Are standardized exams a good way to prepare students?

  • It is a part of managerial control to ensure quality students at the end of the day

    Through this, you can see whether or not the teacher that you have is good or not. More so than that, you can be sure of the fact that all the students have the same quality because they have learned the things that the admin wants them to learn. Unlike if it is not standardized, chances are, there could be a concept of unfairness. There are students who can get higher grades but did not actually learn anything...

    Therefore,standardizing the exams ensure the quality learning of students and the quality teaching of professors

  • Yes, standardized testing is a good way to prepare students.

    Puts a positive effect on students preparing them for questions they may get applying for jobs. Students also get more confident answering questions that can be asked in their future. Standardized testing does not put a negative effect on our educational systems or the students being educated. In fact ,standardized testing improves our learning putting positive affects on our country.

  • Yes, standardized exams are great for students.

    The only way to compare students from different schools is standardized testing. This form of testing places every student on an equal playing field. A student without the best grades can prove that they have captured the knowledge for advancement. A student who has cheated to recieve good grades will show that they have not earned them.

  • Yes. I believe standardized exams are a good way to prepare students.

    Yes. I believe standardized exams are a good way to prepare students, because it sets a minimum standard of the curriculum that students should have learned by that point in time. It is by no means a perfect system but it is the best source as of today, and it should be in place until there is a better option.

  • Yes they are.

    Standardized exams are a good way to prepare students. This lets the government set the standard for education in the country and allows them to better monitor the progress of student. For this to be effective, the government need to make sure that what is on these exams are important.

  • College Students are Incompetent

    I go to school with some of the dumbest kids who lack all common sense, they do not even know how to register themselves for college or apply for financial aid. Others think they can get through college by pulling the same bullsh#! They pulled in high school. Such as, not going to class, trying to get professors in trouble for kicking them out of class because they were disruptive, and not coming prepared to class with supplies or reading the material assigned. Calling Daddy and asking him to get you out of trouble will not keep you in college.

  • No: Standardized Exams encourage teaching to the test

    A large part of teaching is to transfer passion to the student. When face with the pressures of standardized exams, teachers must teach to the exam, and become more obsessed with the idea of a better test score than making the subject interesting. This doesn't encourage the students to learn. Standardized tests encourage work sheets, reducing the amount of enthusiasm a student has for a course.

  • No standardized exams are not a good way to prepare students

    All standardized testing does is teach memorization, it doesn't teach any real education or true learning. At the end of the day, each child is different and his or her education really should be directed towards their individual needs or interests for the best results. Placing them all in one box as you do through testing them all the same just stunts their growth long term, doesn't do anything beneficial for them. So no I don't think standardized exams are a good way to prepare students for the future at all.

  • No, education should be tailored to the needs of the students

    I do not believe that standardized exams are a good way to prepare students because not all students have the same resources and access to education across the board. I feel that a better approach is to tailor education to the particular needs of students in order to prepare them for common college entrance exams, such as the SATs or ACTs.

  • State testing does not prepare students

    As a parent, I saw my 21 year old struggle through school. The standardized testing only gave her more anxiety. The teachers are frustrated and overloaded with work because of this. The students suffer and as a result of all this nonsense, the states are still not achieving what is required of them. In addition, the students graduate high school and most are not prepared for college. That's the problem...School districts are not preparing these students for success.

  • Standardized Exams do not prepare children for "real life"

    Standardized Exams are pointless, they are just exams created by for-profit business that make money off their shareholders. These exams are designed to compare your child academically based on race or socioeconomic status. The big question is: Who cares? What about learning how to balance a checkbook or building credit or even how to buy a home. It is amazing how many young adults don't know anything about "real life applications" such as writing an resume. Standardized Exams are a waste of money and time. Schools should be teaching these children real life situations rather than 2x+2=658. Algebra isn't going to solve your student loan debt or pay your bills. . .

  • No life skills are learned.

    I believe that standardized testing does not prepare students for future life, such as college and a professional job, because they learn no skills for reality. All students today learn is how to memorize formulas, fill in bubbles, and analyze textual passages. How does this prepare students for the future? It doesn't, that's how. Students should be able to learn real skills, like balancing a checkbook or filling out applications for jobs and college. I feel personally that these are good skills for students to learn instead of cramming for standardized tests.

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  • Test and No Testimony

    As a teacher, I have seen countless students express their frustration and lack of interest in school/learning because of it. If the whole purpose of school was to prepare students for TESTS then I would have said to heck with it too. Thankfully, I wasn't in school when standardized testing was so prevalent.
    There are other ways to assess a child's understanding of material and many times it's in the conversations we have with them, their artistic performances, the pictures they draw, or other things that they create. We are so geared towards competing with other countries' education systems that we have lost the meaning of education and how school should be. It should be without SOL objectives driving the boat. They should be the framework, but not this rigid set of standards teachers are pulling their hair out about every day!
    Where are the kids having fun any more? When do they go on field trips? When do they go outside and pick up pine cones and bring them back to class and look at them through microscopes? When do the kids get to really explore, examine, have time to really absorb the material? They don't because it's forced on them every day and some schools have even taken away arts and other enrichment programs in favor of better text books and more expensive computer software. Sorry, but the education system should be about teaching the children to love learning. You can't educate if you don't have the desire at the beginning. To have that desire, you have to light the fire. Without that fire, there are a lot of dark attitudes and minds in this world

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