• Youtube police brutality... Need i say more

    Cops are so power hungry and miltarized under the guise of protecting themselves its ridiculoius. If they would spend a little less tima acting like a bunch of thugs they may mot need all the body armor they put on every day. Their time should be spent serving and protecting rather than harrassing and collecting.

  • US Police are Out of Control

    The Police are suppose to protect us. We are suppose to feel safe in the presences of a police officer. So why are they out of control?
    Police seem to have an air around them that they are better than everyone else. They no longer allow the people to have freedom. When asked to search a person or vehicle people tend to agree. People are under the impression that we don't have a choice in the matter. Under the fourth amendment we do have a choice. When denied police tend to find reason to search said person. We need to start standing up for ourselves and take our nation back. This is the land of the people not the land of the police.

  • The Police are Not Out of Control

    The police have been given a poor image since the Michael Brown incident in 2014. Even before that police brutality was a problem. I will agree, it's a problem that deserves to acknowledged. With that being said there are far more good cops than bad cops and they put their life on the line every day in order to provide service that protects civilan safety.

  • The police are doing their jobs

    No, I don't think the police are out of control. They have a very tough job, and are going in a good job maintaining order in a chaotic society. It seems every time action is taken against a person of color, it is blown out of proportion. It suddenly becomes about racism. Physical action against whites happens all the time, but it is never mentioned.

  • No they aren't

    This is something that has been a major topic for many decades. In my opinion the majority of cops are doing an honest job of serving and protecting their communities. In most altercations that are shown it's always a rebellious individual that stirs up the crowd. That isn't what I would call being out of control. If the individual feels threatened you have to take that individual out.

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