Are the latest Pennsylvania rollercoaster accidents a sign that safety needs to be a bigger priority?

  • The recent string of rollercoaster accidents, including those in Pennsylvania, show that safety needs to be a bigger priority at theme parks.

    There is a safety issue with Pennsylvania's amusement parks right now, and it's unclear whether the problem is the rides themselves or the level of ride security at the parks. Recently a few children have died in a very short amount of time on theme park rides, without it being clearly the child's fault (i.e. - not wearing a seatbelt). Two potential reasons for these deaths are that the rides are too unsafe and should include more restraints or different design, or that park staff is not ensuring that children too small to be on certain rides aren't going on anyway. Either way, safety needs to be a bigger priority at amusement parks in America.

  • Yes, recent roller coaster accidents are a sign that safety needs to be a bigger priority.

    While I would not point specifically to Pennsylvania or even to roller coasters, the rash of amusement park accidents that have occurred recently are a definite indication that something more needs to be done in regards to ride safety. There have been 3 United States park incidents in 4 days. Perhaps the rides are constructed safely but need more frequent testing.

  • Yes, they are

    For many years, independent amusement parks have been left largely unregulated or the regulations have been ignored and many rollercoasters are not inspected for safety as they should be. There is not enough devotion to safety because of low profit margins, because these parks are struggling financially, even though attendance is high.

  • Safety should always be a priority

    For amusement parks and water parks, safety should be a priority. Especially when it comes to kids. Often parents are relying on the parks to maintain their rides and make sure they're safe for users of all ages. Again, there are age/weight restrictions and that makes sense, but if those are followed, something else needs to be done to ensure the safety of riders. There's been a spate of child injuries and fatalities this summer at a variety of parks, and that shouldn't happen.

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