• I Hope So!

    It was very empowering to see the Cavs blow the Warriors away in game 3. The Cavs are beyond due to win the Finals, and as a Cavs fan it was really exciting to see them rise above the first 2 losses of the series. I hope they keep up the momentum, because the Warriors are a truly great rival.

  • Yes, they certainly could be, as they no longer have a strong lead

    Yes, the Warriors could be in trouble after losing game 3. At this point, it's impossible to say which way the series will go as both teams have a fighting chance. However, by losing their lead of two games, the Warriors gave the Cavaliers a much better chance at winning, and the series could be anyone's game. The Warriors still have an excellent chance to win the upcoming games but yes, they are in trouble as they will have to fight even harder now that they've lost their two-game lead.

  • Are you kidding? No.

    They had to finally take a break to allow Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers a one game win. They will come back in the next game and blow them out. Cleveland gives up so much opportunity plays and turnovers, they are just not competing on the same level as the Warriors. It unfortunately will probably be the only game they win against the Warriors. So sad...

  • Warriors still in charge of Finals

    The Warriors lost one game, that is it. They are still up 2-1 in the series. Yes, they were blown out, but they demolished the Cavs in the first two games of the series, without Steph Curry even playing very well. As far as series go, teams are fine until they lose at home. The Warriors can lose all their games at Cleveland and still win in 7 games, and after coming from behind down 3-1 to the Thunder, they have the heart (and obviously the skill) to still win this series.

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