• Yes, the Nauru files are accurate

    The Nauru files are documents that were leaked from the Nauru detention center for immigration off the Australian island. It is very likely that the documents are accurate because that were reports collected from guards and caseworkers on the island. The documents depict the incidents of abuse and assaults at the detention camps.

  • Yes, the Nauru files are accurate.

    Despite several cases of false allegations being uncovered in the controversial Nauru files, I do believe the claims are mostly accurate. It has been our global, historical experience that when people are put in such vulnerable conditions as migrants are, they will often be taken advantage of. Labor standards among the lower classes are a great example of this.

  • Yes, it is hard to say all the allegations are untrue

    The Nauru files, uncovered and disseminated by a reputable news organization contains damning reports (with visual evidences in some instances) about human rights violations. The list of violations is long and it is difficult to refute at least a few.

    Although Australia is a developed nation, where reports of human rights abuse are very rare, these particular allegations allegedly happened on the very tiny island of Nauru, one of the farthest in the country, not on mainland Australia, and hence Australian officials may not have had first information about the happenings all this while

  • Yes, Nauru files are accurate

    Yes, the Nauru files are accurate in the way they detail the abuse and assaults of Australian story, but it is not the whole story. More work needs to be done to investigate how the conditions occured, who is responsible and who stayed quiet. It is not a question of whether or not the files are accurate. It is a matter of how they were not exposed sooner.

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