Are sports personalities more interested in making money than sports?

  • Ronaldo footballer my ar e.

    Watch this so-called professional the moment he loses the ball he will fall over and look for a free kick. Please let me be the guy that will give him the kick. I can not recall the time when George Best fell over and looked for a free kick. He was up before the other bloke had EVEN realized that he had fallen over.

  • Yes, nowadays sports figures are celebrities.

    Many young people who want to get into professional sports, especially the big ones such as football or baseball, really want the recognition and the money that they will get from such a career. They may love the game, but as with those in the performing arts, many of them would rather be celebrities than skilled professionals.

  • Sports personalities are more intrusted in playing game than making money

    No a true sports man Is intrusted in playing a sport & more than that Intrusted in enjoying the game it is not necessary that every sports man is intrusted in money making many are also intrusted in name & Fame also !! The sport persons who are intrusted more in money never can excel !!

  • They are not interested in making money

    Sports before commercialization has been always been competitive and one CANNOT argue that due to commercialization sports personality are interested in making money. If you are good enough you will be spotted. If you are good enough then only people will be interested in you .
    That is why it is not good to blame sportsperson that they are running behind money .

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