• The beatles are the best band to ever exist

    The reason why the beatles are the best band is because they created music from a range of many genres which no other artist has done. They have created new genres also. There music has inspired many big famous artist throughout each decade, and whitout the beatles those artist or bands who not had the same motivation or inspiration to make music. The biggest reason why there the biggest band in the world is that the beatles music is still popular after 50 years have passed.

  • The Beatles are the best band ever

    Yes, I think that the Beatles are in fact the best band ever and have sold the most records in the history of music as a band. The Beatles have had and still have fans from all over the world, and their music still influences bands today which makes them very popular.

  • The beatles are the best band ever

    The beatles have tought us about love, war, peace and have pretty much made a difference to the whole world. If it wasnt for them who knows what today would have been like, the assasination of john lennon has made an impact to the world, he is dead for choosing to sing about love and peace and sure they were all about drugs too which has made the world a little bit worse but on the big picture where would we be without some of their songs. They tell us what is wrong in the world and what is right. Everyone knows the beatles and everyone will for generations to come. That is why i think the beatles was the best band ever

    Posted by: r.j
  • They have nothing

    The beatles are nothing compared to Led Zeppelin or Van Halen. They really have no talent and are extremely overrated. There is a huge misunderstanding between good and baaaaaaadddddddd. The beatles have nothing at all and I really don't know why people like them theres nothing there.

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