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  • The Private Life of Celebrities

    Celebrities have two sides of their lives: The side that the world sees and the private side that is theirs and theirs alone. Many in the world think that just because someone is famous, we are entitled to know everything about every aspect of their life, no matter how public or how personal. This is not true. The private lives of celebrities are their own and when you think about it, have nothing to do with the public personas. The public side of their life is a person. The private side is a person. There is a huge difference between the two.

  • No, the private life of a celebrity is not important.

    Celebrities are people just like everyone else, and their private lives are really not that important. The rise of reality TV shows has made celebrities famous for being famous; focusing on their personal lives. However, celebrities really should not be considered any more important than everyone else in society. In short, the private life of a celebrity is really quite unimportant.

  • Let's focus on the things that matter...celebrity gossip isn't one of them

    The Hollywood rumor mill churns ever on, promising the latest juicy gossip for anyone who will listen. I believe that it's time to stop listening. When we pay attention to celebrity antics, we lose sight of issues that are directly affecting us. Yes, celebrity news is a comforting diversion, but that fantasy land cannot replace the reality we have to engage with every day.

  • Celebrities are people too, and deserve privacy.

    While they spend their life in the spotlight, celebrities are people just like us and should be entitled to privacy. What they do when they walk of a stage, set, red carpet or event is their business. The gossip culture surrounding the private life of celebrities that has developed in our society is incredibly invasive. While it has become so important for people to know the private lives of these celebrities, it should not be such a priority in our society.

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