• Sports are forms of art

    Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing work to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional. Baseball, for example, is the a sport that involves skills, creativity, and imagination, and it produces work (matches) that are greatly appreciated for their competitive nature and teamwork spirit, therefore it is a form of art. Thus sports are art forms.

  • The definition of art.

    1. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture,...: "the art of the Renaissance"

    2. Works produced by such skill and imagination.

    Sport is a group of works(moves), by skill, and imagination(what moves to do).

    Sport is art.

  • Yes sports are a form of art.

    Everything is art. Everything ever designed, made or even coughed up. Art is every where, and to say something isn't art, is like denying someones right. Even if it isn't pretty or functional it is art. It takes creativity to do anything as well. I am not biased, in fact I hate sports with a passion, but it is clear enough to understand that everything and anything is art and music.

  • Sports can be an art

    As a person who is an artist and an athlete, i can tell you very much that sports are just as much of a form of an art. When you are our on that field or court you have to put everything you have into the game just as much of art. You have to think of solutions to the problems. The athlete might not think of it as a form of art because they can not see the beauty of it when they are actually creating it. They play on their canvas, the utensil the artist uses are the players,and in order to have the art piece they must have technique.

  • Yes it is

    Sports is a form of art because you need hand and eye coordination which you get from art when I say art I do not mean the old colour pencil and paper art I mean art as in dance,music,etc. Thus sports is an art because you use hand and eye coordination

  • Sports measured by Aesthetic parameters

    You have several sports where success is determined by the application of aesthetic criteria to performance. For example Gymnastics, Surf, Diving, etc. Goals or touchdowns are viewed and reviewed worldwide because of the creativity and excellence of individuals or teams; and when a soccer player dribbles 5 players and scores a goal considered wonderful, then there is a aesthetic measurement by the receptors of this creative motion. Sport actions have aesthetic value, just like Dance, just like a Painting, just like Cinema.

  • Sports are most definitely an art form

    Both a lacrosse player and a painter, looking at it both art and athletics have a set of rules such as some things have to be there in a painting to be called a surrealism piece or a add on. Just like in sports there are specific rules to make it the game it is. My paint bush is my tool to make a master piece and my body is the tool to make a master piece on the field

  • Sport is Art

    I say art because it is bound by the same things art is:

    The Canvas is the field of play
    The brush are the Players themselves
    The technique allows the picture be painted

    A sweetly placed ball to thread through two fielders towards the boundary off of one of the most skilled bowlers in the world.

  • Sports can be art

    The amount of time and work put into sports should be a work of art on its own, but if you want real example then look closely at games. In football, not everyone can appreciate the beauty of a catch or a thrown, not everyone can see how how a goal in soccer can be breath taking. As a runner, not many people appreciate how stunning another runner's form can be, or how something as aggressive as wrestling can have grace. It can be expressing feelings because well athletes put their whole heart into what they do.

  • Yes they are

    Sports are presented to an audience the same way arts are.
    Not everyone will perceive a pass in a football match the same way not everyone will perceive a curve on a painting. It doesn't mean they can't be considered artistic.
    They both require human skills and talents.
    Sports may be the most popular forms of arts.

  • No, sport is not art

    Art is about creativity and the idea that nothing can tell you where go or what to do; yout imagination is the only thing that limits you. Sports are about abiding by a set of strict rules; any deviation from these make the game unenjoyable for everyone. There is no creativity involved at all, it is just physical activity.

  • It's not the same.

    Sports are a physical activity. Unless it's something that's mainly used for artistic purposes (Dancing), then it's just a sport. I made the argument that almost everything is a sport a while back, but I'm not going to make the argument that almost everything is an art. Well they are, but sports aren't one of them. If we start classifying football as art, then what else will be classified as something totally wrong? Painting as a sport? Jogging as a hobby? Skim milk as a dairy product?

  • Sports are not art.

    Art is a limitless creative expression of our life experiences. Sports have rules and an ultimate goal, such as achieving a particular outcome and/or out-doing your opponent. Sports are competitive whereas art is reflective. Art is also more subjective and open to interpretation. It's personal and can take many forms; it also does not require physical prowess.

  • I'd consider it an activity, not an art.

    You do not create anything, you do not express yourself, you just play. It's an activity, because art is all about expressing yourself, individualism, creativity, and ideas. Sports has none of that. You just follow the rules and that's it, nothing else that involves creativity or imagination unlike art, music, dance, drama, and literature.

  • Soccer is art

    Soccer is art because God made it art ,idiots... Cant u see? And on the definiton that this page gave it clearly states that art is skills and soccer is all about skills. By the way my favorite soccer team is Barcelona becuase Messi is badass at soccer just saying.

  • Fuck my balls, it isnt

    Peanuts are art. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a r r r r r r r r r r r rr r t t t tt t tt tt t tttt tt t

  • I wish I could say both but...

    There's one part of sports that make it art and that's how it's created. Everything else just lacks the qualities of art. I chose no because sports doesnt have a purpose for its own expression. Because it's non-living and has no feelings and doesnt represent the creator's feelings. It's just a set of rules.

  • Not it is not

    Just like what every one said it's using your imagination and your creativity, is what makes it art. Sports you have to abide by rules, there are no creativity and imagination in sports. For example playing football, what is creative about throwing a ball and tackling people. I have played football, soccer, basketball, and baseball growing up. Have to admit it is fun to play but nothing about it is art. It offends me that the term is being used to loosely, i am a fellow artist. If you call sports a art form then call playing video games an art, not making but playing.

  • No, sport is not an art form.

    Sports are not a form of art; art is more an expression of creativity and skill, while sports are more a display of physical fitness and skill. However, there are some sports, like ice skating, that can be artistic in nature. In general, though, we should reserve the term "art" for things it more closely applies to, like painting, dance, and literature.

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