Are students being treated like animals in schools?

Asked by: Stage13-10
  • In what way are students -not- treated like animals?

    Well how about we think about it:
    A student who disobeys the authority is punished. Students have been forced to undergo police raids, infringements upon their Fourth Amendment rights, infringements upon their First Amendment rights. Students are not allowed to defend themselves when attacked, and students are not allowed to speak in opposition to certain causes. Students are kept in a cage (the school) and not allowed to leave and students are forced to undergo a series of "training". Students are told when to eat and what to eat. Students are not allowed to protest or leave. And in some places, students are dressed up as the district pleases, and not to their own accordance.

    Wish me to go on? I can.

  • Ah, what a world we live in.

    I thought we were human beings with a desire for education, not dogs going to obedience school to be trained. All you had to do was wait 7 hours outside home, and then go back. Now it's becoming a dystopia where Adults > kids. Look here, Just because you're older, doesn't mean you're wiser or better. This doesn't give you the authority to treat kids like animals.

  • Woah, now that I think of it

    'But all the stuff we are writing down is exactly in the textbook.'

    'You cannot say that. You do what I say.'

    I guess some good teachers can be excused from this topic, but yeah, those who just mind their salary and those who treat students like slaves do spell the flaws in our society.

    Posted by: Jedd
  • Well duh, schools horrible

    School keeps training you to do stuff every day, just like animal training. They also make you get up at like 5:00 AM. And every day all the teachers are like blah blah blah, no no no. It's soooooooooooooo annoying. I'm a student so I know. School is so horrible.

  • Yes yes yes

    We are being treated like animals because we are given orders and get consequences when we are bad . So yes we are being treated like animals so this is my argument for this debate I think I have ended it so there's my problem thank you for reading goodbye.

  • School is a prison

    Students are forced to follow a bunch of arbitrary (and, more often than not), idiotic rules. Anyone who violates them is treated as a potential criminal or a mentally ill person. Students' goals are totally ignored and its assumed that a student can't make any decision on their own. It is insulting and unreasonable (the curriculum is usually useless. A lot of teacher don't know that they're doing). I believe that school should be more like college.

  • Ageism is the reason

    See in our messed up society, people underestimate children. We children are seen as immature, clumsy, lazy, and uneducated. We are underestimated to only exist, not to live. The only things a student can do is to wait until they turn 18 and start becoming a living human being.

    Society is messed up.

  • Students aren't treated like animals, but their opinions isn't valued

    If you skim through time magazine or any other paper media like a newspaper or something with articles, you will see adults talking about why kids behave a certain way. There will be theories on why these kids act this way and why they do the things that they do. There will be statistics and seceding brought in to check the results.
    But the real question is, why don't they just ask why the kid is doing that. Instead of supposed experts on the subject. I am a teenager in school, none of my friends are pregnant or planning to drop out to pursue a career in singing or playing the guitar get straight As, along with most of my other friends. I am very cynic and angry at times, but that is mainly because I look around at the world that these supposed genius, expert adults created that I am meant to grow up in. They created these problems for me to solve, why wouldn't I be royally pissed? I can be violent and sometimes make inappropriate jokes, but that isn't from video games or to shows or whatever. It is from the news. It is from looking outside and seeing the poverty and the unfairness. My friend and I have deeper, more meaningful conversations than most adults I know, and I think that I could pass for a much older person if I wanted to. I don't ask that everybody look up to me as if I have a halo and I am a shinning god, all I ask is that I am listened too, and when we all have all the time in the world why is that so hard?

  • Education is not in our hands.

    Education is somewhat unregulated and painfully restricting at the same time. There is no "set" education focus so screwing up is a really large possibility and constantly enforces a pressure about decisions and things out of your hands. Specialization in STEM (what actually matters) is not allowed or encouraged. Its like making students walk backwards on a pit of spikes, its against what the students want and ultimately what the school systems want. For a relation to animals - Dogs are inbred to try and make a good dog, however that increases the chance of bad genetic disorders. School education is like this melange of old techniques combined with new techniques which originated from interests outside of schools and students, like how the alleles of disorders line up with inbred organisms, the pitfalls of education overlap and continue to miss student goals.

  • But maybe the should be.

    If you train a dog well, it will do exactly what you say without question as long as it understand your command. This is because dogs that are properly trained, know their place. Kids, on the other hand, are not as dedicated and tend to think they are somehow in charge. In a sense, they turn on their master. You know what happens when a dog turns on it's master? It gets put down.

  • Yes yes yes

    We are being treated like animals because we are given orders and get consequences when we are bad . So yes we are being treated like animals so this is my argument for this debate I think I have ended it so there's my problem thank you for reading goodbye.

  • No they are not.

    What an absurd question. Wild animals are treated as nuisance, domestic animals are often kept outside and eat from a bowl. Let's not forge that very few pet owners actually train their pets.

    Students aren't treated like house pets. Rather, house pets are treated like students. Somewhere way back in history, someone decided that animals may just have enough intelligence to be trained the same way children are trained, and thus, beasts of burden were utilized. Training animals has evolved over the years from simply having a donkey pull a wagon, to making lions jump through hoops. But training humans has always been around, and I have bad news for the whiners on the appropriately segregated left side: the training doesn't stop when you get out of school.

    There will always be a situation in which you are expected to obey and not question authority. There will always be situations in which you have to wake up early. There will always be situations in which you are punished for defending yourself. There will always be situations in which you are temporarily confined to an area, like...Your job for example... There will always be situations in which you will be held to a dress code of some sort. Any police raid that a student thinks they have wrongfully endured is nothing compared to the police raids, IRS seizures, and court summons that they will have to deal with as an adult.


    Stop whining.

  • We are free more in schools

    We are not slaves in the schools. Schools must be banned if these are found. But why aren't schools banned?? Because they don't treat students as slaves!! The teachers try to give as much freedom to the students, but it's the students who think they are not free. It's a student's nature to want to play more and be more free, always.
    Therefor, students are not being treated like animals in schools.

  • Get off my grass

    Whiny kids stay to the left. Adults who know that life has not even begun to spread your cheeks and destroy all of your disillusioned hopes and dreams by piling on unfair, and unreasonable responsibilities while you sacrifice countless hours and thousands of dollars on activities for the kids who think they have it rough, form a line to the right.

  • We are not slaves.

    I go to school and in no way are we treated like slaves. School gives kids lots of work but it is only because they care about us not because we are their slaves. Also, at school you make lots of friends and have a chance to be part of all the different clubs and after school activities.

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