• It alright if your white!

    On the huge number of Aussies and Kiwis over here no body complains then. However having most of my family in New Zealand, out of a class of 28 , 24 of them cam over to England, set up offshore companies, paid no tax, claimed the VAT back, paid no council tax.They all violated the condition of their work permit, and were employed by places like the BBC, Westminster Council, Wandsworth Council, in professional capacities when they could only be cleaners, waiters, and bar staff. I wrote and reported 20 of them and no action was taken. They all owe HM Tax over £20K . However i reported the same from Africa, for working as cleaner, and doing jobs the lazy English wouldn't do and they were all deported and investigated! It seems that we see people from USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as probably being white so the govt allows this. None of the Africans, and Indians were allowed back and banned, however all the Aussies and Kiws were! I decided to go to N,Z and they immeadiately refused me for even trying to enter the country. I said athr at time we have 3 million unemployed in the 80s, yet we allow your citizens to come and work in my country, I only went to see my Granny who was given 3 moths to live, they said we look after our people. I said we have 3 million nearly 80% of your population unemployed yet we allow you n what gives? They said well your country and govt are stupid then. Ultimately the people deserve the govt they elect!

  • 3.8 Million in NZ, 65 mill in UK . Same Land mass.

    The headline says it all. The number of people per hectare is ridiculous, there are serious issues with the infrastructure of having so many people in so little land. The MPs, and luvies who advocate more immigrants live in rural places, who them selves would not lie next to immigrants. They will place their house up for sale should a darkie move into the area, These are the people who will emigrate to Australia and N.Z as they want to live in a predominately white country. It is the poor working class white who have the immigrants dumped in their area. These are the people who will go to Waitrose, and buy their Chicken Tikka Masala and coriander scoffing their German beers, whilst saying my Grandfather bombed Germany, whilst driving their Audi and Mercs, watching their Chinese LG TV, whilst saying the country is going to the dogs!

  • Too many blacks and pakistanis

    There are far too many immigrants here in the UK our public resources are artificially being tested by immigrants who only comever here on welfare tourism. In there stay they become drug dealers and eventually collect JSA in BMW's or Audi's . Also the more immigrants we allow in the much greater the chances of a terrorist attack. Economically we was at our strongest when we was not infiltrated with hundreds of thousands a year at the time of the industrial revolution

  • The sudden influx of people is unmanageable and making life hell for all but the retail industry

    Our beautiful countryside is being destroyed forever to provide housing for the demand created by the incomers. Our roads can not cope- my town is gridlocked- not just in rush hour either. I can spend 3 hours in my van in a day just doing local drives that would take less than an hour. My local area has lost all of its english charm and culture.
    The schools and hospitals can not cope.

  • Are there too many? Yes.

    Immigration was necessary after the War and the Commonwealth Act was passed as a result. Instead of allowing people in from all over the Commonwealth on temporary visas, it allowed people to become British citizens. Millions flooded in. It's still happening. We cannot support it any longer. Time for change.

  • To many foreigners in cambridge

    I have lived in Cambridge for over forty years and witnessed immense change in the shops businesses surgeries and the town centre with thousands of foreign people all over the place I can hardly hear a English voice in my town and I am there every day on my bicycle and I am fed up with it we need to control it immediatly

  • Everywhere you look...

    Everywhere you look theres foreighn comunities in London that dont even speak English! But thats okay because the government learns to speak their language through hiring translators. A lot of the polish are okay so long as they learn english. Learn to speak english within five years or get out!

  • I loathe it

    My town, my country, it's changed for the worse, we are losing our identity. I'm sick of hearing broken English and being served by people who don't even understand in my own country. We are losing our identity. I'm also sick of us being portrayed as racist for wanting to preserve our identity and what it means to be British. As these people do not share our manners nor our values. I do not mind those coming who add to society such as doctors and so forth, but this should be decided on a points based system. Not people coming with barely a hello in English. They would have something to say if it were their country. In fact the majority of people in Madrid are Spanish like most cities whereas in London it's now like spot the English person and that makes me sad. I'm also sick of halal meat being enforced on us when it is not our religion and polish supermarkets going up everywhere. If you want to come here adapt and learn to live like us. Do not try to change us or take over. It's not out of control. We let everyone in yet people have the audacity to call us racist! That card should be aimed at other nations. It's funny because they come here expecting to get a job and use our country constantly making out theirs is better! If you feel that way, stay in your own country. Yet if an English person went to another country like France or Romania do you think they would get a job over a person from that country!? Enough is enough. They should not be allowed our benefits or health care. I would not expect that if I were to live in another country. We are over populated as it is. In fact the population has increased by a staggering 7 million in just 3 years. It needs to be stopped or limited at least.

  • Just cause I can

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  • The demographics of Britain are now like the league of Nations.

    Almost every city and town have seen a huge shift in cultural change caused by mass immigration. We now live in a society split and torn because there is no longer a 'British' way of life. I saw Tower Hamlets change from the home of the London cockney to the home of the Islamic fundamentalist because of.....TOO MUCH IMMIGRATION.

  • No there is definitely not.

    There are never "too many foreigners" in a certain place. I mean come out, people can't really be taking this seriously. Did you known that Britain has invaded almost every country? Do you know how many British people move to countries like America and Australia, as well as other countries in the EU? Well a quick Google search tells me that 400 British citizens emigrate every day. Now I'm not obliged to do the calculation to work out how many that is a year, but you get my drift in saying that it seems very acceptable for us to move to other countries, but when people move to ours it's a crisis and there are "too many."

    Yes, we are limited for space. But there isn't one entire country trying to move into ours, and besides that fact there are so many benefits of having immigrants come to our country. Such as food, culture, music and entertainment. And let me tell you, British people don't complain when they're sat at home eating their Chinese or Indian food. They don't "take all of ours jobs." Immigrants are merely scape goats for the lazy people who sit at home and do nothing on unemployment benefits, or people who didn't stay in school past high school so they do not have any advanced qualifications or experience, therefore are not desirable to employers. Just because immigrants are better qualified for a job does not make it unfair. We are in the EU and we have the opportunity to go to other countries to look for work. We have the opportunity, and so should other people.

  • No of course not.

    I believe if you can go around the world taking slaves and colonising people , the very same people have the right to come to Britain and claim citizenship. It's easy to take riches of people.. Why is it hard to give it back with a nice good ol Passport :) ..
    Crime? Brits have a History of Alcohol abuse and Convicts.. The crime level has nothing to do with Foreigners, the very system that governs over the people is the very cause of the problems in Britain and the world.

  • Just cause I can

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  • If there are to many then why has unemployment fallen?

    There are a lot of immigrants, but economically they are needed. Our birthrate fell and our baby boomers retired early leaving very few to do the jobs. In many respects our government services would be in a much worse state without them.
    The claim they are a drain on our health service is a lie, the vast majority are young, healthy and of working age and so have a much smaller effect than all those who are elderly and do not work.
    Education is another red herring, last year there were 1 million spare spaces in our education system.
    If you want a target then it is this governments choice of austerity over taxing the wealthier in society and therefore cutting back services beyond levels at which they can properly function

  • The British have no right to complain.

    Britain became very wealthy because they invaded and pillaged lots of other countries. Foreigners, when they go to Britain, are only following the money and in many cases they're following their own money.

    Britain still reaps the benefit of Empire today, it's towns and cities are very well built and in many cases very beautiful, the infrastructure is great as well, a lot of this came from the wealth of other countries.

    So much of modern Britain was built on the labour of the Irish for example. Britain took that countries land, food and wealth in general and made it extremely difficult for the natives to make a living in their own country.

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