• Especially on our healthcare system

    It's difficult to understand how it can be justified spending thousands of dollars on keeping people alive who don't have a chance to get better. They cost our healthcare system far more than any other age group put together. And many people who ever really worked will get more of a pension than I ever will.

  • What do they do?

    Very little add anything to society and most drain it and take it's resources. Some do not even know their children's names there should be a mandatory test for people past a certain age to see if they are still capable of basic tasks such as memory tests and mobility if they fail then they should be euthanized.

  • Yes the elderly and chronically very ill ARE a burden to society

    Im not talking about older people that are still active and contributing in some way like taking care of grandchildren and giving of useful information that people actually want. I'm talking about elderly people (or even those in their 50s and 60's who act like it) that babble on and on making stories bigger and bigger when no one wants to listen, telling them again and again. They cant listen because they cant hear what your saying, they need a round the clock sitter so they don't hurt themselves by falling OUT of their costly government paid scooter, need someone to feed, change and bathe them, demanding that it be done in style without so much as a thank you many times. Elderly who needed that much care used to die of disease before they became useless, but with the advent of modern medicine, they stay alive on respirators and tubefeeding. When young people want to know what happenedin1920 they need not listen to an elderly persons tainted veiw but instead can get it from online sources or google. So really, what good are those kind of elderly?

  • The elderly need to go.

    The elderly put an economic drain on society. Medical costs and a growing number of pensioners are creating an unsustainable system. Yet, when they don't retire and become pensioners they are useless in the workforce. They don't understand technology and the millions of baby boomers who are hanging around the workforce fill multiple positions that could be replaced with a single educated youth who actually understands how to use time saving technologies. The government and all it's civil services are riddled with them, I know in my department they could cut the number of employees in half just by getting rid of the useless old people.

  • Elderly ain't nothing but trouble...

    The elderly are a burden on society. Financially they are a huge drain making up half the benefit bill on their own, even though they would prefer you to blame the single mums and immigrants.
    They wander around clogging up the pavements whilst striking up mindless conversation with cash machines and trying to argue with self service checkouts.
    I propose that there should be an OAP curfew imposed, allowing them loose on the streets between the hours of 12 and 2pm on a Wednesday. Also that they should have their own checkouts and cash machines (with extra large buttons) so that the rest of us can get on with working hard in order to pax tax so that they may claim a pension and cold weather payments. This is all....

  • Yes, the elderly is a burden to our society.

    Many may argue that the elderly has contributed significantly to our society in their past days or they provide us with financial security, emotional support for example. However, they do not contribute much to our society in terms of economic support. They demand extra assistance, extra medical care and so on. Moreover, they cant help the country economically anymore due to their old age. For instance, in Singapore , we are facing an ageing population.How is that not a burden? The elderly cant contribute themselves anymore, in addition, they seek additional help.#no offence #personal view

  • Yes they are.

    As much as it hurts me to say this, the elderly in this country really are nothing but a burden that are dragging us down. They do not really offer much to the nation, and instead take everything they can in terms of health care, medicine, social security, and so on.

  • It is not just the elderly

    Elderly people done get more from social security than they pay in, but that is just part of the problem. There is also the problem with people on disability. How is this counrty going to pay for the elderly on social security and the people on disability. If everyone stops working just because they do not fell well there is no money being payed in to it. The system needs fixed.

  • Social security and health care

    Old people do nothing and expect everything in return. They complain about minor things and cause serious problems to the younger generation. The cost of maintaining them should not be the problem of the younger generation. Older people should maintain themselves or have their children maintain their needs, not other people or society.

  • They are the biggest burden to the society

    They are useless since most of them do not work, and many live with help of medical care. We just waste our our money some old bunch of people who doses' t help us at all. They babble a lot about their past and start telling stories when they had to 4-5 miles a day and stuff like that. And they expect us to listen to them when we thousands of work to do other than listening to them. They don't share their knowledge at all.

  • Absolutely not, the Elderly belongs in society.

    The elderly have been through it all, seen it all and meant so much to our young lives. Speaking as a young 26 year old, I've only survived big problems in my life as well as gave me a lot of great advice to use in everyday life. I hope that I'm that honorable and wise when I'm older.

  • No, the elderly have contributed much to society.

    Members of the elderly community already contributed much to society during their prior working years. They contributed to taxes and put in money towards social security to stimulate the economy.
    At some point everyone grows older and it is the current generation's responsibility to contribute towards the care of the previous one. The elderly still make contributions to society even though they aren't as noticeable as the achievements of younger citizens.

  • No, the elderly are not a burden on society.

    If anything, the elderly are a great wealth to us. They possess a great deal of old world knowledge, and a level of expertise unknown to the younger generation. They posses the knowledge from real-life experiences, situations and customs that can help lay the path in an effort to maintain honorable values within our current culture. On another note, the elderly population once took care of us, and did not consider it a burden.

  • No they are not burdens on the society............

    The elderly teaches us and our coming generations about the past
    events. As they know more about the world than us. They teaches us the values and ethics towards the other people as well as the way to live in this corrupted world. They make us mentally strong to face the difficulties . So,we are there love and care receivers and in return we should be the love and care givers.

  • Elderly are of great importance in the society.

    It is called being grateful. Elderly were once working citizens who contributed to the society and growth of the country as a whole. They were the people who paid taxes and worked hard to create the world that is today. How can we just forget all the things they have done for us?

    Furthermore, it is not just about being grateful. The older generations are valuable to the society as they are. They have real life knowledge and skills that the younger generations can learn from. Also due to medical advances, older people of today are more healthier and they also live longer. This is why the retirement age in Singapore has increased. They are still able to decrease workload on the younger generations and contribute effectively to the economy of the country as seen in singapore with their valuable experience in their respective work areas.

    That's not all. In our increasingly modernized world, dilution of culture is prevalent among the younger generation. The Elderly citizens teach children about their traditions and share their experience of such events. They also instill moral values and good qualities in children via many methods such as story telling etc.

    Overall their knowledge and experience is something everyone has to learn from to not repeat mistake of the past.

  • Just because they're old

    Aging is like a chronic illness. It's not the aging that makes for an apathetic, selfish, egotistic old babbler. It's who that person probably always was. And when I see some of the "yes" comments, I wonder if those people just might become the old people they are talking about. They won't think so little about their life when they are old. I have known so many beautiful old people. Wow, what a gift for a young person to get a smile from an elderly person. That smile offers so much: wisdom, empathy, appreciation, understanding.

  • They are still strong , don't underestimate them.

    The elderly can also be paramount assist to the country.Active and knowledgeable elderly can still contribute to the workforce with their life time experience. Being more experienced, they’re likely to be more skilled in their work.Hence, they are able to increase productivity of the workforce. They help to ease workload and also increase the economic growth as productivity increases. This is seen significantly in Singapore where the medical advances, many of the elderly are more physically fit and have a longer life expectancy whereby when they are old, they’re still in the right state of mind.Hence, the retiree age is extended till 62.Thus, the elderly can still contribute to the society even at old age. As a result, they are not considered a burden due to their contributions.

    You will as grow old some day ,and tat some day will become you and you will contribute to the society

  • Nope there are not a burden to society!!!!

    People think that old people are burden to society they are useless cant work n etc ect... What if you become old u will also be treated the same way they r being treated, people who dont respect elderly are very stupid and idiot. We should give them respect, be at their service. Yes they annoy us sometime, doesnt mean they r useless. Dont forget they r the one who have tried their best and gave us the best knowledge and always been their 4 us when we were young & dependent on them!!!

  • What about filial piety?

    They are your parents or grandparents, and in the past without them you wouldn't even have any education. Think about it would you rather be an orphan? If so, then you can say that they are a burden to society.
    The millions of dollars that they use to raise you to who you are today, especially on your values which cannot be bought by monetary terms.
    If you really think they are burdens to you, and when you finally grow old enough to be considered one, then you are just contradicting yourself

  • What about filial piety?

    They are your parents or grandparents, and in the past without them you wouldn't even have any education. Think about it would you rather be an orphan? If so, then you can say that they are a burden to society.
    The millions of dollars that they use to raise you to who you are today, especially on your values which cannot be bought by monetary terms.
    If you really think they are burdens to you, and when you finally grow old enough to be considered one, then you are just contradicting yourself

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