Are sports negatively affecting America’s schools?

  • The statement is a lie

    Everyone thinks that fitness = intelligence, but that is a lie. I had a 18 minute mile (no kidding), yet I got into the Semi-State National Geographic Bee (6 places away from state), was in a competitive school, and had high grades (Average was 95 - 100%). Sports are over emphasized in the American Culture. Most people watch it, and they say it is "the opiate of the masses". PE is what most people focus on; it's what kids come to school for. With kids coming to play dodgeball, they aren't motivated to do academic work. Teamwork can be found in other subjects, and PE is useless these days. You have to be a superstar at PE just to get a sports career.

  • No, sports are not negatively affecting America's schools.

    Sports are one of the most enjoyable aspects of our schools today. These sport activities give students a reason to be excited about going to school. They also provide an avenue for the students to explore teamwork and hard work on the teams. I would say that sports have positively affected our schools.

  • Sports are healty.

    Sports are good for our schools. Sports help children to stay physically active as well as gives them something fun to do outside of book learning. Sports help children to learn how to win and how to lose. The problem is not with sports but with people trying to teach that someone might get hurt or that everyone should be equal. Everyone is not equal. Sports are a very healthy outlet.

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