• Yes, TSA Trustworthy

    I think that like any police organization, there are good and bad officers. However, I think that there a larger amount of good officers and that they are dedicated to their job of protecting the rest of us. I trust these agents and think that they put their lives on the line everyday just like a normal police officer. I am glad to know that there are people on board airplanes watching out for the regular passenger.

  • Yes, they're trained professionals

    While the TSA gets a bad wrap, their agents are only as good as their training. As far as the agents go, they are regular Americans doing their jobs to the best of their ability and training. If their is a doubt as to their trustworthiness, it is that they should have better and more efficient training.

  • Trustworthy TSA Agents an Oxymoron

    Having dealt with being the victim of dishonest TSA agents I don't have any love for them or the jobs they do. The positions are primed with faulty background checks and ill-temperaments who act out of spite and resentment for the jobs they've been given. Rarely does one meet such an unhappy group of employees. Unhappiness leads to untrustworthy behavior.

  • No, any sort of stop-and-frisk program is vulnerable to prejudicial enforcement.

    TSA agents are subject to the same biases as the rest of us, and evidence shows they're more likely to decide someone "looks suspicious" and needs additional screening based on racial stereotypes. These tendencies are only amplified in a stressful, enclosed work environment like an airport, where most passengers are hurried, confused, and irritable. There aren't many opportunities for compassion or relaxation, and it's inevitable agents will take their frustrations out on some travelers who simply "don't look right."

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