• Too many concussions

    Are becoming major problems and can cause memory loss. Brett Favre former Packers quaterback has suffered memory loss and is affecting his everyday life. Several other players have suffered memory loss and other issues to the the brain. Yes there are rules put in place but that does not mean players can't break them.

  • Children are highly influenced by the violence in sport

    • Violence in sport when displayed on television people who have never played the sport get the wrong impression of the nature of the sport
    • Children are influenced because sports stars are icons and role models for many children – especially boys
    • Boys have a nature that is very rough already and it does not need to be encouraged further
    • Children are influenced to believe that violence in sport is acceptable and part of the sport
    • Influenced to believe that it’s all being tough and rough – think it’s cool
    • Children try to be like their role models- violent – foul mouthing
    • Believe there are no consequences for violence on the field because there is none on tv – the professional level
    • Encourages children to act out what happened on the tv with their friends
    • They can bring violence into the school yard and encourages violence in their everyday life
    • Children believe that is the only way to expose their anger- that’s why the violence is there in the first place
    • Violence is an act of anger
    • Children may not listen to their parents
    The children of our future are being influenced heavily by violence in sport. If violence in sport is not stopped children will actually believe that this is how all sports are, these violent acts are adapted into everyday life as well. Parents may not stop their children, so who will?

  • It is getting violent

    Kids cannot be watching WWE, or UFC, since this may encourage them to do violent things, such as fighting with friends. It may also affect on their personality, becoming much more brutal than before. If someone does not stop this, the next generation will be a mess, and some kind of conflict is going to start

  • Severity of Injuries

    More and more athletes are suffering long-term, debilitating injuries. Today's professionals are bigger, stronger, and faster than generations ago, so I fear for those who are playing violent games today. Also, many other athletes who never played professional sports are also suffering long-term. The idea that the NFL and other leagues give a damn about player safety is an absolute joke. I always laugh when dumb announcers on TV say "the league has done a lot to improve player safety." Yeah, ok.

  • Sports are definitely becoming too violent.

    When you look at modern sports you can definitely see that they are getting more violent than ever before.This may be the result of the public wanting more and more sensational entertainment.If the greater public would just realize that they could talk with their spending dollars then they could reduce sports violence.

  • Sports are becoming too violent that is harmful for us...!!!

    Sports is basically an activity done for pleasure, which needs physical effort and skill. Some people, who dedicate themselves to this activity, consider it as a passion to compete against others in their skill, ability and spirit. Sports also help in inculcating a certain discipline as well as the spirit of brotherhood or the ‘team spirit’ in the sports persons. There should be nothing violent about sporting, yet today violent sports has so dominated the entertainment arena, that some people seems to live by it, and can't get enough of it.
    These kinds of sports however, should be banned for several reasons.
    Violence begets violence, and once there are limited restrictions, generations after generations will be caught in a vicious never ending cycle, that will see the homes becoming the scenes of many crimes, the seeds of which were sown, during those years of watching the entertainment events. The blood seen on the screens during the so-called sporting displays will become no entry zones, as police officers seek to gather evidence which will send fathers, or mothers or children to jails, for passionate crimes committed. What was comedy on the screen will then become tragedy in the living rooms of many who were participant to the violent sporting events in earlier times.
    So in my opinion I strongly refute the proposition of those who argue in support of the continuation of such ‘violent sports’. They should be allowed neither to continue on human as well as moral grounds.

  • Sports Are Becoming Too Violent

    Sports are becoming too violent because When a player gets mad at another player, they may fight. Also, when a player does something wrong, the coach will yell at them or take them out of the game. There is violence at home because the child's parents might not of liked their performance and it could ruin their relationship. At school here is violence because there might be people who make fun of the players that played poorly. On top of all of that, there is violence in there head because they might not like theirselves after that and if they keep that on their mind, it can hamper their mental growth and development.

  • There is enough violence

    Children believe it is oak, and mimic what older players do this is not being a good or great role model. Attending a sporting event should be safe and fun. We should not leave with a bad impression of what violence occurred and the negative impact it has on society

  • Majority of people still like violence, just look at our ancient history it is almost in our nature to be this way.

    The public desiring to see drama/violence in real life is staggering, just look at the new type of boxing for public eyes to see UFC. Hockey is another sport with encouraged violence, there is a player on a lot of teams in hockey called an enforcer. The enforces job is violence oriented (google it). I wont go into football or rugby because I believe the general population already knows the obvious violence of these sports.

    This is just what mankind wants and the evidence lies in the number of viewers for these activities on the television.

    This is what we are, we can't hide it. Our ancestors enjoyed watching people battle in arenas, only the atmosphere has changed but the idea is still in place.

  • A sport is supposed to be a game, and not an exhibition made to harm someone else.

    Sports are supposed to be played, not fought. They are games, not conflicts, and there is no place for such violence and cheering for someone to be injured in a sport. It presents a very bad influence on young children who want to participate in the sports. It conveys the goal as not trying to be the best, but to be the one who inflicts the most damage.

    Posted by: ender31444
  • Of course they're not getting too violent

    It's evidently the players them selves that are getting stronger, faster and smarter and the technique is well developed. Sports need some violence to make it entertaining and for the crowd to enjoy it. There will always be injuries, brain damages or whatnot, however the players know their risks and are prepared for that as well. Violence also changes the sport completely. Football without tackling, isn't football , rugby without pushing isn't rugby. Sports need some kind of violence, not too much but enough to make it fun to watch.

  • They're becoming safer!

    If anything, over the years sports are becoming safer instead of more violent. Sports 20 years ago built up endurance in a child and taught them to be tough, now yes they're a little rough but those kids aren't as strong and don't have the endurance kids had 20 years ago.

  • You can't be serious

    Sports are a way of life in society, apart of our culture, stripping them from its fans and players is taking a freedom, a form of expression, an escape from emotion and all our inner demons. And no matter what we do to get such out of our systems (tackling, wrestling, or just hitting things and watching 'em fly), it works, when was the last time you heard of a crime underway during the Super Bowl, or the NBA finals? Never! It is a way for people to get together and be friends under the promise of a great game of whatever your into. -Gregory Moratin

  • People want "bread and circuses"

    Since ancient Rome, people always liked to watch gladiator fights. While watching people experience catharsis, which is good, sports like rugby, football, boxing and water polo help spectators to release their negativity. Research has shown that it is much better for a child to do boxing under supervision, rather than express aggression on streets. Hooliganism and barbarism in sports are highly linked to alcohol abuse and have nothing to do with sports!

  • Sports are not too violent

    Sports are not too violent. There needs to be some sort of violence to separate the mediocre from the excellent. The idea that every kid is just as good as the next kid is absolutely insane, we all have our gifts and not every kid will be gifted with an ability to play sports. Ribbons for 10th place are just another way people are okay with competitors not doing their best.

  • I do not believe that sports are becoming too violent, but I do believe the fans and the sidelines are becoming too violent.

    The actual rules of sports have not changed significantly, over time. It is the fans and the action on the sidelines that have gotten more violent. The money that is involved in both player contracts and gambling has made reactions to the game more severe. Sports are more big business than leisure and, whenever big money is involved, people get hurt.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43
  • If anything, we are becoming too soft, not more violent.

    There is absolutely no problems with sports becoming more violent. In the past, people would be killed, all in the name of entertainment. Nowadays, children are encouraged to show good sportsmanship. In fact, winning is not even considered important with kids. It is all about having fun and trying your best. That is not necessarily healthy, either.

    Posted by: Nich0HeIPfuI
  • No, because there really is not a lot of violence in most sports in the first place.

    The majority of competitive sporting events have very little violence. Baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, or, in other words, the majority of sports, hardly ever have any violent acts occurring during their play. Even sports that are inherently violent, like boxing or ultimate fighting, don't tend to have much violence, outside the normal realm of the sport, which is obviously already acceptable, or it wouldn't be a sport.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • No, because sports are actually becoming too soft by all of the new safety regulations being imposed.

    Sports are becoming too soft, thus making everyone able to play. The best of the best should be able to play in a specific sport. We have professional athletes taking all sorts of medicine to make them perform better. That is not sports. That is something I call soft. There are too many regulations softening the game to provide "safety". Players should be let loose to perform on an equal field.

    Posted by: JaggedGiuseppe
  • Sports are not becoming more violent, it is just that the players are getting stronger as well as techniques being developed that make players stronger.

    It just may appear that sports are becoming more violent, however it is more along the lines that the players themselves are becoming stronger and the way they play has evolved in such a way that they use their strength better. For example a hit in football before would not create as much of an injury as it does now because of the shear strength of the player. In reality, there are so many rules in place now as well as so much protection being used that it is not more violent.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat

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