• Testing is reliable

    A properly administered standardized test is an accurate prediction of the capabilities of a child (and said child well into adulthood). While there are shortcomings to testing, specifically inattention to the test and poor testing conditions, there's no better way to measure general aptitude; metrics need to be used and standards have to be set.

  • Standardized tests are objective, scientific and efficient.

    Standardized tests are subject to rapid updates and effective improvements. They promote equality among students who have different backgrounds. Despite the controversy they have received since the date of their birth, they withstood the amount of criticism and spread out across the globe. If it were not for SAT or GaoKao, you wouldn't know whether you are fit for higher education. If it were not for TOEFL, you wouldn't know whether you would survive under an academic atmosphere in an English-speaking country. If it were not for medical Licensing Examination, you wouldn't know whether you could prevent unnecessary deaths when you become a physician.

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