• Everyone thinks they're underpaid..

    In Ontario, the top salary a teacher can earn is about $94,000. Do they provide a valuable service? Yes. But the reward should not be purely money. It's very rewarding to see children grow. Almost making six figures is a bit much, especially since there are tons of qualified teachers that can't get jobs because the labor market is over saturated.They would be more than happy to work for less. So why shouldn't we let them?

  • The issue is value.

    The question that is never asked is what value does a teacher have. The value of a skill is based on the availability and demand. There is plenty of demand for teachers, however the availability of qualified teachers goes way beyond this demand. So to regulate value, the government artificially caps availability by placing rod blocks in front of perspective teachers. I have a masters in theoretical mathematics. I can teach at the college level, but I am restricted from teaching K-12 students because I lack the correct certificate. If value was not regulated teacher pay would return to its original starting point, $0.

  • Yes they are!

    My highschool teachers gets 2 75 min breaks in a 6.3 h day! Besides half of the time there asking us to work on the textbook and, answer worksheet questions they randomly find on the internet. What's so hard about that? I can't say for all teachers, but it apply to all the teachers I have. They dont teach any life skills and I have to learn everything by myself, because the classes are too big. And all those breaks they have! It's so unfair!

  • Teachers EXTREMELY overpaid

    For the number of hours worked, considering shorter work days, summer holidays, winter & march breaks, their salary annualized is equivalent to over $115K+. As a taxpayer, I don't mind paying that much if that salary equated to a higher quality of education. As we have seen in the latest EQAO results, the education our kids are receiving is lacking. There are hardly any field trips and parents are constantly asked to donate or buy school supplies (as if we are not paying enough taxes already!) How can our kids possibly have a quality education when the teachers are nitpicking about every little task they have to do as negotiating grounds for a strike to get more money???? And they say they do it for our kids??? What a bunch of BS!

  • Over paid and complain

    I know many teachers and they are all over paid. Teacher's, teach our children 50% of the time. Who teaches and molds them into the people they will become the other 50%? The Parents!! When I was in school we had some teachers who were into truly teaching. Today it's about money, money and time off. Try working a full-time job with no guaranteed increase and pension.

  • Yes teachers are overpaid and underworked

    Teachers work less hours than all other taxpayers. They bitch and moan about lack of funding for supplies and teacher aids yet drive swanky cars and make more than the parents who send their children to school. Sick of my kids missing school while they strike for higher pay while they have the best pension plans and medical coverage. I will be sending my kids to private schools over supporting greedy selfish public school teachers. Sick of hearing them complain while if the government gave me money Id teach my own kids at home. I dont like my kids gone all day being taught by someone who is bitter about her his job. I dont like some stranger who demands my respect versus earning it disciplining my kids. Screw yourselves you selfish arrogant twits.

  • According to a study I read teachers are paid 52% more than what people in the private sector make with an equivalent skill set.

    Even worse is that teachers work 180-185 days a year compared to 260 for the private sector. Keep in mind as well, teachers represent the bottom 1/3 of college students entering college according to ACT scores. Teachers are not among the best and brightest in fact they are the bottom of the barrel. Education is one of the easiest college majors. There skill set is therefore easily learned....And therefore should not have much value. I am a biomedical engineer, my major is one of the hardest yet I make less than most teachers? The lame excuse that teachers work long hours after school or have to pay for school supplies is nonsense. These are Union talking points. Teachers have several breaks in an already short day. They can use this time to see if little Timmy circles the cat. Most of us in the private sector have deadlines, work well over 10 hrs at times. Certainly 9 is more the standard. If u travel like I do at times my Sunday is lost. My core work has to be made up when I get back. When I go on vacation the work that I would have done doesn't disappear its there for me when I get back. When a teacher goes on vacation they don't have to teach for the days they missed. Teachers salaries might be a bit more palatable if student were well educated but too many don't graduate with the most basic skills. Further more most cities (your employer) are broke yet teachers bemoan for more money? Your employer is broke, your product is deficient and those doing the work are the bottom of the barrel academically. In the private sector you would be fired.

  • They do not work a full year!!

    I'm so tired of hearing teachers are under paid!
    Let see, full benefits ! Same vacation time off as students! Personal days! Summer's off! Sick days! Snow days! Try working year round outside with base benefits and normal 1 to 2 weeks vacation a year!

    So... Shut up! Oh.. I forgot ten year benefits even if they
    Suck at there job. Ya sounds awful. Striking for more pay cause in my district they are only making 60,000 a year. Un real!

  • Allow the market to set teachers wages

    There's a ton of unemployed teachers who can't find jobs, there's very little evidence that more experienced teachers are better at teaching and typically plateau after just three years of experience. So why pay a teacher 70,000 plus their extremely costly benefits if you can higher a new one for 35,000 and have similar results?

  • Most teachers use the same material for years without change

    In many schools you will find they are still doing the same assignments that had been set 15 years ago and using the same assessment methods. Teachers believe ' i have my teacher registration so no more study for me '. Same thing day in and day out for as many years as they can. Start at 8.30 and finish at 3.

  • Working all the time!

    My wife is a teacher and every weekend all she does is work. I keep asking her why? She always says I need to mark this I need to mark that. We have this event next week and I need to organize parent letters for the sports, teams and after school math, etc, etc!!!

  • Teachers are underpaid compared to the starting salaries of other professions.

    Contrary to popular belief, teaching isn't a nine month job. Teachers are tasked with work 24/7 because they have to take their work home with them and grade assignments; during the summer they are also hers aretasked with planning for the upcoming school year. So, with the amount of work teachers have to do, they are vastly underpaid.

  • Absolutely Not!

    In my opinion, I'd say they are severely underpaid! A teacher uses up 9/10 of their day grading, teaching, and giving their all to their students and schools, and what do they get? An almost minimum wage! Teachers should be paid more for what all they give up for their students! I may only be a high school junior, but even I think [after research of wages and salaries] that teachers deserve to be paid more. This is simply my opinion.

  • Union teachers are paid a fair wage

    UT's get job protection, mostly without regard to job performance. Many professions spend years in college. Many professions go to workshops, meetings, educate, and even plan their next workday after they're "off the clock". Many professions struggle with a "problem child" employee, no different than a 5-18 year-old. And, many of these 12-month-a-year professionals only earn as much as a teacher who only works 9-months a year.

  • No, teachers could not possibly be overpaid for all they do.

    Teachers spend years in college learning how to be a teacher. Once they have earned that right they are still consistently required to go to workshops and meetings to expand that knowledge. Teachers spend a great deal of time preparing lesson plans, sitting through staff meetings, and parent/teacher conferences. They do so much more than just teach during school hours. Teachers are there to teach our children, but they also mentor them, counsel them, discipline them when needed, and care for them, both mentally and physically. Teachers are preparing and helping to create the next generation. How could one ever be overpaid for doing all of that?

  • No, they are usually paid fairly.

    In the vast majority of cases, teachers are either paid fairly for their work and skills or not enough for all the hassles they have to deal with. It is true that they have some months off, but they also work longer days than people realize during the year because of all the preparation involved. The only overpaid teachers are the ones whose work is so bad that they should be fired anyway. The problem is not the salary of teachers; it is the system that keeps the bad ones in place.

  • Teachers don't make enough!

    For what teachers are asked to do, I don't believe they make enough. A teacher is asked to be a counselor, disciplinarian, mentor, caretaker, and educator every day. I would agree that there are some administrators, superintendents, and higher ranking school officials who make entirely too much money for the duties they perform. When it comes to teachers, though, they are responsible for the education of our youth, and they should be paid appropriately.

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