• Its a shame

    The UK and particularly the cities have been completely ruined by the influx of foreign people. The West Indians brought about the one parent family hence the housing shortage and delinquent offspring. The Africans - Nigerians in particular - corruption. The Pakistanis - grooming young white girls. The Muslims - their obsession with their ridiculous ideology and expecting us to follow suit or pay the penalty. Eastern Europeans - again more trouble than their worth particularly Rumanians. But Its to late now I'll be gone eventually anyway BUT I am glad I am not a baby in this country that's for sure.

  • Migration to the UK is clearly uncontrolled.

    The sheer influx means they have their own communities and no need or desire to integrate. The infrastructure can not cope. The health services are being overwhelmed. There is a perception in my opinion justified that incomers are taking precedence in being given social housing. Probably by authorities not wishing to seem racist or discriminatory. The standard of living of all inhabitants of the UK will be adversely affected.

  • England is overcrowded

    England is beginning to feel like a pressure cooker due to overcrowding, heavily congested roads, jam packed trains, increased air pollution and long queues for services. It is impossible to be environmentally friendly or even safe in the future, unless immigration is drastically curbed. Universities now give more places to overseas students than British ones and there has been much dumbing down. Big business wants an unlimited flow of cheap labour and not to have to worry about working conditions, so they neglect British workers and favour bringing in more and more people from abroad. Stress is rising as our working commutes get harder due to terrible traffic delays. I currently have a Polish supervisor whose management style belongs to the 1950s. The British people are tired of over immigration and made this clear with the biggest turnout for Brexit. It is time for politicians to represent its electorate or they will be kicked into the long grass

  • England is over crowded

    England is beginning to feel like a pressure cooker due to over crowding, heavy traffic congestion, overcrowded trains and increasing air pollution. Universities now give more places to overseas students as they pay higher fees, which means British students are being ignored. Big business wants an endless flow of cheap labour, but this is at the expense of living standards for native people. It is impossible to preserve our little countryside and be environmentally friendly or even safe if immigration is not drastically curbed.

  • Like it or lump it !

    It seems like you have to either like it or lump it, over the last 20 years or so I have seen the foreign workforce grow extensively, but I feel like many other Brits that have to try to communicate with people who can't speak English or have broken English, its got me to the point of not wanting to work anymore because of feeling pressurised, stressed and having a big headache at the end of my working shift, and not only that most of them seem to be your supervisor's.
    Plus we are being low paid to to it all off.
    I have had enough!

  • Who's country? Our country surely ....

    I am white british and I feel like a second class citizen in my own country, being kicked to the side to make way for forigners who don't respect our ways. Most are ok, but I don't see jews raping girls in mass gangs and I don't see hindus blowing up busses and shooting up shopping centres...... Its just the muslims who are the real scum of the earth.
    It is time that the government stop covering it up, stop protecting them and show them for what they really are. Right?

  • 100% Yes, bottom line.

    I have lived in my current residence for 20 years and have seen the change majorly in the last 8 - 9 years. I am a minority of which where I live. I am white British for the record. Alot of the "immigrants" you talk of are economic migrants. I don't like the term immigrants as when I type this I may come across as "racist" even though most native Europeans are Caucasian. (I do not actually understand this one?)
    The economic migrants I know of only plan to work here for a fixed amount of time and in the long run will move back to their homeland so do not fully learn the language as not needed. Alot of the economic migrants I know of are minimally skilled, work in manual labour jobs or work in menial jobs. How does this benefit the British youth of today to get onto the job ladder and build experience?
    The uk has an over population in a too short of space of time, has astronomical house prices due to supply and demand and suppressed wage salaries due to copious amounts of unskilled workers? How is this a prosperous future for the youth of today?

  • Yes quite clearly

    Maybe there aren't in your snooty upmarket boroughs but try taking a walk through your average working class town. Where I live it has gradually got worse and worse. Schools are full, medical Centre's have WAITING LISTS, massive shortage of housing. Another 2 years of EU membership to get through hopefully it's not too late i have a feeling it is though.

  • Yes quite clearly

    Maybe there aren't in your snooty upmarket boroughs but try taking a walk through your average working class town. Where I live it has gradually got worse and worse. Schools are full, medical Centre's have WAITING LISTS, massive shortage of housing. Another 2 years of EU membership to get through hopefully it's not too late i have a feeling it is though.

  • Far too many and too many nutters saying there aren't.

    Yes definitely. I tried telling a couple of my cousins this and they along with some woman one of them knows got into an argument with me to the point one of them was ready to block me on their fb page simply for stating the truth! It would be great if people started opening their eyes to immigration instead of burying their heads in the sand.

  • No there is definitely not.

    There are never "too many foreigners" in a certain place. I mean come out, people can't really be taking this seriously. Did you known that Britain has invaded almost every country? Do you know how many British people move to countries like America and Australia, as well as other countries in the EU? Well a quick Google search tells me that 400 British citizens emigrate every day. Now I'm not obliged to do the calculation to work out how many that is a year, but you get my drift in saying that it seems very acceptable for us to move to other countries, but when people move to ours it's a crisis and there are "too many."

    Yes, we are limited for space. But there isn't one entire country trying to move into ours, and besides that fact there are so many benefits of having immigrants come to our country. Such as food, culture, music and entertainment. And let me tell you, British people don't complain when they're sat at home eating their Chinese or Indian food. They don't "take all of ours jobs." Immigrants are merely scape goats for the lazy people who sit at home and do nothing on unemployment benefits, or people who didn't stay in school past high school so they do not have any advanced qualifications or experience, therefore are not desirable to employers. Just because immigrants are better qualified for a job does not make it unfair. We are in the EU and we have the opportunity to go to other countries to look for work. We have the opportunity, and so should other people.

  • No of course not.

    I believe if you can go around the world taking slaves and colonising people , the very same people have the right to come to Britain and claim citizenship. It's easy to take riches of people.. Why is it hard to give it back with a nice good ol Passport :) ..
    Crime? Brits have a History of Alcohol abuse and Convicts.. The crime level has nothing to do with Foreigners, the very system that governs over the people is the very cause of the problems in Britain and the world.

  • If there are to many then why has unemployment fallen?

    There are a lot of immigrants, but economically they are needed. Our birthrate fell and our baby boomers retired early leaving very few to do the jobs. In many respects our government services would be in a much worse state without them.
    The claim they are a drain on our health service is a lie, the vast majority are young, healthy and of working age and so have a much smaller effect than all those who are elderly and do not work.
    Education is another red herring, last year there were 1 million spare spaces in our education system.
    If you want a target then it is this governments choice of austerity over taxing the wealthier in society and therefore cutting back services beyond levels at which they can properly function

  • The British have no right to complain.

    Britain became very wealthy because they invaded and pillaged lots of other countries. Foreigners, when they go to Britain, are only following the money and in many cases they're following their own money.

    Britain still reaps the benefit of Empire today, it's towns and cities are very well built and in many cases very beautiful, the infrastructure is great as well, a lot of this came from the wealth of other countries.

    So much of modern Britain was built on the labour of the Irish for example. Britain took that countries land, food and wealth in general and made it extremely difficult for the natives to make a living in their own country.

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