Are teen suicides more due to peer pressure (yes) or psychological problems (no)?

  • Yes,people are losing their lives due to Peer Pressure!

    Peer Pressure leads to first pulling out hair,then depending on others, then hating yourself and others and finally BOOM they are gone. People start struggling to survive from themselves than actually trying to survive through another grade. Peer Pressure is the worst way to lose their lives and studies show that its the main way teenagers lose their lives.
    -N. Henry

  • Psychological problems do not come into the equation until after the peer pressure is involved.

    Not all teens start off with psychological problems. They may even happen just from what is happening around them. They could have problems at home, see the bad behavior themselves. It is an action taught to them. It even makes them feel worthless or even betrayed. The peer pressure CAUSES the psychological problems. Thus, peer pressure is why suicide is attempted in the first place. The problem at hand that needs to be thought about is the percent rate as well. This website helps thoroughly demonstrate that bullying is a huge factor in suicide attempts versus considering suicide. As said in the article, one in six teens considered suicide, while one in twelve has attempted. From the year 2009 to 2011, the rate of suicide deaths has jumped up 1.5%. As the percentage rate jumped, so has bullying.

  • Suicides are not due MORE from peer pressure.

    While peer pressure may play a very large role in the way adolescents feel about themselves, I certainly do not believe it is the primary cause of suicide. For one to not fit it is very common in this day and age, probably because it is hard to tell what "fitting in" really comprises of anyways. There are an uncountable number of varied cultures that have been brought together as our world grows and changes, as do its people. There is no definition for what the "average" teen should be, only what teenagers themselves see, observe, and keep in their minds as what they deem as "cool" or "popular." While this may place the pressure on teens' shoulders to be just like these "popular" stereotypes formed, to commit suicide involves a deeper notion than simply feeling out of place. To want to commit suicide, to end one's entire existence, knowing it will affect others in an undeniably life-altering way, takes more than feeling uncool because you don't have all of the newest trends going on. I'm not deeming every teen that has committed or considered committing suicide mentally ill, but I am saying there is some type of psychological imbalance that has caused feelings of depression and deeper distress than can be truly understood by anyone besides themselves. This leaves a sense of pure loneliness in the world, and the realization that those surrounding them cannot identify with these godforsaken (lack of) emotions, is what in the end causes the demise of hope for continuing.

  • No, psychological problems are involved.

    No, teen suicides are not due to peer pressure as much as psychological problems, because a person who is psychologically disturbed is the only kind of person who could commit suicide. Although peer pressure is a terrible thing, in order for a child to get to the point they would kill themselves, they cannot be thinking with a clear mind.

  • No, there have to be problems present.

    Given the fact that a child who commits suicide probably has some deep psychological problems, these can still be made worse by peer pressure and the presence of bullies. Someone who does not feel secure only needs to be shamed a bit more to take his or her own life.

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