• Jesus never played sports

    In the chapter of Kings in the old testament of the Bible, God played the Devil at a game of noughts and crosses. God then proceeded to lose this game and got really salty. The Devil on the other hand, got so cocky that he invented numerous games that he could beat God at. He called these games sports.

  • Jesus never played sports

    In the chapter of kings in the old testament, god lost a game of badminton to the devil and got salty and declared all sports to be the devil's game. So if this is true, the devil did not make sports but supports it and has used it against God which is just as bad

  • No Sports in Heaven

    Sports are the whisper evil in the ears of children. We listen because we see others do it, but that doesn't make it Godly. Competition is the work of the devil. Loving they neighbor is the work of god. Suffering comes from sports. Anger comes from sports. God created us to care for one another, and not to compete--to care.

  • Nothing is made by the devil

    Nothing that is essentially created was made by the devil. The devil, or Lucifer (or any other name known throughout other religions), is said to be a fallen angel from heaven. This angel not only thought against God, but also tried to overthrow him. Because of this, he was cast down from heaven, and controls the rest of the evil demons banished from heaven. An angel never had the ability to create anything, therefore Lucifer could not have created sports.

  • No, sports are a normal part of human competitiveness and desire for fun.

    Sports exist in just about every major culture in the world, including in their past history. Through research we have found that even ancient cultures around the world have had some form of sport. While some of the sports were violent or aggressive, many were done just for the excitement and fun of it. This demonstrates an innate human desire for finding fun things to do.

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