• They most likely could be.

    In an honest argument, why else would they be missing if they weren't part of the coup? Would there be a need to have these missing without knowledge of the Turkish Government? It may be containing rouge military soldiers or other officers of high status, and the organizers and masterminds of the coup.

  • No, they are not on the side of the coup.

    No, they are not on the side of the coup. There are many sources online that say this. the Turkish naval ships are not on the side of the coup. They couldn't be. Those naval ships. They are still currently missing so they could not possibly be rebelling against the captain.

  • No, Erdogan should win an Oscar for the best script of the year.

    In my opinion.... how can choppers and ships dissapear? Erdogan is a douche... smells like inside job.. he just want more and more power to turn Turkey into a islamic superstate and his son can do even more business with ISIS. Turkey is making money from ISIS, just as Riyadh is, under the selective ignorance of D.C.and its own proxy-fascists. Coup my back-side.

  • Missing Turkish naval ships are not connected to the coup

    It's been a wild and depressing rollercoaster ride in terms of world news. One of the recent headlines related that Turkey was embroiled in a coup. Following this foiled attempt, several Turkish naval ships were discovered to be missing. I believe that these ships weren't involved in the coup, but rather taken out by the people who organized the coup as an attempt to foil their enemies.

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