• Sports are important as studies

    I think so because sports can give us a skill to become friends
    With other people for example if I don't know anyone one
    In football playing the game together you can become friends with the team.Thats how teamwork can be done.That is all for today please leave a like.

  • Sports shape a person

    People today are healthy due to sports and fitness. Sports acutally provide high scope in future . As a basketball player i am more ingrossed in sports and l am in the favour that sports are more important than studies. Sports helps us to keep our mind fresh and physically and mentally fit.

  • Boost your Brain along with your Heart

    Sports is needed not only in school but through out life. So school is essentially a great place to start off. A person good in academics does not mean that a person is healthy. For good health sports is important. What better way then having a great time with your friends?

  • Entertains your stress

    I think sports or games are important than studies because when you study, you might get some stress, so you might need something to entertain you. When you keep on studying, an enormous amount of stress will press you, and it might be hard to concentrate, so you might need to rest, and you can entertain yourself by playing games or doing sports. I think a healthy person that did sports and games will be better than an unhealthy person that did not much sports but smart person because health is better than cleverness and intelligence

  • I believe sports are as important as studies.

    It is good socialization for kids. It also teaches discipline and kids get exercise. I think grades are important, but teaching good sportsmanship, discipline, and getting kids out of the house is as important. I like to see kids participate in extra curricular activities and I am a teacher. There are many lessons to be learned!

  • Sports are definitely as important

    They are defiantly as important because sports don't make you obese and studies give you a good education, which will give you a good career and sports will give you a career too. They both help a part of your body stay active. Sports helps your muscles and studies help your brain stay active. So, sports and games are just as important as studies.

  • No they do not

    Education provides you with the opportunity to unravel and realize our inborn talents, while providing us with the skills of thinking and solving problems on our own so if you do sports toooo much then you will not know a lot or get a lot of money. Thank you so much :-)

  • Sports are inferior to studies

    People are who think sport are important are morons. I think this because so many people make their kids go into sports and make them forget about studies and become a sports star, well that is stupid on the face on it. No matter what you do need to study so you can even get into college if you don't then you can kiss your life good bye cause you aren't getting into college. All people need to get into college to do anything in life even to play sports.So i need all kids should go into studies not sports. So if you so as think i am wrong then you need to rethink your life school is the most important thing EVER.

  • AAAAAAAAAAH! Lol lol

    It doesn't necessarily take care of your health!! We can eat a lot of chocolate and still play soccer and sports. It does not make us couch potatoes if we study more! MEANIES! I can study and play sports, acuatly do study and play sorts so back off. It can make you to skinny than you should!

  • It takes care of our health

    It clears our stress and it helps us to get our mind refresh ed. It keeps our body fit and it keeps us healthy. As I a student appreciate sports over studies as a person is appreciated when he/she is healthy and fit and as well as he/she is intelligent

  • Not as important

    Academics are the basis for any career or life activity. While sports teach valuable lessons in life, it's very rarely that a person makes a career out of it. Sports teach many great qualities you can use in life, but they're not as important as being educated. There are many activities out there other than sports that can teach teamwork or confidence.

  • School is for learning

    School was made for learning not for playing around. If we wanted our kids to play around not learn then we send them to a playground. If not for school kids would already be playing a lot of sports already. So why do we chorrupt the one place they learn with sports.

  • Studies are more important than sports.

    Sports are good because they help with fitness and teach teamwork and fair play, but studies are more important. Studies are needed in all areas of life, and are used for work and outside of work. Even if you get a job in sports, it won't last long. If you are injured, or get old, you can play anymore, but studies last a lifetime.

  • Schoolwork is more important

    Sports are certainly not as important as studies because very few kids are going to make careers in sports however, most have potential to do well academically. So many athletes fall behind in school because of immense focus on sports and then they end up not getting into college because of their sport. I'm certainly not against sports, they're fun and they inspire kids but they shouldn't be placed ahead of schoolwork. I also believe that kids should stay active but sports are not the only way to do so. Kids can go jogging, lift weights or attend a gym.

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