• There are too many shootings in the world

    There are far too many shootings in the world. However, one should not rush to judgment on whether this is a gun problem or a bad people with guns problem. Some people simply deserve to be shot. Of those that don't, it's not the guns fault. It is the fault of a bad person on the trigger.

  • Yes, more than ever too many people die from guns.

    Every day 90 people die by guns, in the US alone. It is a difficult issue to navigate with it being in our Constitution to have the right to own guns, but too many people use them improperly. In other parts of the world there are even fewer gun laws and far more deaths that could have been prevented. Too many mentally ill people or criminals own guns as well which greatly increases everyone's risk.

  • Yes, gun violence is a serious danger.

    In the U.S., there is at least one mass shooting every day. There are other parts of the world where gun violence is even more common. In many countries, more common sense gun safety restrictions are needed to keep citizens safer. This, paired with better economic opportunities and better mental health care will help cut down on shootings.

  • Yes, if there are any shootings, that is too many.

    In an ideal world there would be no shootings. No one wants to be shot or have someone they love get shot. Having said that, violence is trending downward worldwide as time goes on, so that is a good thing. That doesn't mean that everything is okay; we should still try to reduce the number of shootings. However, it is encouraging that violence is going down.

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