• That's just stupid.

    Tattoos are a work of art. Its their choice what they have on there bodys. Some Tattoos can look bad but the proffesional ones looks amazing. Having a tattoo can have a huge meaning such as if someone you really cared about died and you had their name or their face tattooed on you.
    Its just a form of Art. Art that is always there and always beautiful.

  • To me they reflect really poor judgement

    1. There really isn't a heck of a lot of regulation and control in the USA regarding what exactly goes into the ink. Some of that stuff isn't anything more that printers ink. You wouldn't put printers ink in your mouth if you smelled and saw it., Why put that into your skin? Let alone the carbon paper tracing they put on your skin that also gets imbedded into you.

    2. While there is no medical study regarding the effect of tattoo ink on the long term health of the recipient at present, you have to understand is that once you get a tattoo your body then spends the rest of your life attacking it and trying to get it out of you. That, among other reasons is why they blur and fade over time. You are putting chemicals into your body that do not belong there. There is no telling what is happening to your long term health because of it.

    3. Whether you like it or not, most people regard them negatively. Traditionally they are seen as an indicator of being of a lower social class. Unfair? Yes it is unfair. But by your joining in on the fun of giving so called conventional people the finger, you are making your own life more difficult by giving people a convenient reason to discriminate against you, judge you, or point you out as being some kind of a fool. And, as you get older and that flying dragon ends up looking like a vomiting seahorse it gets only crueler. You're being talked about but not for the reasons that you'd like. It's also worse if you're a woman. Maybe you'll be lucky and never be on the receiving end of such abuse openly. But if it happens it isn't going to tickle.

    4. If I can be shallow for a moment, if you are a woman the colors you get in your tattoo are going to clash with some clothes. Why limit your options? All tattoos turn green. Does green go with everything? Sorry ladies but nothing looks worse or cheaper if you're a woman than a tattoo that clashes with an outfit. Seen it a plenty and it's quite sad.

    I am going to leave it at that.

  • Graffiti on your body

    Tattoos are no different from scarring; both are unattractive markings on the body. It's interesting to see young people worried about acne or wrinkles, when they have hideous tattoos that are much worse.

    Tattoos are immature and unnecessary. People are "expressing themselves" in the laziest, most self-destructive way possible. Instead of actively making changes in the world, they mark themselves with their philosophies and experiences. Some tattoos can be even sillier as a result of this, such as an Anglophile having a tattoo with Japanese script, when he/she has no Japanese heritage and has never been to Japan - it just looks "cool" to them.

    Nasty stuff.

  • Yes, they are very unattractive in both sexes.

    Tattoos are physically unattractive, but they also send the message of mindless rebellion. Having a tattoo is no longer a mark of individuality. It mars the body and marks the individual as lower class and lacking in taste. Many people grow to regret their tattoos as they get older and mature, possibly developing different philosophies and values in life. When you put a permanent mark on your body you are not making a genuine commitment like fidelity or constancy in a career or relationship, you are simply damaging yourself on a whim. Interestingly, people who respect the concept of bodily purity don’t usually get tattoos. Culturally, purity is subverted by self-expression and gratification to the point of excess.

  • I would say so

    Maybe close up a tattoo can be a pretty picture, but from far away, it looks like dirt or a scar. The only exception would be the "tribal" tattoos that are designs. If they are symmetrical and uniform, the actually look kind of cool from far away. The must disgusting are the bodies full of all kind of random tattoos...that looks like a graffiti billboard.

  • Yes, I think most tattoos are unattractive as they are unnatural to the body.

    Tattoos have come a long way in the past 50 and even 10 years, but I think any modification of ink to the body is extremely unattractive. It is in the eye of the beholder, and of course the person with the tattoos, but they serve no purpose, are expensive, and as the body ages, tend to look nothing like they did when first done. I know many people that get them and regret them later on, especially if their body shape changes through weight loss or gain. I think they are extremely unattractive.

  • Yes, they are ugly.

    As someone with a tattoo themselves, and someone with a number of friends with tattoos, it pains me to say that, generally speaking, tattoos are very ugly. It is the rare exception where one could look at a tattoo and describe it as being beautiful. There are simply too many other trashy ones.

  • We should think of our bodies as a temple.

    If you are hurting your body in any way, it is a reflection of who you are. People can find your tattoo offensive! You might think it is cool and 'groovy' but others probably won't. Many people think it is a way to express yourself, but why don't you express yourself in a way that shows you are original. many people get tattoos! Do something different!

  • Most of people hate tattoos in my country

    In my country, tattoo is considered as an terrible thing. Most of criminal gang leader have tattoos like dragons, snakes, skulls, swords, ... In the past, only that kind of people wanted to have a "evil" tattoo because others would be afraid of seeing it. Today, tattoo is called a work of art. However, prejudices in the past affect them as people used to know.
    In addition, making a tattoo on your body means creating an wound, also. Moreover, the tatto service must have enough equipment or follow all the process to be sure that wound cannot be infected unless you can receive some serious diseases such as leukemia, blood infection that can cause death. Remove a tattoo after that is also an difficult and afflict its user.
    I always believe that natural beauty is the best. A tattoo cannot say anything except religious.

  • Not being tattooed is more unique now

    I have grown to loathe tattoos. I hate to say that, but they have hit critical mass, and what's worse, they don't take 50 years to age poorly. Even the "good" ones fade and get blurred edges, and there is nothing about them that says, "take me seriously." They look mostly, well, foolish and impulsive. And on many people, flat-out dirty. Even the "artful" ones are indecipherable from more than five feet, and mostly look like a "look at me" exercise in narcissism. I do a fair bit of hiring where I work, and visible tats are a good way not to get the job.

  • If they aren't offensive

    Some tattoos are religious and maybe a family member died and you have their name tattooed on you. It's creative I think. I just choose not to go through that much pain. They aren't ALL ugly. I mean, that's even rude to say. I mean if they are that bad. Then why are so many of American doctors' offices filled with buckets of them to give to children. Butterflies aren't ugly. Flowers aren't ugly. Religion is definitely not ugly. I rest my case.

  • That is ridiculous

    Tattoos are far from ugly, they are a modern expression of art. The only difference between tattoos and art in art galleries is that tattoos are on skin, therefore why would tattoos be ugly? The only reason I can think of is because they're on our skin. Are they ugly because what your putting them onto is ugly? That would mean that the tattoo isn't ugly in itself. Some people would argue that when you get old and you have tattoos they look ugly, but they don't- they're a memory. Tattoo is art.

  • How can you say they're all ugly?

    It all depends on the tattoo. It can be cheap or expensive, well done or rushed. It depends on the person, where they got it, and what they chose. I find it strange that someone can say all tattoos are ugly by default. Where did this hatred for tattoos come from? It's harmless and loved by their owners, so why hate? Sometimes they can be quite beautiful.

  • It's personal preference.

    I think it's attractive, if done tastefully. Nothing physical is truly "ugly" though. It's a matter of taste, similar to saying blondes are ugly. Just because you personally find it unatractive does not make it so. They can tell a story, or just be beautiful art. Then again, there will always be that one wannabe gangsta idiot that gets swag tattooed on his forehead. Ignore him, idiots abound.

  • Some are meaningful.

    I will admit, there are some horrible tattoos that make me think if people were wasted at the time. But some have a strong meaning that's worth putting on their body forever. People want to have an inspiring quote or remembrance of a deceased relative to keep it or them in their minds so they will never forget it or them.

  • Tattoos are awesome

    I will admit some are stupid but some tattoos, ones that have a special meaning or symbolism will never be considered ugly especially to the wearer. Also it is advisable to do your research on good tattoo artists, with proper licencing and a good portfolio so you can get a feel for their style of work. When all these aspects are in check you will have an awesome tattoo that will always be a pleasure to have on your skin forever!

  • It really depends.

    There's no right answer to this question, so people should stop assuming what they say is right. I personally like tattoos that are expressive and classy. By classy I mean not huge neck tats, no face tats, no tramp stamps, no tats with your baby mama's name on it. Something simple and expressive and unique. I don't know why society has deemed tattoos as trashy or ugly. It's something we've obviously adopted by those Europeans to came and colonized America and saw Native Americans. They, who had "tattoos", were seen as savages so people now think that if you have a tat, you're a "savage". Just a theory, but really, it's your preference.

  • They Are Beautiful and Healing

    I'm from a upper middle class family and find tattoos to be beautiful. Im a full time college student that lives alone and is well off. I have high morals and believe the body is a temple, but also believe that life isnt marked by those opinions whoa re against you. Their always is people disliking others for no reason in the same sense that wars are based upon same views. You cant regret often and I know plenty of rich families that live strict lives and dont have tattoos or piercings, yet they suffer from other "ugly" things. They have issues with greed, lie to hold a image, and dont ever advance to their full potential because they do not live more. They say their happy; however, they are on medications to survive stress or dont communicate anymore because they are so berried in a cause that they no longer live. If people believe tattoos are ugly its your choice, but think about what you arent seeing. Its a action that takes thought, has meaning, and is a way to express themselves. The same way rich men waste money extra cars or women that go to the salon 3 times a month. Get to know a persons soul before you judge them for the ink they chose to have with them forever. I personally find that the non-tattooed people who dont judge me for my tattoos and are in my life... They are genuinely good people from the upper middle class. I appreciate there non-judgmental friendship to my deviance, for I dont rebel.. Often times I'm told I am a square and my family is well off. So dont connect tattoos to class, roles or any other such sociology based concepts... If you dont like tattoos so be it. Just dont write people off because you might have something to learn from those individuals. All people that cross your path in life were put their for a reason.

  • It's a way to express yourself.

    Tattoos are a way to express yourself. Your body is a temple, decorate it! Just don't get a crappy common white girl tattoo. A meaningful tattoo can be a good thing, and it's not necessarily unattractive. Just take Ronnie Radke or Tony Perry for example. They have tattoos but they are extremely attractive, emphasis on the extremely part. But really, tattoos are great and can be very attractive if they have a special meaning to you.

  • Depends on the tattoo obviously..

    But if it's not done proper then don't bother, otherwise they are artistic and awesome.. How boring is plain skin? Now add an image that you like and has meaning to you and you are turning that boring patch of skin into a work of art. So many squares here!

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