Are the Clintons' feelings about Russia hypocritical considering their past relationship?

  • The Clintons' opinions about Russia are hypocritical

    The Clintons have made comments about Russia that some might call hypocritical - and rightly so. Bill and Hillary are merely making these comments because it's election season and they want as much support as possible. They don't care if their past relationship with Russia sheds doubt on the validity of their statements.

  • Clintons shift their views on Russia acccording to what benefits them most

    From 2009 to 2013, $2.35 million dollars flowed to the Clinton Foundation from the Russian chairman of Uranium One corporation. The Clintons did not disclose those donations, despite saying they would make all donations public. When it suits the Clintons politically to publicly denounce a leader or country, they will do so, even if their undisclosed conduct is the opposite.

  • No, they are not.

    Times change, governments change, relationships change, and people are allowed to change thier opinions and feelings about all of these things. The Clinton are allowed to have differing views and options, just as much as anyone. As long as they do not try to say they never had those opinions.

  • Russa has changed

    Yes, the Clintons have had past relations with Russia, but look at the state of Russian leadership now. It's not hypocritical if Russia's political climate and relations with our country have changed over time. It seems that the Kremlin is trying to interfere and influence the outcome of our next election, and Trump seems strangely pro-Russian. Generally American doesn't embrace dictators, which is pretty close to the kind of leader Putin is, so if the Clintons are not pro-Russia now, that's not hypocrisy.

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