Are stand your ground laws good (yes) or bad (no)?

  • Yes, its good.

    As of right now, for my debate class, I am arguing against the "Stand your ground" law. Going into this debate, I stood for the law, now that I get into it and look on the other side, I still stand for it. The concept of the SYG law is ideal and simply animal instinct, fight or flight. I will say, the way that it is being implemented and controlled is haphazard and not thought out. I have been looking hard into the other side for about three days, a collective 7 hours, and I still stand with the STG law.

  • Stand Your Ground Laws are Part of America

    Stand your ground laws are in effect just self defense laws with the retreat clauses. Of course some might think all self defense laws should be done away with but most agree with self defense laws. In many states to prove self defense they must prove they tried to retreat from the attacker. I say if you are attacked you should be able to defend yourself without having to run away first. If someone attacks you I think that is enough reason to 'stand your ground' and resist.

  • It's constitutional !

    A lot of people will use this to back them up when they get stuck in the middle of a situation like George Zimmbermans case. I truly believe that he deserves to goto jail for a LEAST 20 years. Trevon Martin deserved to live more of his life. He did not deserve to have his life taken away at suck a young age

  • Shall not be infringed

    It is my right as an american to defend my family and those I love, from anyone or anything that wishes to do us harm, whether the threat comes domestically or foreign, it is my right. If I am taking a walk with my family and some wannabe thug tries to mug us you can be sure that I will use force to ensure my family is safe

  • Yes these laws are necessary.

    With shootings so common these days we law abiding citizens must arm ourselves. If any law breaker can go out with a gun and shoot someone because they were busy "retreating " instead of meeting force with force. Then how many more innocent people will be murdered or injured. If someone is threatening your right to live they deserve what is coming for them. We are making ourselves more vulnerable by prohibiting our right for self defense. Those who shoot those unarmed deserve a penalty yes especially with the tragic event that occured in florida. The other people shouldn't be put in danger though because someone else didn't follow the rules. Stand your ground rules can save innocent lives.

  • Its my right to defend myself!

    I unfortunately live in NY where we have the Duty to Retreat and let me tell you it has cost more lives than you could immagine on the wrong side. Good people losse their lives out of fear of being prosecuted. All because if someone in the jury thinks you can retreat even if it is something rediculous you get charged with murder.

  • It Protects Us.

    Without this law, we are vulnerable to our attackers and it's unfair to take away a form of self defense. If you are allowed to be where you are and are abiding by the law, you SHOULD have the right to fight back in any way possible, even if its by use of arms.

  • It provokes murder.

    The stand your ground laws are bad all around. They give someone the right to commit murder. George Zimmerman was innocent because of this horrible law. He provoked Travon Martin to the point where Travon attacked him. Once Zimmerman realized he was slower and a worse fighter. He decided to kill him because he knew he had the right to because he was "defending himself". It is not a self defense law. It is a coward law and a fallback for commiting murder.

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