Are there benefits to going to a single-sex school?

  • There are many benefits to going to a single sex school.

    Going to a single sex school makes life much easier. Students can focus on their studies instead
    of being distracted by attractive members of the opposite sex. Any student can be the roommate of any other student
    in a single sex school. And students in
    a single sex school are much more comfortable and at ease because they don’t
    have to deal with sexual tension.

  • There is proof

    All over the internet you can find proof of how single-sex education helps students learn to the best of their abilities. Without the distraction of boys or girls teachers can teach according to what gender they teach, making learning easier for both the student and the teacher. GO WITH SINGLE-GENDER-SCHOOLING!!!

  • The pregnancy rate will go down as the grades will go up.

    If boys and girls are separarted, there will less chance for girls to get pregnant. And if the girls aren't with the boys, their GRADES will GO UP. They won't care about how to dress so their crush look at them, they would care about their test that is coming up.
    So did you change your mind a little bit?
    Do you think it is a better future for your kids?
    Do you want your child get PREGNANT a 16 YEARS OLD or have a PREGNANT girlfriend?
    Do you want YOUR KIDS do have really GOOD SCORES for a BETTER FUTURE?
    If it was for my Kids, I would say YES to the first question, NO to the second question and YES to the third one.

  • Yes, there are benefits as well as drawbacks.

    In a single sex school, the young people are able to develop themselves fully without as much distraction as when the opposite sex is around. This has proved to be particularly helpful to young girls who will act sillier and less smart when boys are around. Of course, there are drawbacks in terms of social development, too.

  • Many reasons why I say no!

    Having single sex schools are not ideal for life. It promotes gender stereotype, undermines gender equality, doesn't prepare students for work or family life, makes exclusions acceptable, doesn't value diversity, deprives access to mainstream programs, doesn't socialize students to be less sexist, and it is expensive to run two parallel programs.

  • Separation sends a negative message.

    It breeds bullying. In an all-girls environment, girls tend to be nastier toward one another and in an all-boy environment there is often too much macho stereotyping and bullying or smaller or weaker boys. Also, segregating young people based on their differences is frowned upon, is it not? It is where I live. It is surely not expected that students will go on to work in gender segregated environments is it?

  • Single-Sex School Causes Problems

    Students who attend single-sex schools experience less coeducational opportunities. Lack of information about the opposite sex can cause students to make bad decisions, especially in unfamiliar dating environments. If students are exposed to other students of the opposite sex in school, they will have an opportunity to better relate to and understand students from the opposite sex.

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