• Especially on our healthcare system

    It's difficult to understand how it can be justified spending thousands of dollars on keeping people alive who don't have a chance to get better. They cost our healthcare system far more than any other age group put together. And many people who ever really worked will get more of a pension than I ever will.

  • Elderly ain't nothing but trouble...

    The elderly are a burden on society. Financially they are a huge drain making up half the benefit bill on their own, even though they would prefer you to blame the single mums and immigrants.
    They wander around clogging up the pavements whilst striking up mindless conversation with cash machines and trying to argue with self service checkouts.
    I propose that there should be an OAP curfew imposed, allowing them loose on the streets between the hours of 12 and 2pm on a Wednesday. Also that they should have their own checkouts and cash machines (with extra large buttons) so that the rest of us can get on with working hard in order to pax tax so that they may claim a pension and cold weather payments. This is all....

  • Yes the elderly and chronically very ill ARE a burden to society

    Im not talking about older people that are still active and contributing in some way like taking care of grandchildren and giving of useful information that people actually want. I'm talking about elderly people (or even those in their 50s and 60's who act like it) that babble on and on making stories bigger and bigger when no one wants to listen, telling them again and again. They cant listen because they cant hear what your saying, they need a round the clock sitter so they don't hurt themselves by falling OUT of their costly government paid scooter, need someone to feed, change and bathe them, demanding that it be done in style without so much as a thank you many times. Elderly who needed that much care used to die of disease before they became useless, but with the advent of modern medicine, they stay alive on respirators and tubefeeding. When young people want to know what happenedin1920 they need not listen to an elderly persons tainted veiw but instead can get it from online sources or google. So really, what good are those kind of elderly?

  • What do they do?

    Very little add anything to society and most drain it and take it's resources. Some do not even know their children's names there should be a mandatory test for people past a certain age to see if they are still capable of basic tasks such as memory tests and mobility if they fail then they should be euthanized.

  • Social security and health care

    Old people do nothing and expect everything in return. They complain about minor things and cause serious problems to the younger generation. The cost of maintaining them should not be the problem of the younger generation. Older people should maintain themselves or have their children maintain their needs, not other people or society.

  • The elderly need to go.

    The elderly put an economic drain on society. Medical costs and a growing number of pensioners are creating an unsustainable system. Yet, when they don't retire and become pensioners they are useless in the workforce. They don't understand technology and the millions of baby boomers who are hanging around the workforce fill multiple positions that could be replaced with a single educated youth who actually understands how to use time saving technologies. The government and all it's civil services are riddled with them, I know in my department they could cut the number of employees in half just by getting rid of the useless old people.

  • Greatest Generation? Only if mean the generation that cost the greatest amount!

    The elderly sure have worked hard in their lifetimes. They did not have the comforts such as air conditioning, smart phones, or computers that we have today. However, the costs that they have now created for themselves and expect the younger generations to pay for it is inexcusable. They rely almost 100% on social security and medicare. They paid into it yes, but how much do you think they paid? In the 70's..The median pay for a high school teacher was 8 grand. SS contribution was 4%. A whopping 320 dollars was paid that year by people that receive 1220 a month!
    The average cost for a old person that lives to be 80 with medical expenses is $450,000. It costs less to raise a child to 18 that it costs to keep an old person alive from 65 to 80. Do I want to live to be 80? Of course! But I will fully pay for my old age myself through hard work, saving, and investing...The American dream. Not whining and wanting more "entitlements". Not wanting a senior citizen discount. Not expecting people to wait on me and treat me different. When the "greatest generation" is gone...So will massive amounts of debt.

  • Yes they are

    They cost money, most of them don't have a big income thus not paying a lot of taxes, they withraw money from public pension plans (in country that posess public pension plans), etc.

    Also, their "knowledge" is next to useless since most of them don't share their useful knowledge to younger generations.

  • It is not just the elderly

    Elderly people done get more from social security than they pay in, but that is just part of the problem. There is also the problem with people on disability. How is this counrty going to pay for the elderly on social security and the people on disability. If everyone stops working just because they do not fell well there is no money being payed in to it. The system needs fixed.

  • Yes they are..

    The elderly are pretty reliant on Social Security, Medicare, and income based housing. Meanwhile it is the younger generations paying for it. "They paid into it''? No, its not a savings account. They paid for their grandparents generation, and paid much less than they are now receiving. The younger generation is paying for the elderly's cost of living now. So in short, that young family is losing money that would be food for their toddler in order to keep some one who is 90 in comfort. I'm not saying to euthanize the elderly or throw them out onto the streets. However the family who either are, or will grow up to be productive members of society shouldnt lose out, in order to pay for those whose time is done and being artificially extended at cost to taxpayers.

  • Absolutely not, the Elderly belongs in society.

    The elderly have been through it all, seen it all and meant so much to our young lives. Speaking as a young 26 year old, I've only survived big problems in my life as well as gave me a lot of great advice to use in everyday life. I hope that I'm that honorable and wise when I'm older.

  • No, the elderly have contributed much to society.

    Members of the elderly community already contributed much to society during their prior working years. They contributed to taxes and put in money towards social security to stimulate the economy.
    At some point everyone grows older and it is the current generation's responsibility to contribute towards the care of the previous one. The elderly still make contributions to society even though they aren't as noticeable as the achievements of younger citizens.

  • No, the elderly are not a burden on society.

    If anything, the elderly are a great wealth to us. They possess a great deal of old world knowledge, and a level of expertise unknown to the younger generation. They posses the knowledge from real-life experiences, situations and customs that can help lay the path in an effort to maintain honorable values within our current culture. On another note, the elderly population once took care of us, and did not consider it a burden.

  • Elderly show us what's right

    If it weren't for elderly then young people wouldn't know what to do today people as old as 30 have parents in there 60s or 70s that still help in there kids life therefore elderly people are needed in the society today to show people what's wrong and what's right therefore people are going to have to deal with it.

  • We only wish our current generation will be as awesome as the ones who went before us.

    I see the arguments stating that the elderly are useless, and some even say they should be euthanized when their apparent usefulness has run its course. How sad. I wouldn't be sitting here on this nifty desktop, drinking a latte, wearing nice clothes and enjoying the lifestyle those in my circle do without the contributions of the old coots who now meander aimlessly through our neighborhoods. It is because of the generations before that we enjoy such prosperity. Those that feel that merits no kind of care on the younger generation's part are probably the same ones who believe their mom and dad should leave everything in the will to them just because they feel entitled to it - just by merely existing.

    The idea of societal utility and euthanasia that the folks to our left are spouting sounds very much like a blend of liberal socialism (Mussolini) and genocidal lunacy (Hitler) spouted during the height of their power. It's a damned good thing you morons appear to be the minority - but you're a dangerous minority. Cheers!

  • They can teach the next generation, teach us compassion, respect

    The elderly have had a full life of experience and knowledge, can show and teach all generation what to do and how to do things the right way. They have been valuable members of society for a long time, now it is their time to finally take a back seat and reflect on the skills they have learned other the years and pass it down to the next. How can we not respect their knowledge they have obtained, we hopefully will all be able to one day look back on what we have done for society and enjoy a well deserved break to reflect on our gained knowledge from it all.

  • Not at all

    We cant say that elderly people are burden to society ......This time period comes in the life of most of all who had taken birth. Till a person becomes old they contribute a lot to society. Then at their times of life they just want little support from that society for which they had entire life...Cant we help them a little ???
    Moreover it is not like that , that all the old people are useless....No , but they also work as they can ....Even the elderly people help the young generation in decision making process ..Their experience of life plays an important role in taking tough decisions in the society

  • No they are not.

    Just because they don't have technological skills or have habits that are old fashioned does not make them less of a human than the college graduate twiddling with a smart phone. As a human they should be treated with dignity, respect and care. To neglect them is to commit a horrible social crime. To be annoyed with them at checkouts is mere petulance. Grow up, like they did, And money isn't the most important thing on the earth, so get over saying how the younger generation is suffering for having to pay for the care of the elderly.

  • No they are not

    Senior citizens have already done alot for our community, and GUESS WHAT?! They still are! Without the elderly we would have had no one to lay the foundation for us, they use services which employ people, and they pay taxes to. Without the elderly alot of organizations would be hard pressed to function, because are we going to volunteer to help? Unless we're bums probably not, the elderly have already retired and instead of sitting around they volunteer to help organizations and it's much appreciated. Alot of seniors also look after grandchildren without them parents would scramble to find other care options. Just think about something while you guys are saying the elderly are useless, what do you think is going to happen to you in 30, 40, 50 years from now? Your going to be a retired senior citizen who has probably worked hard your whole life and now people will also be disrespecting you saying your useless... Think about that.... How will you feel?

  • Be Grateful for what you have

    The elderly have spent their whole life working and improving the livelihoods of future generations. It is hence important for us to show our gratitude and thankfulness by looking after them. At the end of the day, we will all become elderly ourselves, so why not treat them the same way as you want the younger generation to treat you in the future?

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