports we get the chance to know ourselves​,our hidden talent ad out talent and learn from everything

  • It si not a waste of time

    That is what she said!! NO need to be afraid of sports because she is always right and tells the truth every time like siri So cash me osside how bout that for god sake how words do you need to fill the argument.Oh my god come on still 2words

  • It si not a waste of time

    That is what she said!! NO need to be afraid of sports because she is always right and tells the truth every time like siri So cash me osside how bout that for god sake how words do you need to fill the argument.Oh my god come on still 2words

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Anonymous says2013-09-12T13:13:56.673
Exactly sports are a waste of time for 99% of the candidates and individuals who practise it as a profession.....As everyone cannot be Sachin Tendulkar, Federer, Bolt, the individuals get bounded below the international level of sports. It is like wondering in a big acres of farm without really knowing it for them..