• Yes, a four day school week has advantages.

    Yes, there are advantages to a four day school week. Students would have more free time to spend with their families and pursue outside activities. Schools would be able to save money on teachers' salaries and school maintenance. Students would have more opportunity to absorb what they have learned, rather than being overwhelmed by the volume of information. Both teachers and students would have more time to recover and come fresh and strong to a new week.

  • There are advantages to a four day school week.

    Having four days per week in school gives children a greater chance to unwind after a week in school. It provides them with more free time and makes them happier. It also provides them with an extra day to work on weekend homework. It also gives teachers a break from the stress of dealing with students each day.

  • Don't mess up things for parents

    Many parents work a five day schedule. A four day school week would mean they need to take more time off from work or spend money on day care for their kids. This can mean less financial resources for the kids in other areas, and their parent's stress might even rub off on them

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