Are the moral and ethical values of young people deteriorating?

  • There is no place for morals in the society of young people

    I am a young person (20) years old and from experience I would say that morality has definitely broken down for my generation. Just watch TV, listen to modern music, research the messages modern media give to young people and it's not hard to understand why. It is not uncommon for a girl of 18/19 to have many sexual partners, often even partners that share the same friendship group. Most of my friends take drugs, sleep with people they only met a couple of hours ago unprotected, lie and deceive people and think nothing of it. I don't know wether this is because they actively decide to do wrong, or wether it has simply become the norm and is accepted that this is how life is. Also the mental make-up of young people nowadays is all over the place, I know from experience that a lot of young people suffer from depression, confusion, and conflicting emotions. Society has become fickle and shallow, where quick fixes and quick thrills seem to be all the rage, instead of appreciating longevity, hard work which will have lasting positive results and looking into life from a deeper perspective. Maybe I am the weird one or the odd one out, however my own personal morals will not let me be sucked in to the "normal" way of life for young people these days.

  • I'm scared of the future.

    If children are our future then the apocalypse is near. Somehow it's accepted for teens to do drugs and sleep around and people actually think it's cool. They are rude and onky think of themselves. They cannot fumction in a community and think nothing of breaking the rules. They can't respect authority.

  • I agree, the younger generation seems to represent crumbling morality

    There is less concern about getting a job, even in today's economic climate. It's much easier to take a handout and the younger generation seems to be just fine with it. It's a "Me" world now, so many people idolize celebrities, athletes and care more about how they appear to others (wait, I gotta update my twitter account since I just ate breakfast) and less about doing the right thing. I suppose the DINCS may have been the precursor of this (you are probably in this younger generation if you don't know what a DINC means). I gotta get mine, what I'm owed, the younger generation crows. Religion has become less important, because the "unaffiliated" population wants what it wants. It wants to receive the Eucharist but wants the states and churches to change theology of thousands of years so that abortion is more accepted and gay marriage is more accepted, because they want the church to change to match their changing, liberal ideology.

  • Children today have no morals.

    Children are being raised by mother's or father's whom have been married three, four times. The mothers have live in boyfriends and the father's are rarely involved in the children's lives. I know that isn't how all children are raised, but they copy what they see. They are rude to authority figures and have no respect for their teachers. Our children are supposed to be our future, but our future is very bleak.

  • Yes morals and ethical values of young people are deteriorating

    Yes, sadly it seems as though the moral and ethical values of young people seems to be deteriorating. It seems as though young people are caring less about morals and ethical values, and are instead focusing on themselves in order to promote their own agendas, and the agendas do not focus on morals or values.

  • Moral values ethics

    Young people now days are followers not all but most .They seem to do things without thinking of repercussions like having babies,education.When I was in school we had dress codes ,dress for success not for a party.You all seem to curse and disrespect ,fight.Those kind of people were shunned because as most kids people would say look at those supposed cool kids in ten year where will they be? They will be still trying to be cool with no education or job time stands still for those who choose to skirt the rules of life.The ones who work hard in school and play by the rules usually end up succeeding in life.Rich or poor is a crock .So what they have more material things,we were taught at home envy is a bad thing.Money does not buy happiness or class.Morals start at home.My kids did not get cell phones or cars until they earned the money to pay for it.They also had rules until 18 maintain minum c avererage in school,have a job,put money in savings be in when street lights came on.No one in my house when I was not home,no one in their bedrooms,no babies,be kind .Now days you are judged on who you hang out with,birds of a feather flock together.I read some of these statements which say there are more things music tv violence drugs,we had that back then but most kids were taught that stuff will get you nowhere .One difference I have notices the girls fist fight which was a sign of no class when were in school.Nokids in my day would even mess with what was referred to as greasers.

  • YES, this can be seen from teens I know

    Although I'm a teenager too, I dare to voice out about this serious, destructive deterioration of ethical and moral values of young people. First of all, I've heard people saying that being sly on their way to the top is acceptable as long as they get what they want. They are willing to do anything even at the expense of destroying others as long as they get what they want in the end. Teenagers lie, steal, cheat without caring about the consequences of their victims or the world-- as long as they don't get caught. Sexual promiscuity, unfaithfulness, cheating, hurting, mass bullying (In worse case I've seen, the whole school bullies a person), killing... Whatever. When asked if they would feel guilty about the disgraceful things that they have done, they answer NO! What? So they don't feel guilty at all? When asked "Do you feel for the person you've hurt?" , answered "Nope, I'm always right anyway. And he/she should DIE INSTEAD." Cursing, demoralising, bitching... I can't stand it anymore. I would PAY ANYTHING to not be born in this nonmoral and malicious generation WHEN YOU CAN'T TRUST ANYONE OR CAN'T STOP WATCHING PATHETIC ACTS. Yet people NEVER THINK THEY'RE WRONG. They still will do whatever that takes them to their goal.

    My friend had unprotected sex with numerous guys, yelled and left me three times before reacting no guilt from her misdeeds and coming back to beg me to make her 'popular'. She doesn't care about morals or anything and would do anything to get what she wants including lying, stealing, cheating on boyfriends and staying promiscuous.

    The "good guy" in a scene was beaten up by the "bad guy". Nobody helped him out. Instead, everyone cheered for the "bad guy" to win,

    I have faced bullying whereby the whole school bullies a victim without caring whether who's right and wrong or if it's even necessary. All they cared about was fun. None apologized except for 3 perpetrators out of 400.

    WORST CASE: A girl in my school had sex with her teachers secretly to rise to the 'top'. She got depressed when she took a nation-wide exam which was marked by other schools. The "excellent marks" was obviously a "leeway" given by my own teacher who had sex with her.
    She expresses no guilt while saying it was not her wrong but the markers' for marking her down :(

    Are these enough of the examples that I gave?

    I would seriously trade anything to not be in this never-ending immoral, vicious, cruel and mean generation(which gets worse)!

  • Kids are a different breed

    Kids today have no morals, they think anything goes and have pushed God out of the picture. They believe everyone needs to believe the way they do or you are a terrible person because you have morals. I really believe we are in the end times and people better wake up.

  • Making Vulgarity a Fashion.

    Indecent form of language, porn etc becoming popular and trending in outsourced media and is followed by people at large without objections....A moment ago alcoholic and slut were abusive ,but now quoting someone like that would be greeted with a 'Thank you' making them unrestricted public acts....Blind following Blind to Destruction......

  • Yes of course

    Moral values are a set of principles for right and wrong conduct. I think that today moral values are degenerating. In my opinion moral values are the base of our lives. If the base will get disturbed then we cannot construct a building on it.

    I feel that moral values are the most precious jewels.

  • Moral and ethics is subjective

    I'm in my early 20s and i don't see why you think our generations have lack of morals and ethics. This generation is fearless, we became entrepreneur via social media, we empower our women and not think women is less than men. We try to correct our mindset and teach people "victim blaming" should not be allowed, we teach women;" their body, their choice" we are the most accepting generation by far, the LGBT community is growing. It is easy to see the "negativity" in this world, but I think it is your mindset that is not progressing along with this amazing generation.

  • Actually the responsibility is of the good people

    The social &moral values are not upto the mark but this doesn't mean that they would be hold wrong on what they do i,its not so .The media must be taking care of what they show rather showing what wrong is going on . The tendency to do wrong goes up as our sub concious mind gets more negative and the vice versa . The parents have highest responsibility to their children than only giving birth to them ,they can be a better person if taught from the childhood onwards what is wrong and what is right. The good people can do a lot as said by one great person -'the evil gets place in this world due to the inactivity of good people' and so are they really good . Time is yours ,place is yours and you need to act now or never.

  • It does not help.

    It does not help the modern societal when there are people slamming it. Past generations have probably been treated like this, is the modern society any different from when you where teens? We just have more things to use, and do. It makes people think that they have to live up to what people think we are. All and all I think we should just leave it alone.

  • The values of young people are not deteriorating.

    The thing with young people is that only the ones that behave poorly are the ones that get the attention. Once they have your attention you start to think that all people of that age act like that, which is not true. Young people only have as much ethical and moral values as is taught to them by their parents. There are always more good people in the world, you cant just focus on the ones that behave poorly.

  • No,because morality is not static.

    Morality is as fluid and shifting as life itself. You cannot measure anyone else against your world view because you have not lived their life, they have not lived yours. Further more, it is less of a decline of morals or even ethics that produced the current generation and more of a lack of clear authority and discipline. Most forms of punishment are seen a cruel or archaic, so parents are too afraid of public censure to actually discipline their child and bother to teach them how to behave. The decline of manners is a symptom more than the disease.

  • Young People are Not Overall Immoral, the Media Just Focuses on the Bad, not the Good

    Throughout history, for thousands of years, adults have bemoaned the immorality of the younger generation. Young people today are no different than young people of any generation, but they do have more temptations. In my generation, there weren't the influences that young people have today, or we would have been exactly the same. I believe that because of more peer pressure from outside sources such as the internet, young people are under more pressure to be like someone, and some choose the wrong peer group to follow. I was a hippie, and my parents thought I was hopeless. My son went to high school in a long trench coat with hair down to the middle of his back and his best friend had half his head shaved. My younger son shaved the bottom of his head and dyed the top black and wore it in a pony tail. They both did things that made me wonder if they would ever amount to anything. Now they are both intelligent, successful men. No, young peope aren't unethical, but they are growing up in an unethical corporate-run country and it is hard for them to go against the grain. If media concentrated on the good young people do, we would know that the younger generation is just fine.

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