Are supporters of Hillary Clinton less racist than supporters of Donald Trump?

  • Yes, Supporters of Hillary Clinton are less racist than supporters of Donald Trump

    Hillary Clinton claims to support the black and other minority communities while Donald Trump is openly racist towards Hispanics and Muslims. Someone that is racist would not support Hillary Clinton because their views are not the same, therefore they would support Donald Trump because their views match up more closely.

  • Racism is everywhere

    Yes, the supporters of Hillary Clinton seem to be less racist that supporters of Donald Trump, because the candidates have very different views on race and how it should be viewed. While Clinton speaks about inclusion and helping everyone, Trump often speaks of division--of building walls, keeping people out of the country, and of profiling. Through his speech, Trump makes it ok for his supporters to be racist, making inappropriate comments about Hispanic judges, female reporters and the like.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton's supporters are less racist overall than are Donald Trump's supporters.

    Yes, the supporters of Hillary Clinton are less racist than the supporters of Donald Trump. Trump is actively supported by multiple groups that have been identified as hate groups, including neo-Nazis and others. Hate groups have not come out to support Clinton. There are people who are racist by some degree supporting both, but those who are supporting Trump appear to be more openly racist.

  • No, It is both saddening and terrifying the number of people in America who are supporting such an incredibly racist, ignorant bigot.

    Hillary Clinton’s friend and mentor was a fellow named Robert Byrd a Senator from West Virginia and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Talk about racist. Don’t forget about Clayton Bixbie/Barack Obama who gave the eulogy at his Senator Byrd’s funeral.Well, her claim of racism can be attributed to two causes….. ignorance and lying. Both are well established in Hillary’s wheelhouse.

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