Are third party candidates qualified to be president?

  • More than the others

    Major party candidates suck.

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  • Third party candidates could rule if given the chance

    Third party candidates often represent many of the same views as a lot of people. They do not have the financial backing to build name recognition and have not come up through one of the two main party systems. This leaves them without support, but without owing favors to a lot of other politicians.

  • Yes, they are.

    Third party candidates are often just as if not more qualified than either the democratic or republican candidates. Unfortunately the system is rigged against them and it highly unlikely that a third party candidate will win the presidency in the near future. First of all, it is very hard for third party candidates to get on the ballot.

  • Third party candiates are qualified

    Third party candidates are qualified to be president. There have been a few that have garnered a significant share of the vote. Notably. Theodore Roosevelt earned a large slice of the electorate in his third party run. By and large, it is difficult for third party candidates to win, though.

  • Yes, third party candidates are qualified to be president.

    Yes, third party candidates are qualified to be president. There is nothing in the Constitution that says a president must come from a two-party system. In fact, the founding fathers urged against it. Third-party candidates should be able to run and to debate; Johnson may not be the answer, but someone could be in 2020.

  • Yes, but it is very difficult to vote one into office.

    In spite of the fact that we would very much want 3rd party candidates, instead of the nitwits we have now, voting in favor of an outsider is pointless as you need 270 votes to win the presidential race and parting it into 3 would simply give the choice to the senate who might pick a democrat or republican since that is what they are comprised of. Concerning the inquiry, why not? On the off chance that they have the instruction and devotion what makes their convictions substandard?

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