Are teenagers too young to know what love really is?

Asked by: fialoebis
  • Too young to know what love is

    Many teens tend to think they know what love really is, my parents are in their 40`s and they don't even know what love is. Teens make "love" an excuse to have sex. The words I LOVE YOU means too much for us teens/kids to take it lightly. Just because you actors say and be dramatic about it doesn't mean you know the meaning of it.

  • A matter of growing up, maturing

    In this world, we have become a society where we need money to survive, where are knowledge and ability is vital. Right now, teenagers are learning in school to learn that, to survive in the world that awaits them. One of the many things that it takes time to learn is love: during our years, we seem to feel attracted to one another because of a sort of selection we're given. Let's be honest, the majority of us have like, or do like someone in the school. Don't you think that that's because you somehow feel as if you need to choose someone over another? Getting closer and closer to each and every person opens you up to an opinion that "Oh, they're not too bad." Love is a much more complicated thing, and isn't limited to school: most teenagers are in need of learning that. It isn't that simple.

  • Of course it does.

    I'm 17 and I'm in love with this guy but people are telling him that it's not real and that teenagers don't really love???? How can you let someone else tell you what love is when no one does? I feel it like I've never felt before and I know for a fact that it is real. We've been together for a year and I know that in the beginning it was lust but we've grown together and care for eachother and just want the best for eachother what more can you ask for when asking for love? I can't get him off my mind and I can't see my life without him he is the best person I know and I get so mad when people say that teens can't actually be in love because it just makes me question myself? But I know that it's real and I hope that any teen reading this understands that yes there is a difference between lust and love but you will know the difference if the love is there. And for any adult reading this, just because you're old and you think you know everything, if your love didn't work out when you were a teen it doesn't mean that your teen or us teens won't work out.

  • Yes they are too young

    Yes, I think that teenagers are too young to know what love actually is. Getting to know what makes true love different from just having feelings of liking takes time, and teenagers are way too young to be able to tell when they are in love compared to just really liking someone.

  • Definitely to young.

    What percent of happily married couples are highschool sweethearts? A common misconception is that 90% marry highschool sweethearts. This is so far from the truth. In reality, around less than 5 percent end up marrying their high school sweetheart. If less than 5 percent marry their high school sweetheart, it would stand to reason that it's kind of pointless to take high school dating seriously.

  • No one can tell your how your feel

    Who says that love doesn't exist as a teenager? I am 16 years old and have been dating my 18 year old boufriend for about a year and a half now, we are absolutely in love! I can't be happier then I am now he's amazing and loves real!! Just because someone isn't of "required" age that older people thing is a certain age where love is real doesn't mean it's not real at 14,15, or even 16-18, love is an amazing thing full of passion, appreciation, happiness, and compatibility; if you think you have found your true love and or soulmate then that's what you want and think, that's your life and no one can tell you other wise!

  • No doubt whatsoever

    I'm looking at the percentages of people saying yes and I'm very surprised. 73% of people say no? I totally believe that teenagers can love. I also think teenagers are only capable of it after puberty when they develop stronge emotions. I also think that it comes later on in a relationship

  • Absolutely they can

    My parents fell in love in early middle school and have taught me about love and I have a boyfriend who I consider to love cause I do love he. I'm 15 but I have passion, commitment, understanding, and I can compromise. I love him like my mom and dad loved each ither. Just think about it

  • Of course teens can love.

    I am a teenager. And I know im in love. I'm in love with the most beautiful amazing girl ever, people don't understand my feelings for her. I could be so mad and pissed off but for some reason anything she does just makes me smile and laugh. I have Alot more to it. But I don't have the time for it. Because im talking to the love of my life right now

  • Not necessarily, but often.

    While I believe that teenagers are capable of love as an emotional response, I also believe that with no prior frame of reference, they often confuse it with lust or infatuation; This leads to them to declare love in instances when external observers would note other, related phenomena - Lust, infatuation, strong friendship...

  • Love isn't a number

    Love never came with an age. When we were born, you knew you loved your family. How can you not know when you love a person? Love is blinded completely. Anyone can fall in love, some true others not. But teens are able to fall in love and recognize when they do !

  • Love is how you feel

    Who is anyone to say that a teen doesn't know what love is. You can't explain love; you can only feel love. Love is simply a feeling of affection for another person. If a girl meets a guy and she feels a closeness of affection for him, who is to say she doesn't feel love? Love, of course, is sometimes taken for granted...But there is not set definition for it. Teens may or may not actually know what it is, but it still doesn't make it okay for an adult to say we don't know our own feelings for someone else

  • We teens do know what love is

    I'm 16 and know exactly what love is. What started off as a cute crush at 13 turned into an amazing 3 year relationship and still going. I love my boyfriend. Yes LOVE. No one else knows how we feel. There is not some test to say whether or not we are inlove. There is no words to describe how some of us feel. We teens are not too young to know what love is.

  • Love is just difficult to process sometimes.

    Because the point of love is that it can come to you at any time and in multiple ways. Sure many people see love all wrong, but sometimes, a lot of times we have a vague concept of what it is. I think it's our decision to look back in life and decide if we really loved them.

  • Love is real

    Love exist for anyone at any age. So idc what any says. I have a girlfriend. And from the I saw her, I felt something I've never felt. And I have had many girls. But I want to actually spend my life with her. Everytime I am with her, I get butterflies because of how much I love her. So adults if you never had love when you were a kid, that your problem. Cause honestly, many people go through love at all ages.

  • Age is just a number

    I believe that teenagers are old enough to know what love means. However, whether they are in successful relationships is a different story. Many teenagers, especially with stereotypes, confuse love and lust. However, there are many teenagers that have more successful relationships than a lot of adults. It really depends on the people in the relationships themselves.

  • No, young love exist

    Me being 14 you think i have no right to say anything but just listen, me and my girl have been together for 7 years. Your thinking what 7 years yea since 3rd grade we have been together. A little play relationship turned into something serious. I had a feeling that every time I sat next to her I had a feeling inside of me like, butterflies in my stomach. Well take this story into consideration. Hopefully i changed ur mind about this debate

  • No it happens

    I am only 14 but I say, no I do not think teenagers are too young to know what love is! It just all depends on how mature and committed you are. I believe love does not come with an age it just comes naturally. So to those who are saying yes we are too young to know what love is and it's just an excuse to have sex you are very wrong maybe some but those are only the immature teens that are misunderstood about life. But I believe people can think what they think is right plus this is only my opinion!!

  • No. I know this for a fact.

    My Husband was 13 when I met him and I was 12. I knew I loved him the very first time he smiled at me. And i wasn't even a teenager at that time. It was always true love for me and I still love him soooo much. Love is so powerful.

  • It really happens.

    I met my husband when I was only 13, he was 16 at the time. We got to know each other then we started dating. I felt feelings I have never felt before, they were so very strong. I felt I knew what love was by the age of 14. Each day my feelings got stronger. Some days I just wanted to give up with young love but we stayed strong throughout all the fights. All the big ones and all the small fights made each one of us stronger and more loving for each other. I feel like I am very lucky to have found my one by age 13. He's my everything. He's still my one and only.

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