• The second to most worst.

    I've seen so many teenage parents make ignorant and hurtful decisions for their life and for the life of their child.

    You know how babies tend to ignore a lot of what's going on around them? Humans never stop doing that, they just get good at noticing things. Teenagers still ignore a LOT of what goes on around them to the point where some might say Ignorance is bliss. This is where the problem lies, they are simply too young to consider all the variables as a parent when making decisions for themselves, so imagine for an extra helpless life that craves guidance.
    Don't dismiss adults though, cause their also bad parents, that's why two parents is always ideal.

  • Of course they are

    Of course teenagers are terrible parents, because they are terrible people to begin with. A teenager is selfish and makes poor decisions every day. If they do that for themselves, how can they hope to take care of a baby and raise a child in a way that is good for all?

  • Yes, teenagers are bad parents.

    I believe teenagers make bad parents because they are just children themselves. How can a child raise a child? They cannot for the following reasons: 1.) Babies are expensive, how can a teenager make enough money to support the child. A teenager can barely support themselves how can they expect to make enough to support a child. 2.) Teenage fathers do not take responsibility for the child and the teenage mother ends up raising the child alone. If the parents are together they usually do not stay together and the child is raised by one parent. 3.) Some teenagers are disowned by their parents when they are pregnant. Again, back to money. What kind of job can an uneducated teenager get. 4.) Teenagers are not mentally ready to take on the responsibility of a child. Most teens want to have fun, go out with friends, party and have a good time. They can not do this if they have a baby. Babysitting is expensive. The bottom line, teenagers should not become parents. If they choose to have sex use protection and avoid becoming parents.

  • I was teen parent

    Firstly not all teenage parents are bad parents, however even the decent ones would be better parents if they were older. I had a child at 17 and was very immature and made plenty of mistakes that I now look back and regret. I really tried hard at 18 I had my own place, worked full time and did it alone, sometimes to proud to ask for help when I needed to, sometimes to stubbern to realize I was putting myself before my child. It wasn't until I was in my mid twenties where I became a more aware parent. I'm nearly 30 and just had my 2nd child and I find I am more patient, responsible, nurturing and grounded. I could go on and on about the differences but it all comes down to maturity and life experience.

  • They are teens, they aren't fully grown.

    I'm not saying that the problems the child of a teenage parent has is all the teenage parent's fault, but it is still there. There are health risks for the baby and children born to teenage mothers are more likely to suffer social and emotional problems than children born to older mothers. This is because of the age of the parent.

  • Parenting is NOT kids play

    The part of the brain that is responsible for higher logic/reasoning and mature thought does not reach full development until ageb25/in both males and females. This alone validates NOT having a child before such happens. On a practical note, if you cannot afford to live independently and financially support yourself and another human you produced-Without assistance for medical, food, rent, etc etc-you are not equipped to be a truly good and responsible parent-not to one kid or any additional. No one-not your parent (s), friends, families, society nor government nor tax paying citizens should have to pay for the products (s) of YOUR sex. Period, Grow up wsyy BEFORE YOU even dare to bring a child into the world.

  • Yes, teenagers make bad parents more times than not.

    Why? Because most teenagers cannot handle the responsibilities of raising another human being while also still in the process of growing up themselves. Not only the maturity factor, but also the financial factor. As teenagers MOST teens are working minimum wage jobs, which does not pay enough to put a roof over anyones head. Not only the pay factor, but also teenagers are more likely to end up as single parents. Teenagers are more likely to make decisions out of selfishness rather than whats best for thier children. Teen parents are more likely to feel the need to go out and party every weekend, or put thier children at risk to party at home with them present.
    I dont think ALL teen parents are "bad", but from what i see typically MOST teen parents make very poor parents, while still thinking theyre good parents just because they have a minimum wage job and go to college.

  • Not all but most around my town.

    I see so many teenagers throwing away their lives and working dead end jobs because they didn't want to get abortion. They end up being on welfare and shove their kid off to their parents. If you can't take care of your kid on your own you're not the best parent. Doesn't mean your the worst, but definitely not the best. I see teen parents letting their little 6 year old kids walk around by themselves and I wonder why they don't pay more attention to their kids. It's rather sad every day I see at least one and there are way more. So yea teens don't make the best parents, but not the worst either.

  • Yes they re

    Teens are bad parents because they do not have an education, education is the main thing you need. Teen girls have babies to be cool and so they don't have to get a job, and most of all to 'keep their boyfriend' morons I say, if they didn't welfare they wouldn't breed.

  • NO, not all teen parents are bad parents.

    I'm a teen parent myself and I do everything for my daughter! I have 2 JOBS and go to school to support her and take care of her. Nobody helps me. Okay I get it teens are dumb and selfish but there are many adult parents who can't provide for their kids like I can, and they also physically, verbally and mentally abuse their child, and also who can't provide like how I can provide for my daughter. You don't have to have an education to raise a child. Okay I admit that I did selfish dumb things before I had my daughter but she has changed me for the better!

  • Teenagers are not necessarily bad parents.

    I think it is a very naive thing to say all teenage parents are bad parents. That is the same thing as saying all people who reproduce are bad parents. Not all teenage pregnancies are unplanned and not all teenage parents are irresponsible people. There are undoubtedly some teenagers who are better parents than some in their 30's.

  • I am also a product of a teen mom

    My mom had me when she was only 16. My dad was 19. They were together for a while and gave me a little brother and sister. Today, I am 15, my brother, 13 and my sister 10 and we are very well behaved children. We make good grades and are respectful to everyone. My parents are still together and do everything they can to make sure we have everything we could ask for

  • Some teenagers are better parents

    I had my 1st child at 17 my second at 21 and third at 24 I can honestly say that my news of pregnancy and his birth infuriated many people, but he was the making of me and his needs came first! He is my biggest success to date , born profoundly deaf tongue completely stuck to bottom of mouth! And with Aspergess! I exceeded where others failed! ( he never talk or go normal school etc etc! That's what doctors told me) i belive been young and gobby madam ment iwasnt prepared to quit! I became welfare rep for the national deaf children society and an advocate for deaf children n parents. I know I was the best parent he could have had! If you met him today you would just think he has lisp he talks ,works and lives independently and all that i know i did amazing! And now at 46 i reap the rewards of grown up children and still young enough to enjoy my grandchildren

  • No they are not

    I am 16 and have a son, if anything he has made my world better and kept me on a straight path and has brought routine into my life. With out my son who knows where I'd be and in what state I'd be in by now, I was just an unluck girl who got manipulated by afew ass hole boys but looking at my life now I have a beautiful son who I will work day and night to look after Him on my own

  • Teen moms are just normal moms

    I watch people walk around and point out people saying " OMG she is a teen mom i feel so bad for her!" And every time i hear that I get so upset. A teen mother is no different that a mother in her 30's and there is no need to treat her differently either! Teen are the ones who babysit, we are the once in school around children 24/7, we are perfectly capable of taking care of a child if we want or need to. Don't say we are all bad just because you have seen one bad parent!

  • Teenage parenting does not mean Bad Parenting

    I am a teen mom and I am currently going to college to get my bachelors degree. Teen Parenting does not equal Bad parenting! My baby boy is the happiest baby I know and i wouldn't trade having him at the age of 17 for anything. He honestly helped me get out of the whole I was creating for myself! In all honesty ANYONE who had sexual intercourse before they were 20 does not have any right to look down upon a teen mother. They had the same amount of chance to get pregnant, I was on birth control and protected and still got pregnant. There are plenty of people out there that had there kid at the age of 30 and beat them horribly. My parents had me at a reasonable age and were in and out of prison like it was going out of fashion. So before you judge us because of our age ,, look at the facts.

  • I am a product of teen parents.

    My mother got pregnant with me when she was 16 years old and my dad was 18. Even though they did not stay together, my mom went to college and graduated with her nursing license. She is now both a pediatric RN, which most nights she is the charge nurse. She is also a fitness instructor on top of all of that. My father also gave up his scholarship to go to college for football and became an EMT and a phlebotomist. My parents are still best friends and we do many activities together. I am now 17 years old. I have never been pregnant and do not plan to be any time soon. I get straight A's in school and am loved by all of my teachers. I am a very respectful and respectable person, and this is because of my parents. My parents always had the energy to keep up with me and I will have them for most of my life. I am thankful in a way that they had me so young. My parents have done a better job raising me than some 30 year old parents do with their children. The only downfall is they didn't stay together and it was financially harder for them. But other than that, everything was perfect. I love my parents, and I love sharing their story!

  • Not Enough Credit

    To be honest you guys aren't giving us teens enoigh credit, no Im not pregnat but I believe that teens could make better parents then growns adults because think about it if we had what we needed don't you think we could take much better care for said child. Plus all the neglect and abuse comes from grown adults. I hate when you guys say were too young its a matter of principles and boundaries. I think that teens are better caring because once we see that miracle well become too attched to it and nvr wanna let it go. Technology has nothing to do with it you adults use it as well so stop using it as an argument against us, its unfair and ur being a hypo.

  • Teenage are most certainly are not bad parents,

    I know several adults who are worse parent then some teens are. I myself had my daughter when I was 18 and we are living a wonder full life. I am going to college, and when I am not doing that I am working. My mother helps me by babysitting when I am at school and work but other than that I do everything for her. I understand that some teenage parents are bad but not all are.

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